Happy Thanksgiving

Five months ago I sent out my first newsletter. The response to it and all the others has been simply awesome and tremendously inspiring. Knowing what I know through my formal schooling and my practice experience has compelled me to share this information with you. I think it would be criminal not to do so. I did not know what direction, the newsletter should go or what I should discuss, but I did know that I had a ton of information to share. I knew that I wanted to create a newsletter dedicated to service; increasing knowledge about health issues, changing the way we view healthcare, and most importantly, to eliminating vertebral subluxations. With all that in mind I dedicate this newsletter to my practice members.


-I want you to know how much I appreciate you.


-I appreciate you because you have the courage to speak the truth in a world of empty promises.


-I appreciate you because you love chiropractic. Because you share a vision of a world free from vertebral subluxations, suffering, and strife. A world where health and wellness are the standard, not the exception.


-I thank you for having a place in your busy lives for me.


-I thank you for caring about your community and the health of our planet.


-I thank you for allowing me to touch your lives, not just your spines.


-I thank you for taking the time to teach just one more person about chiropractic.


-I thank you for your respect for the innate intelligence within all living things.


-I thank you for your commitment to outstanding results and excellence.


-I appreciate you for expressing your originality and realizing that you play an integral part in the circle of life.


-I appreciate you for your ability to smile in the face of adversity and to reach for the stars when other clutch on to their fears.


- thank you for your bias toward action when so many others live in doubt and uncertainty.


-I appreciate you for taking the initiative to design the life and world that you so desperately want and deserve.


-I thank you for wanting to learn and inspiring me with your questions to write a monthly newsletter.


-I truly thank you for the chance to communicate, share, love, learn, laugh, and grow with you.


-I want you to know that I love you, I appreciate you, and count you among the blessings in my life.


I wish you and your family a Thanksgiving filled with all of life's sweetest gifts, abundant joy, and the warmth of love.


Chiropractically Yours,
Stamatis Tsamoutalidis, D.C.




How Not To Become A Statistic

People around the country were shocked by the news contained in a report by the Institute of Medicine that medical care is the third leading cause of death in this country, with a reported death rate of well over 320,000 people per year. The sad thing is that medical care has never been as good as it is now. Technological advances as well as "better" pharmaceuticals have made it "safer" than it has ever been. Yet, despite all that, it is still at least the third leading cause of death in this country.


Publications like Health Watch have been warning readers about the dangers of medical mistakes for years, but the stories they carry are usually not printed in the mainstream press or broadcast on the nightly news. That's why so many Americans still don't realize that going to a medical doctor -- or worse still, a hospital -- can be dangerous.


Of course, as soon as the report came out, everyone started playing the blame game. People alternately pointed the finger at careless medical doctors, impersonal hospitals, greedy drug companies, and a cowardly government. In the end, the general consensus was that the blame rests on the entire health care system.


I'm going to take that one step further and say that much of the blame belongs to our country's attitude toward the health care system.


When your kids leave the house for school in the morning, they don't stand in the middle of the busy road waiting for the school bus to arrive. They know enough not to put themselves in harm's way. If they have to get to the other side of the street, they do so cautiously and make sure they're aware of all possible dangers. They've been taught to look both ways.


Yet, when it comes to medical care, we seldom look both ways. Instead, we place ourselves directly in the path of the oncoming truck!


It's not that we don't know the risks. By now, most people should be aware that all drugs, from over-the-counter cold medicines to the most powerful prescriptions, cause side effects. Even drug ads in magazines and on television include a staggering list of possible side effects along with their sales pitch.


Still, too many people disregard those warnings and reach into the medicine cabinet, or run to the medical doctor at the first sign of a health problem. They're all looking for "the magic bullet" that will make them healthy and save them the trouble of making themselves healthy through proper diet, exercise, and natural health care.


That's precisely why so many stressed-out, overweight people take an array of blood pressure pills (which have numerous side effects)when most could control their own blood pressure through lifestyle changes.


That's also why so many people are rushed to the hospital each year with bleeding ulcers from gulping down handfuls of aspirins on a daily basis rather than searching for the reason they have headaches.


And, that's why so many children are pumped full of antibiotics for everything from the flu to ear infections, even though it could mean an impaired immune system and a new generation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


I fully understand why some people turn first to a medical answer to their health problems. They think it's faster and easier. Their lives are complicated and hectic already and they don't have the time or the energy to change the way they eat or live, or learn about alternative or self-care methods of being healthy.


That's also why some pedestrians try to dart across a busy street rather than walk to the corner and wait for the light. They want to get across now and they're willing to put their life at risk to do so. Most times, they'll make it to the other side without a scratch. But one day they might not be so fortunate. Will the time and energy they saved have been worth it?


That's what we all have to ask ourselves. We know that, even at its best, medical treatment carries risk. Not even the staunchest defender of the medical system could deny this. Every medical drug, procedure, therapy and treatment comes with its own set of dangers. Despite what people may think, I truly believe that most people in the medical field are trying to do good. They are truly trying to help people as best as they can. The problem lies in that they are working with a flawed premise as to what health care is, which happens to be very dangerous. They see risks as acceptable and a part of the whole thing.


Before exposing ourselves or our loved ones to those dangers, we need to take the time to learn the truth about them and measure them against the possible benefits.


That, of course, is where the problem rests, since the news seldom touches on the dangers of most medical approaches. You won't learn about how incredibly dangerous common childhood vaccines are, or how ineffective almost all over-the-counter medications are -- at least not from publications and TV shows that make a great deal of their revenue from drug ads. Where can you go to obtain the information you need?


The first book everyone needs to read is "Enhance Your Life Experience" by Dr. Joseph B. Strauss. In this book you will discover the keys that will enable you to take control of your own health, utilize your body's natural ability to maintain health, and experience a life free from the fear of disease. This book will show you the proper philosophy of health and life that is essential for overall wellness.


Another set of books all health libraries should have are any of the books by the late Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. His books "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," "Male Practice," and "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor" are a must read by everyone. I personally think that all parents should read "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor" before even considering having children.


The books by Dr. Terry A. Rondberg, such as "Under the Influence of Modern Medicine" and "Chiropractic First" will also put you on the right track. "Under the Influence of Modern Medicine" will shock you with the statistic and the horrendous results of our current health care system. "Chiropractic Works!" a book written by Timothy J. Feuling (an attorney) is compilation of patient testimonials and case studies showing all types of health conditions improving when subluxations are adjusted. On a lighter side a fictional novel, written by Dr. Drew Rubin, called "The Adjustment" gives a scenario in which a modern day plague has started in the United States, showing how our modern healthcare system would fail and how chiropractic would help. It is a good story, which unfortunately is too close to becoming reality, and it contains some very informative facts mixed in. You get to learn as you enjoy a good book.


The books mentioned above can be borrowed from our office. The dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines can be found in too many books to list here. You can stop by the office for a list of those books and the websites that show the research. We also have numerous books on nutrition that you can borrow as well.


Lastly, there is my Children's (and Adult's) Chiropractic Information Center. This resource has copies of easy to read article from newspapers, magazines, and Internet news sources that show the shift from medicine to more natural means of health care.


Once people read the truth about the state of health care, they won't be as likely to blindly put faith in modern medicine. They'll break their addiction to the medical mentality and begin looking for better ways to achieve health.


So, while it may not be as simple as walking to the corner and crossing with the light, being willing to take the extra steps needed to find health within rather than from a pill or procedure will pay off. If a situation arises in which you absolutely need or choose medical care you will be aware of the risks. By being more knowledgeable as to when to avoid the medical approach to symptom and disease treatment and, instead, seek and do the things necessary to promote health, we'll all reduce our chances of becoming statistics in the next report on medical deaths.



Chiropractic is the NATURAL means of regaining health. Medicine is the ARTIFICIAL means of THINKING you have regained health.

Ignore your health and it will go away.



The American Death Ceremony

**I came across this little article a few weeks ago. I'm not sure who the author is, nor am I sure that I have quoted it correctly. But the meaning is what is really important.**

The death ceremony was started as a crude ritual in the days of witchcraft. In recent years, it has developed into a science. It usually takes 10 to 15 years, however, modern scientific developments are shortening this period of time.

It starts with one simple aspirin for a simple headache. When one aspirin doesn't work, take two. After a few months, when two aspirin will no longer cover up the headache, you take one of the stronger compounds. By this time it is necessary to take something for the ulcers caused by the aspirin. Now that you are taking two medicines, you have a good start.

After a few months, these medications will disrupt your liver function. If a good infection develops, you can take some penicillin. Of course penicillin will damage your red corpuscles and spleen so that you develop anemia. Another medication will put such a strain on your kidneys that they should break down.

It is now time to take some stronger antibiotics. When you destroy your natural resistance to disease, you can expect a general flare-up of all your symptoms along with some new ones. The next step is to cover up all these symptoms with sulfa drugs. When the kidneys finally plug up, you can have them drained. Some poison will build up in your system, but you can keep going for quite a while this way.

By now the medications will be so confused they won't know what they are supposed to be doing, but it really doesn't matter. If you have followed every step as directed, you can now make an appointment with your undertaker.

This game is played by practically all Americans, except for the few ignorant souls who follow nature.


Nature needs no help to run your body.
Just NO interference.



The Uniqueness of You

There is a new system of identification that according to some authorities, will make P.I.N. numbers, passwords, and other forms of identification obsolete. It is called Biometric Identification. Everyone is familiar with the most commonly used form of this type of identification - fingerprints. However, there are others, some are even more accurate than a fingerprint. Face technology looks at a scan of the entire face utilizing 50 points around the nose, mouth, eyes, brow, and jaw. The weakness of this system is, of course, identical twins. But, growing a beard or putting on weight will also alter the facial structure. The hand, like the face, is another identification system. It has unique geometric shapes and sizes. Most of us are familiar with voice prints, and of course, DNA, although the latter is not practical at this time to be used at an ATM or at the supermarket.


The most technical Biometric Identification to be used is the iris of the eye. While a fingerprint has only 40 measurable characteristics, the iris of the eye has 266. Even if a third of the information is mismatched, it can still make a positive identification. We are truly unique individuals.


Just as there is a uniqueness about our face, our iris and our fingerprint, there is also a uniqueness about the inside workings of our body. No two people are alike as far as physiological needs. One person's insulin needs are different than another's. Even the exact quality of insulin is a little different. Two people may eat the exact same meal but the digestive juices necessary to break down that meal and make it useful to the body are totally different. Every person's blood chemistry is slightly different. Our caloric intake needs vary from person to person and within the same person from day to day.


There are literally millions of different measurable characteristics within human beings. How could any doctor know all those needs for any given person at any given second, let alone for all his patients? The fact is he cannot. The worst that can happen with biometric identification is a case of mistaken identity. The worst that can happen with a mistake in knowing what a person's internal chemical needs are is death, and that happens hundreds of thousands of times a year. We simply cannot know the unique biochemical needs of the body. That is why medicine is not a science but an art. It is making educated guesses on a daily basis regarding people's health.


Unlike medicine, the chiropractor does not attempt to conform a person to a standard or norm which is really unknown to the doctor. Chiropractors recognize that the body has a self-regulating, self-normalizing, mechanism to it, what we call an innate intelligence. It is this self-regulating principle that has stored these millions upon millions of unique characteristics and needs and can meet those needs on a moment-by-moment basis. The problem with biometric identification is that it cannot adapt if you put on some weight or change the features of your face. The innate intelligence of your body, however, can adapt to changes in the environment. To accomplish this adaptation a communication system is necessary. That system in humans is the nerve system. If it should be interfered with, due to vertebral subluxation (a vertebrae that has misaligned and is putting pressure on the nerve altering its function) then that which is uniquely you cannot be expressed. A subluxation will disrupt the communication between the brain and organs, which will alter your body chemistry, ultimately decreasing your health potential and negatively affecting performance in all areas of your life.


The objective of the chiropractor is the correction of these subluxations so that your innate intelligence can be expressed better. This will restore proper communication between the brain and organs, normalize your body chemistry, make your body functions as best as it can, and improve all aspects of your life.


He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.-Jim Elliott

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