Happy Holidays Chiropractic Family,

As the year comes to an end, I would like to thank each of you for trusting me with the care of your spines.

I am sure you, as I do, occasionally take Chiropractic for granted. You lie on the table, get adjusted and go about your day - no big deal.

But it is a BIG DEAL! Your spine protects your nervous system.

Your nervous system controls every function your body performs.

By the grace of God, all of those functions allow you to continue to live.

By trusting me with your spines, you trust me with your lives - if nothing else, the improvement of them.

So thank you for your trust.


What's The Difference?


Let's go back to elementary school science class for a minute and see if you know the answer to this question.

What is the most important difference between vertebrate and invertebrate animals?

One of these groups of animals has something the other doesn't. Do you know what it is?

Did you answer that one has a spine and one doesn't? If you did, you are wrong! While it is true that vertebrates have a spine and invertebrates don't, this is not the most important difference between the two groups.

To understand what the real answer is, we must first look at what the main function of your spinal column is. Most people think it is to support the body, and while this role is an important one, it is not the most important job of your spine.


The primary function of your spinal column is actually to protect your spinal cord, just like the main job of your skull is to protect your brain. If we did not have these structures, the master control system of our bodies would be vulnerable to all sorts of injuries.


Now that you know the main function of your vertebral column, can you figure out what the most important difference between vertebrates and invertebrates is? That's right! Vertebrate animals all have a brain and spinal cord called a "central nervous system." Invertebrates have only rudimentary nervous systems (no brain and spinal cord) and therefore do not require the protection that a spinal column provides.


You may never have known about this most important function of your spine before. But, now that you do, it is easy to understand why I recommend that everyone get checked by a chiropractor. Knowing that our nerve system is the "master control" systems, it is vital that there be no interference in this critical communication system between the brain and the body.


I know that the common view of chiropractors is that we are "bone doctors" or "back doctors," but now that you know the most important function of your spinal column, you know that we are really nerve doctors! The spine is just our window to your nerve system.


And, you also know that by keeping your nerve system free of interference, it is possible to reverse the subluxation process and adapt more easily to all of the physical, chemical and mental stresses we encounter each day.


Once we are adapting to these stresses effectively, the healing and growth processes can also resume normally, and we can continue on our journeys toward manifesting outrageous health, happiness and the full expression of Life!


Where Does It Start?


"Daddy, will you play with me?" This was the last thing the man wanted to hear from his son. He had just come home from a very long day at work. He was tired, hungry and all he wanted to do before dinner was sit down, read the newspaper and relax. "Daddy PLEEEEEASE?"

Suddenly the man had an idea. He took a full page from the newspaper that had a picture of the earth on it and tore it up into several small pieces. Next, he went to a drawer and got a scotch tape dispenser. He gave the pieces of paper and the tape to his son and said, "Here is a jigsaw puzzle of the earth, Buddy. Take it to your room and put it together. As soon as you bring it back to me, I'll play with you, OK?"

His son excitedly ran off to his room to put the puzzle together and the man sat back in his chair to read his paper, very proud of the fact that he had outsmarted his son and bought himself some time.

To the man's surprise, his son returned a very short time later with the whole puzzle perfectly put together. "How in the world did you put that puzzle together so quickly?" he asked incredulously. "It would have taken me more than twice as long to do it myself!"

His son answered him, "Well, Daddy, the picture of the earth you gave me was too hard for me to figure out. But I noticed that a picture of a man's hand was on the back of one of the pieces. Then I looked at another one and I saw his foot. It was easier for me to put one man together than the whole world, so I just did that. Then I noticed that as the man came together, the earth did too!"

This story perfectly illustrates the part each of us plays in B.J. Palmer's poem "The Big Idea." If we focus on our community one person at a time, without distractions, without interruptions and with total purpose and intent, we can help people discover chiropractic. When they receive care they can better express their innate intelligence and begin to progressively express their potential in life. When we multiply this concept, we slowly change the whole planet.

But, while it is important to visualize the world how we want it to be, we must not become so distracted by the big picture that we forget our own individual roles. Each of us must begin our work by showing every individual the miracle he or she has inside, and then help him or her express it through our examples.

But it really doesn't even begin with others. It all begins with each of us. We must first make sure we are practicing what we preach. We must all get checked and adjusted as often as we need to be checked and adjusted. We must all see the miracle we have inside of ourselves and progressively express it in our own lives.

A Course In Miracles says, "It is not so important to find a place for yourself in the world as it is to find a place for the world in yourself." See the Divine Perfection in everyone and everything - starting with yourself. Courageously take the truth into your community and share your chiropractic story. See in everyone more than he or she is currently demonstrating to you.

Know that every adjustment you and they will receive is given with love and intention. Then realize that just like in the story above, as a person comes together, so does the world.

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