Better Living Through Chemistry?


Remove the question mark from the above title and you will be left with the slogan of a major international chemical manufacturing company.

The thought was that science could create products that would improve the quality and possibly quantity of life.

The basic premise being that science knows what is best for our bodies, that they have the knowledge needed to create chemicals that will perfectly enhance human performance.

Judging by the amount of money spent on drugs, medications, vitamins, etc., it appears that the majority of the American population trusts that chemicals from outside of the body will improve life.


Yet in matters of life and health, logic, not popularity should be the most valid yardstick for determining how to take care of our bodies. Perhaps we should take a closer look at what is happening on the inside before we decide if chemicals from the outside are the answer.

With even a basic understanding of human physiology, we can understand that all levels of human performance are governed by our internal body chemistry. We cannot do anything without first making a chemical. Our moods, energy level, ability to concentrate, ability to repair damaged tissue, and physical coordination are just some of the many areas of performance that are dependent on body chemistry. The delicate chemical balance within our body can greatly determine how we will function at a given moment or throughout a day, week, year, or even a lifetime.

Many people look to artificially enhance their performance by taking chemicals from outside their body. Years ago, the Russian women's track and field team won many medals in the Goodwill Games. Later, it was discovered that these "athletes" had artificially enhanced their performance by taking steroids. These chemicals improved their strength, speed and overall athletic ability, but they also received some unwanted benefits (what is often called side effects). Their voices got deeper, they grew facial hair and their bodies became more male-like from the steroids. So after the Goodwill Games committee stripped them of their medals, they had nothing to show for their efforts other than their deep voices and facial hair.

The point of the above example is this: It is true that chemicals from outside of the body can alter and may even enhance some areas of a person's performance. What is important to also recognize though that these same chemicals have affects on other aspects of one's performance (what many refer to as side effects or adverse reactions) -- seen or unseen.

Simply put, you cannot take a chemical from the outside-in without affecting the entire internal balance of body chemistry.

We all express an innate intelligence that maintains our level of performance in all aspects of life. This innate intelligence is expressed through the nerve system (brain, spinal cord and nerves). Through this vast communication network, the innate intelligence of the body maintains the internal chemical balance.


As long as the proper information is clearly expressed through the nerve system, the glands will know when, where, and how much of a particular chemical is needed at any given time. The result is not only balanced body chemistry and optimal performance, but NO "side effects" as well.

However, if there is interference to the communication system (nerve system) than the body chemistry cannot be balanced naturally and performance in all areas of life suffers.

One such type of interference is vertebral subluxation. Chiropractors assist the body in correcting these vertebral subluxations so that the body chemistry may be balanced naturally.

Even if you choose or have to take chemicals from the outside to alter your performance, you should make sure you do not have vertebral subluxations so that your body can do its best to maintain the chemical balance that is disrupted by the chemical from the outside-in.

The fact of the matter is that everyone needs regular ongoing chiropractic visits to help him or her be their best.


A nervous system free of interference is a prerequisite to normal body function. It is the job of the chiropractor to remove the interference to allow the body to replace its weak, dying cells with healthy cells.

The Truth About Time


One of my patients asked me to reprint this article for one of their children that seems to think they do not have the time to get adjusted regularly. I thought we could all use the review)

By far, the biggest excuse for people not coming in for regular care is that they don't have the time. For some the following figures may vary, but you'll get the point.

Ok then, let's break it down:

In one year there are 8,760 hours.
-Sleeping 8 hours/night eliminates 2,920 hours.
-Working 8 hours/day for 50 weeks per year eliminates another 2,000 hours.
-Spending 12 hours/week on chores and errands consumes 624 hours.
-Religious/Spiritual services account for another 60 hours.
-Moderate exercise 1hour/day, 3 days/week takes up 150 more hours.
-Reading 1 hour/day, 5 days/week takes away 250 more hours.
-Meal times will "eat up" approximately 400 more hours.
-Spending 1 hour/day with your kids will eliminate another 365 hours.
When all is said AND done, you will still have...1991 EXTRA hours in your year!
That translates into 83 ENTIRE DAYS per year all for YOU!

Now, are you sure you just don't have the time?

Are You An Elephant On A String?

Have you ever been to a circus and wondered why such a big animal doesn't just break that tiny little chain around its ankle?

The answer is that the elephant is living in a state of what is called "Learned helplessness."

The way to train an elephant is to begin by attaching a very big, very strong chain to its leg and then forcing it to go to the limits of the chain over and over again. Since this is such a strong chain, the elephant can't break it and it quickly learns not to try anymore.

It learns to be helpless.

After awhile, the trainer uses a slightly smaller chain, one that is not quite as strong. He/she then progressively moves to smaller and smaller chains over time until one is reached that is the size you see in the circus. The elephant may have the power to knock down a house but because it believes it cannot break the chain, it doesn't even try. In fact, this is so effective that the best-trained elephants only need a thin piece of string to keep them in line.

"Fascinating," you're probably thinking, "But what in the world does that have to do with me?"

Well, you see, most people were brought up in the medical mindset. That is, they were taught from a very early age that their bodies are defective or weak and need lots of help from the outside in order to function well. In fact, the main goal of most people raised in this mode of thinking is not even optimal function; it is simply to not get sick!

This belief that we are weak is passed on from one generation to the next almost at birth with the use of vaccines, formula instead of breastfeeding, Tylenol for the fevers associated with the normal development of teeth, fluoride treatments in our water, etc.

Kids grow up constantly being told that they need to rely on something from outside themselves in order to function well and it is reinforced year after year after year.

This is not dissimilar to the method used by our elephant trainers.

Chiropractic raises kids with the exact opposite mindset.  Chiropractic says that we have/express within us an "innate intelligence" that runs, regulates, heals and grows us from embryos to the full expression of what God intended us to be. It also says that as long as there is full communication between your brain and your body, this intelligence will help you better adapt to the physical, chemical, and mental stresses you face each day, heal from damage done by stress beyond your ability to adapt, and continue to grow toward the full expression of your purpose and potential in life.

The specific chiropractic adjustment makes sure the "flow" of life between your brain and body remains as complete as possible!

You see, chiropractic helps people to understand the awesome power they have within them. It helps them "break the chains" of believing they are defective and weak and allows them to give up their reliance on outside remedies and drugs.

But more than that, it helps people move beyond a goal of simply "not getting sick" and onto a higher vision of what is possible with their lives, because the full expression of this perfection within brings with it optimal health...AND SO MUCH MORE!

So, do you know someone who is living like an elephant on a string? If so send them on over - I know where they can get some scissors!


A person who is free of nerve interference is better off. You can know that every part of your body is working closer to its maximum capacity because there is no interference. When adjusted the body can do all it can.



Have you ever wondered what keeps some married couples together for decades?

Surely, mutual love, respect and shared spiritual beliefs are important to a lasting relationship, but possibly the most important factor is communication.

Without communication neither person can learn about the other nor can they share their hopes and dreams for the future.

If communication is not the most important factor, then it is at least the most popular. Browse through any large bookstore and you will see titles promising to help improve your relationships by teaching you and your spouse to better communicate with each other. Regardless of whether you are from Mars and your spouse is from Venus or vice versa, if the two of you don't communicate well, your life and your relationship are going to be challenging.

If you do not believe me, try going a few days without communicating with your spouse. Can you think of all the disorder this could cause in your life? Who is going to pick up the kids? What time will dinner be ready? What ballgame does little Johnny have this week and where? Did anyone call and leave an important phone message? And these are just a few of the potential challenges you may incur.

The success or failure of any sports team is largely due to its ability to communicate. In baseball for example, teams have developed their own type of sign language for communicating the managers' instructions to the players. All that flailing of the third base coach's arms and brushing the bill of his cap is his way of communicating to the batter to take the pitch, lay down a bunt, or swing away. While that is going on, the pitcher and the catcher on the other team are communicating in their own sign language deciding which pitch to throw. If the batter misses the signal from the third base coach and takes the pitch when he was supposed to bunt, he could cost his team the game. On the other team, if the pitcher mis-communicates with the catcher, the results could be equally costly.

Imagine if the quarterback for your favorite football team were to give his teammates the silent treatment in the huddle. How would any of the players know where to lineup, which routes to run, which direction to block, who the ball was going to go to or even what the snap count would be?

This lack of communication would obviously reduce the chances of this team winning or even performing at its best.

Obviously, communication is important in our relationships with others, both on the field and off. But there is more, communication is also an important factor in the quality of our internal relationships as well.

For your body to reach optimal physical and mental harmony (what some refer to as "health"), you must have good communication throughout your nerve system.

For your internal environment to function properly, your brain and body need to "talk" to each other via signals sent over the nerves in your body. Much like a failure to communicate with a friend or your spouse can cause disorder in your relationship, failure to communicate the signals between your brain and body leads to disorder in your body.

Interference to the communication lines of the nerve system leads to this "failure to communicate." One such type of interference is vertebral subluxation. Vertebral subluxation is the name given to a spinal bone that is misaligned and interfering with the nerve system.

Chiropractors assist your body in correcting vertebral subluxations, thus restoring the communication between your brain and your body. While your chiropractor may not be able to help you with your communication with others, he or she can improve the communication that takes place within you.


Satisfaction Guaranteed, Or Your Monkey Back!


A few weeks ago I saw an ad that said, "Satisfaction guaranteed, or your monkey back!" It was an ad for a company that makes sure everything in your advertising is accurate before you print it.

But it made me stop and think about how profoundly one little thing being wrong can affect our desired outcome. I mean, just that one extra "k," and the entire meaning of the ad was different.

Many people understand the devastating effects of a subluxation upon their health and their lives and they make sure their chiropractor checks their families every week. For just as one extra letter changed the entire meaning of the ad, one little subluxation and the resultant downward spiral in health and vitality will change their ability to fully express health and Life!

Others get checked less often because they think that "one or two little levels of interference won't be that bad" and they wait two to four weeks or even longer before getting themselves and their loved ones checked.

What these people don't understand is that the brain and body work together in a delicate balance. Whenever there is any disruption in the communication system of the body (the nerve system), this crucial balance is thrown out of equilibrium.

I believe we are all here for a purpose, and that our bodies are the "vehicles" we have been given to express our purpose and our potential in life. In order for our purpose to be completely realized, the balance between body, mind and spirit must be maintained.

This means we must keep our nerve systems free from interference as completely as possible, so that our innate intelligence may be expressed boundlessly.

Without this free flow of intelligence from above down, inside out, we cannot possibly demonstrate our full potential.

I realize that some people are satisfied with a "preventive" approach rather than taking a proactive stance toward health and life. But, as Dr. Bernie Siegel has said, "prevention means living to not die!"

Is that your purpose in not die? Or, is your intention to grow physically, mentally and spiritually until you die?

It may not take much to restore the free expression of this intelligence in your body. In fact, sometimes all that is necessary is a light touch in the right place, at the right time, in the right direction and with the proper intent. But, just as changing one digit in a telephone number will take you to a whole different place, making one little adjustment the right way will also take you to a whole new place.

The chiropractic adjustment removes an interference to the perfect expression of your innate intelligence, that always knows what to be and do in every situation. Once you come closer to reaching this place of optimal health you will realize, it's not really a different place at's really just home.

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