JUNE 2003

D'oh!! I Missed My Appointment!

In the hustle and bustle of the late spring season, it is very easy to lose sight of your health and making it the priority it needs to be. These last couple of weeks have been a scheduling nightmare in my office. People are forgetting appointments, others are showing up at the wrong times. Thank goodness getting your spine checked and adjusted doesn't take long.


This time of year is just plain hectic. You have holidays, proms and graduations, sunny days that bring yard work and fun. New outdoor activities that place stresses on the muscles of your body that haven't been used in a while. Parties and cookouts where you eat and drink too much. You run around like crazy, plop down with a full belly and then oops, you remember that you forgot to get adjusted this week.

The running around that many do this time of year can be very stressful and can easily cause your spine to be subluxated. Before you know it, your energy levels are decreasing, your resistance is decreasing, and you end up tired and sick. Maybe the change in body chemistry caused by a subluxation may cause you to experience allergies more. Maybe you notice an increase in aches and pains due to the new activities you are performing. When that happens you cannot enjoy what this season has to offer at its fullest.

I cannot stress the importance of getting your spine checked and adjusted during "hectic" times when you seem not to have any time. Making sure that your spine is free from subluxations will help you to better adapt to all the stresses that this time of year will throw at you. You want to be as healthy and energetic as possible so that you can do and enjoy all the fun stuff that this time of year brings. Remember that the things which matter most must never be at the mercy of the things which matter least.

You all know the wonderful benefits of getting adjusted regularly, so I'll spare you this article. Those that have kept your appointments, great job. You are awesome and will greatly benefit from your commitment. For those that have missed appointments, I'm not going to scold you. Just make sure that you make the time to make your health and life a priority so you can be all you can be this spring and summer season.


A Chiropractic Experiment ...
All you need is a rubber band.
(Make sure you have one before we begin. No really, go get one now.)

Place the rubber band snugly around the tip of your finger at about the level of your last knuckle. It doesn't really hurt; after a short while you may not feel it at all. It may not be causing a problem, except that it's cutting off the circulation to the end of your finger.

Can you live with that? Sure, just not as well. Just being the tip of your finger, it probably will not drastically affect your daily performance levels. However, eventually problems within the fingertip would occur. The lack of blood will cause cell damage. This could lead to gangrene. If ignored, this could lead to blood poisoning. Blood poisoning can be fatal.


You can massage the finger, take medicines, apply various therapies, use magnets, change your diet and improve your exercise routine, but only one thing is going to restore the circulation, removing the pressure caused by the rubber band.


Now, here's the question...

When do you want to remove the rubber band from your finger? When you are at the point of death? When they surgically remove the gangrenous finger? When it becomes numb? How about right soon as you realize that it is not good for your body to be walking around with a rubber band wrapped tightly around your finger?


Right away is also when you want to have your vertebral subluxations corrected!


Vertebral subluxations are subtle misalignments of the bones of your back that put pressure and stress on the nerve system, disrupting and interfering with the proper nerve supply and impulses to various cells, organs and glands, disrupting your body chemistry and causing a whole host of problems. Vertebral subluxations have no symptoms, initially. Subluxations rob your body of its natural ability to adapt and function properly. This is much more dangerous than the rubber band on the finger, yet many people live their life, functioning at less than their full potential, because of vertebral subluxations.


The pressure from a subluxation can only be removed by a chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractors are the only healthcare providers specially trained to locate and correct life damaging subluxations.


So make sure you get your spine and your family's spines checked for Vertebral Subluxations regularly! It could improve your health, your performance, and your life!


(P.S. Oh Yeah, if you haven't already done so, take the rubber band off your finger!)


Prepare to Be-Your-BEST!

The Untold Secrets Of: Peak Human Performance, Optimum Health & Limitless Success.

Speed, stamina, strength, vitality, health, productivity, confidence, power, respect, concentration, all words that define a person functioning at their absolute best. How are you doing? Do you dream to excel in any of these areas? Lets say you could and did, excel beyond your wildest dreams.

How would the quality of your life improve?

What new doors would open for you, in your career and personal life? Would you make more money? Would you have more fun with your kids or spouse, doing things you thought you could never do in the past? Would you be happier with yourself and get along better with others? Would you personally challenge yourself and take risks, you may not have in the past because now you believe in yourself, have the confidence in your abilities and in what you can accomplish?

These are some of the personal questions I ask some individuals who come into my office and seek to improve the overall quality of their lives. If you aren't one of those people that gets his spine checked regularly, what are you waiting for? The time for you to make a positive change is now, today! I personally understand that the first step is by far the hardest, but the most important. Why? Because it secures your commitment to become better tomorrow than you are today. This first step not only takes guts, but it also takes desire and dedication. My personal experience tells me that in life, anyone can achieve anything they truly put their mind to.

It simply amazes me that given a choice, many in today's society would opt for the easiest possible way out. We, as a society, have been classically conditioned not to only seek out, but request, the so-called "magic bullet" that we think has the best chance to cure whatever ails us. Today, many wish to excel into excellence, in a variety of different areas of life, but don't want to put forth the time or the extra effort to learn what it truly takes, to become their absolute best.

Many would rather spend their hard earned money on some kind of get rich/get healthy/get fit quick infomercial scams, which don't usually work anyway. When you go back and ask these same people why hasn't the quality of their life improved? They tend to reply, "I tried to better myself and improve my situation, but it just didn't quite work out as planned." Now, they are right back to where they started from and find themselves asking, what next?

How important is it for you to make sure that your body functions at its optimum potential each and every day of your life? The truth is, anything worth having, material or not, comes with a price and that price requires commitment, dedication and desire which no one can instill in you but yourself. How committed are you when it comes to being your absolute physical and mental best? Are you willing to pay the price? To do whatever it takes to insure that it does? I know you would love to reap all the wonderful rewards, wouldn't we all?

Just think for a moment as to how your life would improve if you just got a better quality of sleep? Would you have more energy during the day? Would you be more productive at work or school? Would you make more money and be able to provide more for your family? Would you get better grades? Maybe get into a better career? Would your self-esteem improve?

Take a moment and answer some of these questions for yourself. I know what my answer would be. An even more encompassing question would be how would the quality of your life improve if your body just worked better? Before you answer this one, stop, take a moment and seriously think about it. You could come up with hundreds, if not thousands of ways that life would be better. Maybe we should all list our top 10 or even our 100 just to solidify our commitment to regular chiropractic care.

Let me take a moment and share two secrets with you.

First, you were designed for greatness, to excel physically, mentally and emotionally, on all levels. Greatness surfaces from the inside out. There is no other way. No one can make you great. You have to first commit yourself to maximizing your potential for greatness for it to come forth. It saddens me to see ambitious, hard-working people with so much potential go through life settling for mediocrity. Most people don't even acknowledge their potential for greatness. Most people dare to dream big but never develop the guts or the game plan it takes to become successful at anything they do in life. Usually because they are afraid of judgment, criticism, rejection, and lack self-confidences.

Second, to maximize 100% of your potential in life you must first become, subluxation-free. Vertebral subluxations (misalignments of any of the 24 bones in your spine) have devastating effects on a person's overall ability to perform at their personal best in any area of their life, if left uncorrected. You cannot have subluxations and express 100% of your potential. You have to pick one or the other.

The truth is, most subluxations initially have no symptoms and only a chiropractor is trained to locate, analyze and correct them. When there is a subluxation in your spine, your immune system does not work as it should. The organs and cells involved in keeping your resistance to viruses and bacteria are working less than their potential. When you are subluxated, you can't think as well, your energy levels are decreased, you can't sleep as well, your income earning capacity suffers and you begin taking steps further and further away from achieving your goals and your dreams. We can go on and on about the negative effects of being subluxated. Basically, realize that a vertebral subluxation, negatively affects every part of your body, because every part of your body in one way or another is dependent upon a properly functioning nervous system.

In this day and age when there are so many stresses placed upon our bodies (chemical, physical, and emotional/mental), we can't afford to have an improperly functioning nervous system. You must understand that you cannot do anything about your genetic weakness inherited from your parents, but you sure can keep the wide spread negative effects of vertebral subluxations to a minimum be seeing your chiropractor and getting your spine checked regularly.

By keeping your nervous system free from vertebral subluxations, you can help to ensure that you express as close to 100% of your potential as possible so that you will have the best chance to enjoy the quality of life you truly deserve. Subsequently, you may also begin to develop the strength, courage and energy you will need to chase your dreams. So, some people think chiropractic is only about neck and back aches. Think again! As you can now clearly see, it's more than just that. Chiropractic is about human performance and being your absolute best each and everyday of your life. Now, I dare you, Dream BIG & Live LARGE! You deserve the BEST in Life! So, go out & get it!


Symptoms are noticeable deviations in normal body functions: aches and pains, sniffles and coughs, rashes, inflammation, soreness, stiffness, and a multitude of other signs. Normally, most people are conditioned to do everything they can to rid themselves of symptoms as soon as possible.


But stop for a moment and consider what symptoms really are: the body's way of sending a signal that something is wrong. When you sprain your wrist, it hurts to move it. The symptom is pain. What your body is trying to tell you is: "I've been damaged. Don't move your wrist until I can rebuild enough new tissue to replace the damaged tissue."

Another common symptom is fatigue. Have you ever noticed that when you're ill, you feel tired and don't want to do much of anything? The body's message is: "Rest, so I can use all my energy to heal."

Symptoms, then, could be viewed as instructions about what we should do in order to help our body function best. They're very much like other messages our body gives us: a feeling of hunger to tell us to eat, drowsiness to tell us to rest, thirst to tell us to replenish our body's fluid.

If we listen, our bodies will usually give us the instructions we need. Too often, though, we don't listen or heed those messages.


Instead of realizing that symptoms are the body's way of sending messages, we often think of them as the enemy and go to great lengths to get rid of them or cover them. It seems like every other commercial on television is telling us to do so.

But with drugs and medicine, that's ALL we're doing; covering them up. With pills and the like, we aren't getting to the root of the problem or correcting the cause of the problem (only the body's own healing powers can do that). What we're doing is silencing the body's messages and hindering its ability to heal itself.

Within the body exists a delicate chemical balance which is carefully maintained. By introducing medicines, drugs, or other foreign agents into the body, we change this specific chemical equilibrium. The body must then take action to regain its proper chemical balance (this action is often referred to by medical doctors as "effects of the drug"). Sometimes, undesirable compensation by the body occurs--known as "side effects" or "adverse reactions." These are actually just effects of the drug. Keep in mind that every drug known to mankind has some harmful side effects.

To compound the difficulty, every person's body is unique. A specific chemical, in a certain amount, might have one effect on one person. On another person that same chemical--in precisely the same amount--could have a totally different effect. There is no way to know with certainty how particular chemicals will react in a person's body.

So, in an effort to cover up the symptoms--to silence the warning signals and instructions the body is sending--the medicines and drugs we take can actually impede the healing process.

The truth is, your body doesn't always NEED any outside chemical intervention. When it is functioning properly, it produces all the chemicals it needs, in a quantity and quality especially suited to your body.

One of the things your body does need under all circumstances is regular chiropractic care to ensure that there is no interference to normal nerve flow. When all interferences are removed, the body is better able to function normally.


An objective straight chiropractor does not look for symptoms. Since I know that symptoms are not the cause of illness, but a result of those illnesses, I don't try to treat or cover up the symptoms. Instead, I work to remove any interference to the body's natural ability to heal itself.

In essence, I just remove pressure on spinal nerves which cause parts of the body to be deprived of their full life force from the brain. These parts cannot function at their optimum level when the nerve supply from the brain is incomplete or inaccurate.

Oddly, such a situation may--or may not--result in symptoms. Nerve interference might cause a lack of proper functioning in the heart, for example, without ever broadcasting recognizable symptoms. Then, suddenly, the heart stops functioning completely--seemingly without warning.

Or, sometimes the symptoms are not noticeable until the late stages of a disease or condition. By then, permanent damage has often occurred and it is too late for the body to be able to heal itself completely.


That's why as an objective straight chiropractor I don't diagnose symptoms or diseases. I understand that nerve interference might exist without outward symptoms. When symptoms do exist, they usually signal us that something is wrong, but cannot always indicate what is wrong.

By making chiropractic check-ups a part of your regular health care you can help ensure that your body is working at its best.

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