The Ultimate Celebration

Along with millions on the planet, I watched parts of the New Year's Eve celebration on CNN both last year and this year, awed by its millennium coverage. Time zone by time zone we were able to view the world as each city, in its own style, brought in the years 2000 and 2001.

As the box I sat in front of took me on a world tour with live images and sounds, I found myself totally engrossed in the experience. I was watching people of all cultures, colors, religions, ages, join in a unified celebration such as the world had never seen. On other days, they might hate -- and in some cases even kill -- each other. Yet, on this occasion, no terrorism destroyed the worldwide festivities. It was obvious that many of the faces in the crowd were not used to smiling, laughing or celebrating. They were people who don't leave their homes to join strangers in the streets to express unity or good will.

What was it about this event that caused humans to rise, overcome mediocrity, hatred, depression, and apathy? What was it that wildly different races, religions, and cultures shared? What was so important that the world somehow came together in celebration? It was that which the passing of a new year, century, or millennium always signifies: LIFE. Life is the one common denominator, the one ultimate value. We celebrated the fact that we were alive to witness a new millennium. We celebrated the concept of life itself.

Isn't that what is celebrated every day in a chiropractic office? Chiropractic gives more life. Chiropractic, by removing subluxations, allows each individual to express life to his or her maximum capacity. Although many people watched or participated in the celebration described above, they never consciously defined the nature or purpose of it outside the context of "tradition." This provides a great opportunity for us to get our community to understand the chiropractic message.

You can let them know that...
-- what the world celebrated on that momentous day, you celebrate every day in our office...
-- chiropractic is a tribute to life and its expression, each adjustment allowing more life to be expressed through the body...
-- chiropractic is as big as life itself, crossing all cultures, races, and religions!

Yes, watching the world celebrate was an inspiring experience. Now let it be known how you can deliver this experience on a daily basis and watch how the masses gather to celebrate in chiropractic offices throughout the world.


Post-Holiday Thoughts

Soon it will be that time of year again! You will see it and hear it everywhere you go. No, this is not a late holiday edition of our newsletter. In fact, just after the last bit of holiday paraphernalia is put away, another thing is sure to be seen and heard. You still don't know what I am talking about?! Well, just think about it. After all the shopping and worrying--about what to get whom, will it fit, do they already have one, can we afford it; and all the visiting--friends, family; and all the partying--cookies and milk, nuts and beer, dips, vegetables, wine, cheese and crackers (all, of course, before sitting down for the big meal). After all the last minute rushing around, lost sleep, and I got a million things to do... What on earth could possibly (and only naturally) follow this? That's right--the fever, chills, ache-all-over-feeling, coughing, sneezing, and complaining of the flu season!

Maybe you never put these two together before but it seems to me to be more than just coincidence that "flu season" happens to occur just after we've basically stuffed ourselves for weeks (probably since Thanksgiving), totally stressed ourselves out, probably destroying any semblance of what might have been regular sleeping and exercise routines and in general, completely abused our bodies. After all, we are too busy seeing people, going places, and getting things done to consider our health! At least we are still contributing to our health by thinking positively. Unless or course you are looking for a parking space at the mall, dealing with crowds, or stuck in a blizzard on the way to a Christmas party. Unfortunately, in the holiday rush, some people get away from their regular chiropractic adjustments.

Now I am not suggesting that we all forego the preparation, parting, or even the panic of the holiday season, but it annoys me that the world would like to con us into thinking that a "flu season" really exists. They say it just makes sense that at this time of year with its cold weather, and what is in nature a time of lean nutrition, that an overabundance of germs would exist and cause many people to become ill. In fact, the opposite is true. The cold weather kills many germs. The flu season is more a function of a society that on the whole has let its resistance be significantly lowered and consequently, is vulnerable to disease--not just the flu but every disease. If you want to be well, you simply must make your health a priority. Do as many things that contribute to attaining and maintaining your health as you can--namely make good food choices in moderate amounts, exercise regularly, get the rest you need, keep a positive outlook, and of course, have your spine checked regularly!!!


Happy New Year!!

I'd like to wish another year of health and happiness for you, your family, and friends. If you're like most of us, you'll be using this special time of the year to reflect and renew. Many of us decide to break old, unhealthy habits. Others resolve to take better care of themselves, improve their diets, lose some weight, or begin an exercise program. Before you begin an exercise or diet program, make sure your routine won't put wear and tear on malfunctioning spinal joints! Even without obvious symptoms, subluxations can diminish the benefits of a toning and strengthening exercise routine as well as changes in diet. Make sure you stop by for a chiropractic checkup prior to engaging in any new activities. Get the New Year off to a healthy start.


Redirecting the "Misdirected

The end of the year is a holy time for many different world religions. When I think of religious holidays, the concept of faith naturally comes up. We know the faith of western civilization began its shift after the Second World War, with the explosion of "Modern Medicine." What became of this shift amounted to nothing short of complete misrepresentation and mass manipulation. The faith of the world was placed in the hands of medicine, where it still lies today. A faith that has become ingrained in populations and passed on from one generation to the next. But as you ponder "faith", words like trust, belief, promise and confidence come to mind. Pretty powerful words. Now factor in emotion and what do you get? A strong following, mass support and unquestionable belief.

Modern medicine had it all. It started with the marvels of "curing" pneumonia, then meningitis; it was penicillin, then cortisone. What was to come? Today, there is no focus. There's a diagnosis and terminology for everything in the world. There are thousands of cold remedies. There are drugs for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, asthma, ADD, ADHD, headaches, cancer, aches and pains to name a few. There's a drug for everything and anything.

There are vaccines for the flu, hepatitis, measles, mumps, chickenpox, rubella and more. Children get them at birth, practically every month until they are one, 2 years, 4 years, 6 years, 10 years up to 50 years and on into their 80's and 90's. A lifetime of drugs and medications. And pain. We cannot forget pain. There are methods to reduce pain, "eliminate" pain or at least make your brain think so. There's Tylenol, aspirin, advil and ibuprofen. There's lidocane, novacain, demerol, cortisone and many more. So no one should suffer pain.

But better yet, medicine has branched into prevention. Through breast screens, heart disease screens, uterine screens, pregnancy screens and cancer screens. You name it, there's a screen for it. And testing. Have to be sure. So there's the use of MRI, CT scans, CAT scans, mammography, blood studies, injection studies, urine studies, biopsy and x-ray. These take place by the millions. Wow, marvel at it: "MODERN MEDICINE."

Yes, marvel at PPA in the cold remedies being pulled from the market with the rise of hemorrhagic stroke. Marvel at an aspirin a day causing gastrointestinal hemorrhaging in low-dose users trying to prevent heart disease. Marvel at Lotronex the IBS wonder drug being hauled in after killing eight and hospitalizing 124 females, the diet drug Redux which killed 123 people within its first year on the market, the high blood pressure drug Posicor which caused 143 sudden deaths prior to being approved, the heartburn drug Propulsid which killed 302 people (many of which were children), or Rezulin the diabetes drug which was kept on the market for a year after being labeled as very risky and subsequently killing close to 400 people.

Marvel at how breast cancer and heart disease mortality rates have remained unchanged and have even risen with all the advances in place to prevent these. Marvel at the idea that most heart attack victims have normal cholesterol levels. Marvel at the "free" flu vaccine everyone is taking, as medicine believes an epidemic is lurking. Marvel that those shots won't strengthen your immune system, but will actually weaken it. Marvel at the million's likely to battle a flu episode even after receiving the vaccine. Marvel that there is NO science to support the safety of vaccines. Marvel that drugs and vaccines don't prevent or eliminate. Marvel that the vaccines you and your children take contain numerous known neuro-toxins and cancer-causing agents. Marvel that the vaccines for measles, chickenpox and mumps allow children to still battle these ailments anyway. Marvel at the 98,000-120,000 people who died last year due to medical mismanagement. Marvel at your mom, dad and grandparents for the average 12 or so medications they'll take, as they become elderly and begin to rapidly deteriorate. Just marvel at all that is in plain sight and put your FAITH in that.

Knowing what we know, what we read, what we hear and what we see, it's hard to digest how so many "stones could go unturned" regarding this matter. These are things we know about. There are millions of things we don't hear about. Isn't that frightening?!

With all the unquestionable medical advances, is it not disturbing that everyday drugs are being removed from stores and methods and procedures are scrutinized? Is there the chance that humans are lab rats? Is it not disturbing that advances have taken place to clone sheep and locate genes when they can't even keep people from dying from aspirin?

What we hear is a fragment of the reality that exists. But of course there are protection agencies. The FDA deals with human interest, right? Yeah sure, only when things become painstakingly obvious and to avoid liability and negligence claims that could amount to millions and command overwhelming media attention. What about research and development? This is where results are manufactured to hit the headlines and the side effects prioritized to the small print. It's about researchers, medical doctor's, medical schools, hospitals, organizations and government officials prospering from your ill health. It's about kickbacks, salaries, bonuses and support from some of the most powerful companies on the planet. Companies that have a vested interest in the public's ill health. Where cures amount to bankruptcy. It's about dollars and cents. Not people and sense.

With these influences at the forefront and so deeply rooted we see where the medical doctor's acquire their faith. Furthermore, we see why it's important that they keep the public's faith. And how? Through manipulation and misdirection. People are ill informed, uninformed, herded, manipulated and become victims of propaganda. Medicine knows best! People are caught in moral dilemmas. They ask; what would people think of me as a mother if I don't have my kids vaccinated? Or what will my M.D. think and say? From the chiropractic perspective, a better line of thinking would be to arm yourself with knowledge from all areas and make the right decision regarding your families health. But the overwhelming faith has existed for so long, that we are now seeing many that require direction.

This type of behavior, not to mention the research, is not worthy of the misdirected faith the population has placed in the hands of medicine. A faith stern with strength, trust, honor and loyalty to those with the title "Doctor"; an ancient Greek term for "Teacher." But the facts are the facts. Not much education is taking place of patients or even amongst the medical profession itself. The statistics with regards to the dangers of medicine and its practices are evident in countless scientific journals, newspaper's, television and even on the Internet. Worst of all is that people don't seem to have a problem with it. To put the magnitude of the problem in perspective, if you live in the U.S. where about 40,000 people are shot dead every year, you are nevertheless three times more likely to be killed by a doctor's mistake than by a gun.

People must be educated with not only correct facts and statistics, but also quality facts and statistics. Outcomes and potential dangers must be carefully addressed. They shouldn't be yesterday's news or today's headlines. The risk and reward scenario must be given serious focus. Ask yourself if serious side-effects are a consideration when you're suffering from a headache from lack of sleep or a poor diet. Let's weigh the odds. Let's calculate the risks. Let's ask questions. Let's seek facts. Let's seek the truth. Let's seek information. Let's make health a responsibility. Let's not be manipulated anymore. Let's not have faith. Let's not believe what everyone tells you (including me). Control your destiny. Do what you think is right, but do it armed with knowledge!!

The worst thing you could hear in today's world is a M.D. telling you "trust us, everything is going as expected." The statistics prove it. You only get one chance with your health, isn't that most important? Who can help with the direction of your health? Your M.D.? But their bias still exists in doing so. It's again that "faith" we've been talking about. Sure, science exists and can be applied to anything one places faith in. A bold statement, yes. And medicine will talk science to no end. But considering that 80-85% of medical procedures and practices used today have never been properly tested, it's an accurate one. The oath we take as doctor's states "above all do no harm." The real danger existing in medicine lies with dogma (nothing more than faith, trust, honor, confidence and emotion).

With chiropractic philosophy, our model of health, our vision, we can honestly sit back and see that no harm is coming to those we love and appreciate. Can medicine ever say that? Medicine cannot change. In the words of Stephen Covey, "you cannot talk your way out of something you've behaved."

Loaded with a faith tarnished with misrepresentation, misinterpretation, monetary gains and lack of scientific standards, there is no motivation to change. However, as chiropractors we are "agents of change." The fact is that medicine is neither a science nor an art. As chiropractors we understand these components. We are deeply rooted in art, science and philosophy. Having assumed so much unwarranted criticism as a profession we understand that questions, answers, opinions and information are necessary to make decisions.

Most within the chiropractic community focus on this premise everyday in the true sense of the word "Doctor", to teach. We use it everyday to educate people in the importance of chiropractic and health. As more and more people venture to you and I for insight and direction, let's be the "agents of change." Let's rise to the occasion. Let's empower people with the importance of health and the correction of subluxations. Let's empower people to make informed decisions and choices that could effect the rest of their lives and that of their families too. Let's teach them to use information not faith to guide them. Let's bring to our communities' facts, information, realities, unconditional love and appreciation to aid in the redirection of their misdirected faith.



It's funny how people have more faith in man-made drugs ... than they do in The Creator's wisdom of creating man with a built-in resistance to disease.

The Top 10 Causes of Child


"Abuse" in 2010

It is the beginning of a new decade and the real beginning of the new millennium. The new millennium will bring about many changes by the shift in the consciousness of health minded people. We are fortunate in our lifetime to have the opportunity to witness this shift, along with the beginnings of some of these changes.

On a daily basis, the shift is already noticeable. We see it on the cover of national magazines and newspapers, on television and the Internet, and hear it on radio. The public is rapidly moving away from medicine and the outside-in philosophy. More and more, families are moving towards chiropractic with its above-down-inside-out (see next article)approach.

As your chiropractor and you as my practice members, it is time for us to take a leadership position in the arena of children's health care. Working diligently over the next decade, we may see some things which are now thought to be "normal" aspects of child raising considered a form of abuse by the end of this decade.

My "Top 10" causes of child "abuse" for 2010 are:

1. Failure to have a newborn checked for subluxation at birth.
2. Children not receiving regular chiropractic check-ups.
3. More than two hours of non educational television/video game playing daily.
4. Vaccinations!
5. Fetal abuse prior to birth, including alcohol consumption, drugs (pushed or prescribed) and smoking.
6. Failure to implement progressive developmental educational programs.
7. Chronic consumption of cow's milk, fast foods, and other forms of junk food.
8. Smoking in the presence of a child.
9. The use of "jonny jumpers", prior to the child developing the ability to walk.
10. Choosing to not breast feed a child for the minimum of one year. Being unable to physically or because of work is of course forgiven, as long as a good source of non-cow milk formula or supplement is used instead. Best choices would be goat's milk, soy milk or rice milk (all organic of course).

Although many more things can be added to this list, these are the foundational parameters to start the process moving in the right direction. If you are doing or have done many of these things, don't feel guilty. I'm sure you did not think that they were having a detrimental effect on your child's health. You wouldn't purposely do things that would harm a child. You just made do with the best knowledge that you had at the time. Science and medicine did not know these things were bad, or if they did, they did not tell us. How could you know? However, now that the knowledge and information is out there new standards need to be created.

These new standards need to be set and adhered to in parenting, and we all should look forward to setting the pace. The minimum standard, should be optimum health and wellness for our children. Anything short of this should be considered abuse.

Based on current trends, we can look forward to rapid change away from the mediocrity that parents and children are presently exposed to. This office is committed to leading the way to seeing a healthy future unfold. It begins with the children....



Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does.

--Margaret Mead

Reaching the Different World



For the purpose of understanding chiropractic there are essentially two world views. We commonly refer to them as Above-Down Inside-Out (ADIO) and Outside-In Below-Up (OIBU). If we expect to truly influence the world at large and our individual communities in particular, then we must understand these world views and how they iimpact your lives and the lives of potential practice members that you want to refer to our office. This will enable us to present chiropractic in a clearer manner and to avoid unrealistic expectations in being able to reach certain groups of people.

While there are two different world views, these views create three distinct groups of potential practice members and those who ultimately join a chiropractic practice. We shall examine these three groups.

1. The first group consists of people with an ADIO world and life viewpoint.

Their profile is usually that of a person who has a religious belief or at the least, recognizes a power or deity greater than themselves. They are the types of people who display a certain degree of independence, take responsibility for their life and their actions, and see the role of government as being limited in their life. With regard to the practice of medicine, while they may use medical procedures, they understand that it has or should have a minor role in their health and life. They try to avoid drugs as much as possible and they see the need to be proactive regarding health (i.e., doing things to be healthy). This group makes the ideal chiropractic practice member. When they hear and understand the philosophy of chiropractic, they generally respond very positively. They have a vitalistic philosophy of life and chiropractic fits beautifully into it. These people become the bulk of a practice's lifetime chiropractic practice members. Encourage them to come to our office.

2. The second group consists of those with a clearly outside-in (OIBU) philosophy of life.

They are mechanists. They tend to be materialistic and if they have a religious persuasion, it is usually superficial and probably only out of habit from youth or to please a spouse or parent. This person is impressed with the accomplishments of science, as well as those of medicine. They believe that the answer to man's problems will ultimately be found in scientific discovery, increased education, and the enlightened few controlling the lives of the unenlightened masses. This thinking, in addition to science, extends to such areas as health care practices, sociology, politics and government. They will look for answers or solutions outside themselves and will usually blame others for misfortunes. Usually they reject chiropractic care and are often vehemently antagonistic toward it. These people, on the whole, will not be reached. However, there are some of them that will seek chiropractic care. These are usually the last-resort types who see chiropractic as a "treatment" for a certain condition, usually back pain. They will only use chiropractic on that basis. They will never become a lifetime practice member and will reject overtures by you or a chiropractor to get them to come on a regular basis. Their responses will vary from condescending to indignant should they be pressed to become regular practice members. They will continue to come as they choose and when they choose until either they find that chiropractic no longer "works" for them or until the chiropractor either dismisses them or drives them away with his "badgering" about the need for regular care. Occasionally, one of these types will change. It is usually the result of a radical change in other aspects of their life and in their general world view. However, for the most part, you must realize that we will never make great inroads into this group. If they are loved ones, continue to educate them as best you can, but realize that it may be hopeless. They have bought the lie of the outside-in viewpoint of life.

3. The final group, in my opinion, represents the great incongruent masses of humanity.

They are by far the largest group and live what I would call a life of incongruency. If given a clear description of the two world viewpoints, they would definitely claim to adhere to an above-down one. However, most aspects of their life are totally inconsistent with that viewpoint. Their thinking is superficial. Their understanding of an ADIO philosophy of life is weak and they rarely question whether something is consistent with that philosophy. They do not look for or think about congruency in their life. These people need to be taught. They need to understand the ADIO philosophy and how it impacts upon every aspect of their life. They need to see how chiropractic, while addressing the need for maintaining a good nerve supply, is part of a greater philosophy that needs to be applied to all aspects of their health and life. Whether the chiropractor should be doing this education is up to the individual, but the more they are taught the ADIO philosophy, the more they will be able to apply it to their understanding of chiropractic and to become better practice members.

Over the course of the next year, my goal will be to write articles about the ADIO life and world view point. I'd like to have it done in 15-20 articles, probably 1 to 2 per newsletter. This is a huge undertaking on my part, but it is information that is essential for you and your loved ones to be exposed to and understand.



Doctors don't heal. LIFE heals. A body that is alive heals itself. That which is 100% alive heals itself 100%. A body which is less than a 100% because a subluxation is cutting off vital life energy will heal itself at less than 100%

Most people go through life being less than they should. Don't be one of those people. Allow yourself the ability to get the most out of life. Chiropractic is about helping you live up to all your potentials.

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