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Chiropractic Helps In Drug Addiction


From the March 29, 2001 issue of the Miami Herald (and subsequently all major city newspapers) comes a story of how chiropractic care is helping those in a Miami drug addiction program. The story starts by explaining that patients in a residential drug-addiction program who received chiropractic care designed to adjust their vertebrae completed the treatment program at a remarkable 100% rate.

Some statistics that may be of interest:

-84% of all 1st time arrests in this country are drug related.

-75-77% are then rearrested for drug related crimes.

-There are more people in jail for drug related crimes that in the active military.

-According to the National Center for Substance Abuse and Treatment, addiction is implicated in: 69% of all drownings, 68% of all manslaughter charges, 49% of all murders, 50% of all traffic fatalities, 38% of all child abuse, 52% of all rapes, 50% of all spousal abuse, 62% of assaults, and 35% of all suicides. Add to this death from drug overdose and related substance abuse complications, and you have a health problem of staggering proportions.

-In the US $300 Billion are spent on drug treatment and education only. This figure does not include jails and other expenses. It is the biggest single expense that the government has.

Ninety-eight patients at Miami's Exodus drug-treatment program participated in the study that was featured in a Journal of Nature magazine called "Molecular Psychiatry" and in "The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs" (not chiropractic journals). These patients were hardcore heroin, cocaine, and alcohol addicts (among other things). They were the worst of the worst.

Dr. Jay Holder, "medical" director of the Exodus program who happens to be the chiropractor who conducted the study said, "Completing a 28- to 30-day program greatly enhances an addict's chances of staying clean, but nationally only 71 percent of participants make it all the way through such programs." In other words, 30% fail. Holder went on to say, "This correction of what chiropractors call subluxations results in a sense of well-being that allows patients to benefit more thoroughly from the group therapy and medical care of addiction treatment." "Chiropractic does not treat addiction -- it does not treat any disease,'' Holder said. ``We're allowing those things that treat addiction to be embraced more thoroughly.''

The participants were divided into three groups. One group got the regular regime of addiction care. The second group got "sham/fake" adjustments, while the third group got actual chiropractic adjustments to correct subluxations. The group with the regular care and the sham chiropractic had a completion rate in the program of only 74% and 56%. The group that received the chiropractic adjustments to correct subluxations showed a completion rate of 100%. As was stated before, the completion of a drug treatment program is very important in preventing addicts from returning to drugs. Those who can complete the program stand a great chance of remaining drug-free.

Robert Duncan, Ph.D., of the University of Miami School of Medicine, designed the study. As you can imagine this was not a very "chiropractic-friendly" environment. Dr. Duncan assessed the results and found some amazing statistics besides the 100% retention rate. The study reported that the patients involved in the study at the treatment center that received chiropractic care made fewer visits to a nurses' station due to withdrawal symptoms (90% fewer) and showed significant decreases in anxiety and depression. Duncan found an improvement in depression in four weeks of chiropractic care that would normally take over a year with the best medications we have for this condition. He also found improvement in anxiety in four weeks that normally takes six months with the best medications out there for this condition. Now mind you these were hardcore drug addicts and they were able to obtain such incredible results.

To say that these results were spectacular would be a huge understatement. A testament to what a properly functioning body can overcome, but nothing that chiropractors aren't used to seeing everyday in their offices. B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, had been doing work with addicts as far back in the early 1920's and getting spectacular results. Surprisingly, this has been the only study done to prove what chiropractors have known for over 100 years. For that reason, I spent two days in an intensive seminar learning Dr. Holder's revolutionary adjusting methods and technique and will begin to implement it in our practice to better serve all our practice members.

In one of his books, B.J. Palmer had said that chiropractic would empty the jails and hospitals and fill the churches and temples. If this work is expanded, becomes known among the general public and other health-care practitioners, and used correctly he will have been right.




Soon it will be that time of year again! I know you will see them. They will be everywhere! People rubbing their eyes, sneezing, sniffling and complaining. Some of them deny it saying, "I do not have allergies," or, "I never had allergies before," and many others just try to grin and bear it. Knowingly or not, some studies indicate that more than 40% of Americans may suffer from allergies. The culprits in these most annoying conditions (i.e., the allergen) include some of the most ordinary things, such as cats, dogs, grass, dust, pollen, copper coins, nickel-coated earrings and buttons, insects and insect stings. I once met someone who told me they were allergic to air. I imagine if you are allergic to dust you might as well be allergic to air.

Despite the variety of substances that an individual can or may be allergic to, all allergies result from the same basic cause: an immune system that is unable to distinguish between the harmful and the friendly. This is an extremely important point. Many people have the misconception that it is the dust or the pollen (the allergen) that causes the allergic reaction. It is not! It is the body's inability to adapt to the allergen that is the problem!!! If pollen was the problem, everyone would have allergic symptoms in the presence of pollen, and that is not the case. Rather, it is the body's inability to adapt to the allergen that is the problem.


For example, a report on the Weather Channel last year noted that the pollen count was almost 50 times above what is considered normal to the Clean Air Council. The purpose of the report was to provide readers with tips on how to control allergic reactions, all of which boiled down to avoiding the allergen. The report noted that the high levels had caused reactions in people who had never experienced them before. At first glance, this might seem to suggest that indeed it is the pollen that is the cause of allergies. However, as long as there are still people who do not develop symptoms in the presence of these unusually high levels of pollen, then pollen is not the cause.

Interestingly, medicine has been advertising allergy medications on television quite a bit these last few years. They seem to be focusing on histamine, which is one of the chemicals that your body produces when it comes in contact with an allergen. It is responsible for the watery eyes, runny nose, and all the symptoms associated with allergies. So, medicine has decided to give you an anti-histamine. One of the things that anti-histamine does is cause your body to produce more histamine, which as you can guess, begins a cycle of drug dependency. Well, besides the list of adverse reactions that are associated with these drugs (such as serious heart problems) comes a pretty startling revelation. People on certain allergy medications do worse on driving tests than drunk drivers. Pretty scary, don't you think. Your child's bus driver, the person driving next to you, the pilot of the plane you may be going on, all may be under the influence of drugs that will decrease their abilities to perform worse than alcohol, yet it is legal to do so. Let me say it again, pretty scary.

Medicine has no cure for allergies and according to Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD, "You can depend on most doctors to largely ignore the cause [of allergies] ... unfortunately, their treatment is often worse than the disease, especially since the relatively safe folk-measures of yesteryear have been replaced by the sophisticated dangerous drugs of modern science." More recently, Canadian researcher Lorne Brandes, in an article published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, has produced research showing that certain antihistamines make cancerous tumors grow faster.

No one knows for sure what causes allergies, though according to some authors childhood vaccinations are suspect. As writer Walene James has stated: "Vaccination lays the foundation for autoimmune diseases and other disorders of the immune system such as rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, lupus erythematosus, sclerodrema ... It is reasonable to assume that our contemporary 'epidemic' of allergies has at least some of its roots in the practice of vaccination."


Everyone is born with a certain potential for adapting to pollen (as well as to every other allergen), and some have a greater potential to adapt than others. For those who express no symptoms when in the presence of high concentrations of specific allergens, it is because their bodies are working the way they should. Their bodies do not see pollen as harmful (which it is not) and consequently, do not declare war on it by trying to rush it out of the body by either sneezing or washing tears across the eyes. More importantly, while everyone is born with a different potential to adapt to allergens, some may have the potential to adapt but are not fully expressing it because of interference in their nervous systems caused by vertebral subluxations.

The medical world admits that the best way to treat any allergy is to avoid the allergens that cause it, but how does one avoid air or dust. There have been countless studies linking the nervous system with the immune system. For that reason, we suggest that one of the best things you can do for allergies is to be sure your nervous system is free from interference so your body can work at its highest potential to recognize what is harmful and what is not.

Healing vs. Curing: The Chiropractic Approach

*Part of the ADIO life and world view point series

Chiropractic is based on a healing model, which is distinctly different from the curing model now prevalent in modern society. Each of these models represents a completely distinct world view.

The curing model emerges from a Newtonian perspective, which views everything in the world as separate and distinct from everything else. From this perspective, disease is seen as an isolated event, which must be controlled or eliminated before it causes further damage. The presence or absence of the symptom is the indication of whether someone has been cured.

The healing model comes from an understanding of quantum physics and unified field theory, which views all of creation as emerging from the same source. In this model, everything is interconnected and affects everything else. Healing is a process of reintegrating mind, body, and spirit. The measure of whether someone is healing is "are you finding out more about yourself?"


The Curing Model

The goal of this model is to bring the individual back to so-called "normal" (see last newsletter). Typically, a person with a symptom goes to a doctor for treatment. The doctor, who is viewed from both sides as the ultimate authority, isolates and labels the "problem". He then prescribes a course of treatment to control or eliminate the condition before it causes more harm. The body is seen as separate and independent from the mind and spirit.

In this model, the individual loses a sense of involvement or control in the healing process and slips into "victim consciousness". Both sides agree that the doctor is the only one who can have an effect on the condition. There is no awareness that the person has any responsibility for creating or curing the condition. In fact, the effect of the mind and the spirit are usually not even considered. The symptom is seen as the "enemy", and the doctor and the medical technology at his disposal are the "ammunition", which must be enlisted to defeat the "enemy".

Fear and judgment are at the root of this model. The body is seen as a victim of the whims of time and change, both of which are resisted and feared.


The Healing Model

The goal of the healing model is to help the individual reintegrate body/mind with spirit. We learn about ourselves, which allows our true nature to be more fully expressed. In the process we learn to feel the full range of emotions, no longer blocking out feelings that stop the expression of innate intelligence within.

In this model, the person asks for help to reconnect with his inner innate intelligence and meet life's challenges. The role of the chiropractor is to help individuals to be more in touch with their innate intelligence, which actually does the healing. The doctor's responsibility is to initiate the adjustment, clear the pathways for expression of innate intelligence, trust the innate intelligence of the individual, and encourage the healing process.

In the process of healing, one may experience symptoms. When viewed from a healing perspective symptoms are not judged as good or bad. They are agents of change, which provide an opportunity for growth. They appear to indicate the body is overwhelmed and to alert the individual that a change in the way the nervous system functions is needed for progress to occur.

In this model, healing is a process. By clearing subluxations, the nervous system becomes more flexible and able to change. Trust is the basis of this model; trust in the innate intelligence that governs all life and exists within everyone.

It is up to the person to choose which model he wishes to use. The intention of the individual determines the benefit that is gained from each adjustment. In the process of healing, life expresses itself. When people are more integrated, they are more connected with what they need to do - what decisions/choices they need to make - to be themselves and make progress in their lives.


Drugging Out Kids


There are some frightening facts and statistics surfacing these days with regard to violence among school children and the use of drugs, not illicit drugs as one might imagine but prescription drugs, especially the drug Ritalin. In 1996, ten to twelve percent of schoolboys were taking this addictive drug. Now, some figures say it may be as high as 20% in some areas. Boys seem to have a greater tendency toward what the psychiatric field calls ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).

The medical and psychiatric professions seem to be making a disease out of every action or physical function that does not fit their preconceived idea of "normal" (see last issue for normal vs. average). Many of these children may be just naturally rambunctious. The fact that boys, who tend to be naturally more active, have a greater incidence of ADHD would bear this out. Part of the problem also has to be the inability or a lack of desire on the part of the schools to handle active children. Our modern life with its fast-paced video games, television and music has conditioned children to be stimulated and entertained every waking moment. The images on TV change on average every 3 seconds, except for MTV which changes every second. The "three R's" just do not do it anymore. So instead of devising ways to keep them interested and stimulated give them a drug like Ritalin and that will solve the problem. And people wonder why we have a drug problem in this country. The "drug free" schools promote it.

Many parents are disempowered and uninformed about this condition and ways to deal with it and are almost bullied into giving their children these medication, for which they agonize about. Sadly, others don't want to be bothered being parents and prefer to just drug their kids instead of having to deal with them.

Let's look at some interesting statistics:

-The U.S. uses 85-90% of the world's Ritalin. (USA Today) Ask yourself why?

-It is perhaps the only "disease" in American history, which may be legally diagnosed by people with no medical credentials whatsoever (including teachers, school counselors, aides, principals, coaches, even parents).

-No lab tests, blood tests, microscope studies, or definitive diagnostic tests exist for ADD. No consistent genetic basis or organic neurological lesions, or any verifiable physical changes have ever been identified as causative of ADD. There is no objective scientific proof that the disease exists. ('ADD: A Designer Disease' by Tim O'Shea)

-Ritalin is classified by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a Schedule II Narcotic in the same category as cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, and morphine. (USA Today, PDR-Physician's Desk Reference)

-There is a Class Action Suit filed against the makers of Ritalin (Ciba/Novartis), the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Defecit/Hyperactivity Disorder) the organization that is "supposed" to be a support group for those who have ADD/ADHD. There have been financial ties linking the makers of Ritalin, the APA, and CHADD, in promoting the use of Ritalin, describing it as "safe and effective" for treatment of ADD and in doing so, may have been putting profit margins ahead of child safety. (USA Today, Hernandez vs. Ciba/Novartis Pharmaceuticals, CHADD, and the APA, and at least 2 other lawsuits)

-The long-term effects of Ritalin given to children have never been studied. (The Washington Post, National Institute of Mental Health)

-For a person who has ever been diagnosed as having ADD, certain types of health insurance may be denied for life; anyone who takes Ritalin or similar psychotropic drugs after age 12 is automatically rejected from the military; if the person is ever injured, and litigation becomes necessary to document the injury, these labels are powerful tools that are often used against the person's case, to undermine credibility and the reality of the injury.

Another issue to deal with is the side-effect factor. All drugs have side-effects. There are at last count around 60 potential side effects for Ritalin. None of these side effects are enjoyable or wanted.

Let's talk about one of these side effects. Almost without exception, the kids responsible for the violence in schools are children who were on these prescription drugs or who had only recently stopped taking them. One of the side effects of Ritalin and Ritalin-type medications is Psychotic tendencies. While I hate to make this predication, I believe that no matter what is done, school shootings will continue to occur as long as children are being given these drugs.

We as a society need to reconsider the misconception that a problem, in this case hyperactive behavior, has a single cause like an imbalance in chemistry. We also have to realize that you cannot just blame outside influences exclusively. Yes, television may be violent, but those who grew up watching the Three Stooges, Coyote and Roadrunner, and early episodes of Buggs Bunny and other similar shows will remember that they were extremely violent shows, worse than anything now. Music has always had their "bad" influences, families have always been dysfunctional, and kids have always been picked on for being different. There are other factors, like video games our youth's preoccupation with violence, horror, sex, the lack of respect for life and many other factors. Maybe none of these by themselves cause a problem, but together they create some pretty strong influences upon our children. Now add a drug that produces psychotic tendencies and look out.

If there is a chemical imbalance related to the cause of ADD/ADHD, then we need to normalize body chemistry. That cannot be done by adding other chemicals, like Ritalin, to the body. The human body is not a test tube. It is a living, dynamic organism and every child's body and body chemistry is a little different. That is why some children do well in school and some do not, why some children handle the stresses of life and others go out and kill their classmates. If we are ever going to resolve the chemical imbalance, part of the problem we must look toward normalizing the child's chemistry rather than making them a chemistry experiment.

There are basically two things that determine body chemistry. What you put into the body and how well the body is working. There is no doubt that the diet of our youth could be greatly improved. That is something each individual family needs to address, but there are some simple changes in diet that could greatly benefit these children. The other factor is how well the body is working. If the chemical problem is caused by the body not working properly due to an interference in the nerve system, the system that causes the production of the body's chemicals, then that needs to be addressed. Some of these children may have a genetic problem that causes the body chemistry to be imbalanced. If that is the case then perhaps there is nothing that can be done except to experiment with psychotropic drugs like Ritalin and hope that you come up with the right combination. But that should be a last resort, only after other more conservative methods have been tried. In any case, children should have their spines checked regularly by a chiropractor. If they have a genetic problem make sure they have a good nerve supply so the body can compensate for that problem as much as possible. If the body is not working properly due to nerve interference, then adjustments are the only thing that can correct the problem. Lastly, for the child who seems to be doing fine in school, let's keep his or her nerve system working at maximum so they can reach their full potential in school and in life.

Now consider the following:

-Albert Einstein did not speak until he was 4 and didn't read until he was 7. His teachers described him as "mentally slow, unsociable and adrift in his foolish dreams". He was expelled and refused admittance to the Zurich Polytech Institute.

-Thomas Edison's teachers said he was too stupid to learn anything.

-Isaac Newton did poorly in grade school.

-Winston Churchill failed the 6th Grade.

-Beethoven teachers called him hopeless as a composer because he preferred to play his own compositions.

-The list is endless.

All these geniuses would probably be on Ritalin if they were here today. You have to wonder what we are doing to the next generation of scientists, inventors, leaders, musicians, etc.


Injury And Death Risk Prompts Medical Doctor Recall


More than 468,000 Medical Doctors have been recalled due to risk of injury to nearby individuals, a US Consumer Safety Group reported today.

According to recent reports, conservative estimates state that almost half a million US citizens are dying each year as a result of errors involving these faulty practitioners. Consumers are advised to stay far away from these death traps until further analysis can be made, safety experts recommend.

Unfortunately, experts have stated that at this time there are no replacement MD's available, and it has been suggested that quite possibly the entire foundation the medical establishment is built upon is at risk of collapsing. A total recall may be in order.

The safety group provided some tips to help get consumers through this difficult time:

1. Maintain Proper Balance.

This involves proper diet, adequate exercise, and rest, along with regular chiropractic care to ensure optimum health.

2. Share Information With Others.
To insure that these errors are minimized, citizens are asked to refer friends and family members for subluxation evaluation at their local chiropractic offices. Chiropractors and staff will be standing by to assist you and will be providing educational classes to help you better understand the magnitude of the situation.


3. Take Responsibility.
Citizens are advised to take responsibility for their own health until further notice. Although efforts are under way, it may be some time before the currently flawed medical system has been repaired or replaced.

Wishing you all the best of health,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Chiropractor

(Yes, this is a joke. The Firestone tire and a lawnmower recall in Los Angeles from a few months ago inspired it. I just couldn't resist.)

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