Newsletters 2001



December 2001 - Happy Holidays, You're the Boss, Let's Look At Health Differently Part 2, Did Adam Have a Cold?


November 2001 - Happy Thanksgiving, Let's Look At Health Differently Part 1, Human Potential, Tone, Chiropractic for Life


October 2001 - You Either Get It or You Don't, Kids and Chiropractic, What Do "Experts" Really Know?, Law of Cause and Effect


September 2001 - Top Ten Reasons I Don't Go to My Chiropractor, 10 Concepts to a Better Understanding of Chiropractic, Did You Know?..., Symptoms--Does It Really Matter How You Feel?, Regular Chiropractic Care, Why Chiropractic Is Not An Alternative To Medicine


August 2001 - Mega Shifts in Thinking, Create a Condition, Create a Market, What Causes Disease?


July 2001 - One Year Anniversary, Reflecting On Independence Day, Limitations of Matter -- First Things First, You Are Here, Another Child Tragedy, Self-Medicate, Delete Your Doctor


June 2001 - Immunity and Chiropractic, Save The Children, What Fools We Mortals Be, Disease And DIS-EASE, Genius At Work


May 2001 - Chiropractic Helps In Drug Addiction, Allergies, Healing vs. Curing: The Chiropractic Approach, Drugging Out Kids, Injury And Death Risk Prompts Medical Doctor Recall


April 2001 - Disease - Understanding A Cause, Do You Really Want To Be Healthy?, We're #37!?!, Interesting Facts To Keep Life in Perspective, Normal vs. Average, Side Effects


March 2001 - We Must Not Be Doing Enough . . . , The Connections of Health, What Do Chiropractors Do?, So Really, How Bad Is A Vertebral Subluxation?, Life or Death Postulates, How's Your Body Chemistry?


February 2001 - Why People Go To A Chiropractor, Cancer, Deductive Thinking, Stressed?!? What Are The Options?, The First Chiropractic Patient Did Not Have a Back Problem


January 2001 - The Ultimate Celebration; Post-Holiday Thoughts; Happy New Year!!; Redirecting the "Misdirected Faith"; The Top 10 Causes of Child"Abuse" in 2010; Reaching the Different World Views.



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