Newsletters 2002


December 2002 - Happy Holidays; Turning On Life; Why Can't We Adjust Ourselves?; Are Your Health Care Decisions Based On Fear?; Not So Excellent Health; On A Lighter Side ...


November 2002 - How to Observe Thanksgiving; A Reflection on Things That I am Thankful For; Bringing Truth Into The World; The Pushers; Think Sick, Be Sick - The Nocebo Effect; Warning: The Surgeon General has . . .


October 2002 - What You Can't See Can't Hurt You, Tired of Killer 'Cures'?, Chiropractic Care Increases Quality of Life For HIV/AIDS Patients, Think For Yourself, I Know the Value of Chiropractic


September 2002 - Back to School Backpack Safety, The Cause Of ALL Disease?, Why is Chiropractic Different?, The Fountain of Youth, What Does Health Look Like?, Basic Principles, A Normal Life


August 2002 - Chiropractic Success, Chiropractic and Children: It's All About Function, The Throw-Away Society, Antidepressants Barely Better Than Placebo?!?, How We Rest, Why is The Spine so Important?, They May Depend on You


July 2002 - I Find These Truths to be Self Evident..., The First Adjustment, The Human Body, Summer Subluxations, A Thought on Health, Maintaining the Gain, Fitness vs. Health


June 2002 - Happy Father's Day, With Great Power..., 100% All-Natural, A Good Night's Sleep, If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It!?!, Inductive and Deductive Reasoning


May 2002 - Happy Mother's Day, Understanding What We Do, Disintegration, Scary Movies and Rush Hour Traffic, Recognizing Your Potential, Subluxation, Why Talk Chiropractic Philosophy?


April 2002 - Getting the Most Out of Life, Momentum, Retracing - Cycles of Repair, Little Johnny


March 2002 - Stress and Chiropractic, Not Tonight Dear - I Have a Headache, Are You Taking Full Advantage?, Why Do Children Need Chiropractic?, Why Straight Chiropractic?


February 2002 - Take This Quiz:, Intervention vs. Non-intervention, Why Does the Body Subluxate?, The Law of Life, A Big Idea, Understanding Chiropractic Philosophy is Easy - Accepting it May Be Difficult


Januray 2002 - Happy New Year, Assuming Responsibility For One's Decisions, What is Objective Straight Chiropractic?, Chiropractic Care, Let's Look At Health Differently Part 3

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