Living Your Life Out Loud

In our culture today, the popular idea about how your body works is disappointing, to say the least:

"The quality of your life is largely determined by a series of factors that are beyond your control and outside your sphere of responsibility. You are meant to get sick and break down. You will eventually need a doctor to "fix" you when your symptoms become uncomfortable and start interfering with the things you enjoy in life. Masking and numbing the symptoms, after they appear, allows you to get by in life with minimum discomfort, as your body gets older and continues to break down. "

To a rational person, this idea is missing a great deal of logic and common sense. Yet, advertisements and television commercials are bombarding you with this very message. Don't believe me? Take a look around and judge for yourself

Thankfully, not everybody thinks way.

In actual fact, the natural design of your body is magnificent.

When working properly, your body has an amazing ability to heal itself and maintain itself in perfect function and harmony throughout its lifetime. Your body will make every chemical you will ever need... chemicals for digestion, emotional balance, sleeping, waking up, detoxification, painkillers, antibiotics, antihistamines... as long as your body if functioning properly.

Your life should be rather like a candle... that burns brightly from beginning, all the way down to the very end, then flickers once or twice and goes out. And if you're not experiencing that kind of life, it's not bad luck!

You haven't yet discovered how millions of people live vibrant and fulfilling lives. They "live out loud," as surely as darkness fades in the presence of light. Hey... you know people like this!


It comes down to one simple idea... something that Chiropractors are very concerned about.

Most people know that Chiropractors have a special interest in the spine. The popular idea about Chiropractic has to do with treating aches and pains... when your back or neck gets "out of whack," you can go to a Chiropractor to get it "cracked," and it will feel much better.

But if you use Chiropractic just for aches and pains, you're getting only 2% of the full benefit of Chiropractic, and you're missing out on the other 98%. So what does your spine have to do with all the functions and potentials of your body?

Well, as it turns out... a lot.

Your spine is made of 24 bones that cover and protect your spinal cord... the precious lifeline of your body. Your spinal cord and nerve system have the job of carrying information (electrical signals) clearly and accurately between your brain and the rest of your body. It is through this vast communication network that your inborn intelligence controls and coordinates the countless billions of chemical reactions and body functions that, collectively, we call "LIFE."

A "vertebral subluxation" (sub-luck-SAY-shun) is a tiny misalignment and loss of normal movement in your spine. Although a subluxation itself is very subtle, and doesn't cause pain or symptoms, it causes nerve system interference by disturbing the vital communication between your brain and body. Since you can't feel the messages that travel over your nerve system, disruption of those nerve messages from tiny subluxations may go unnoticed for years.

As a consequence, most people go through life with faulty body function. Even though they may "feel OK," their potential for life is quietly being choked off.

Most people know that Chiropractic is something good; they hear good things from their friends, families, and coworkers who have experienced the great results of Chiropractic for themselves. Whenever I tell people I'm a Chiropractor, their face usually lights up. We talk for a minute or two, then they take my business card and say...
"I'll give you a call. I definitely need to come in and see you."

Unfortunately, many people don't act on that statement for weeks, months, sometimes even years. And they, like you, are the lucky ones.... they actually heard the truth and common sense about Chiropractic. Remember that most people still think Chiropractors are just "backache doctors!"

Chiropractic, used intelligently, is not about backaches. IT'S ABOUT YOUR LIFE! No matter how healthy your diet is, you can't get all the necessary nutrients from your food if your nerve system isn't sending the right information. No matter how much you exercise at the gym, or run, or swim, you will never achieve optimal strength, flexibility, or speed if you leave your spine subluxated. No matter how much you rest, you cannot fully recuperate, recharge, or relax if your delicate nerve system is being irritated by painless subluxations in your spine.

If you understand the beauty of living without subluxations choking your nerve system, and understand the consequences of leaving your subluxations uncorrected to cause damage, disharmony and malfunction, then there is only one thing left to say...


Please don't wait for symptoms.


How Much Money Are You Wasting?


I had a practice member come in that I hadn't seen since he had moved out of the state a while ago. He looked just the same as I had remembered him - happy, healthy and exuding the glow that someone who loves life does. I told him how great it was to see him and asked what he had been doing to stay so happy and healthy.

He told me he had continued with the healthy lifestyle habits he had started while he was a member of my practice, including getting checked by his chiropractor at least once per week.

I told him how I admired his discipline and dedication to constantly improving his health. That's when he said something to me that I will never forget. What he said was, "You know Doc, I have often stopped to marvel at how much money people are wasting on health club dues, organic foods, bottled water and everything else they do to be healthy."

I was a little confused by his statement since I knew he did all of these things himself, so I asked him what he meant. Now he was the one who looked confused. He replied, "I'm talking about people who do all of those things but don't go to their chiropractor every week - or those who don't see one at all."

Now I understood what he meant. He was saying that without a properly functioning nerve system, all the good lifestyle habits were limited in their ability to affect the change people were hoping for. This is absolutely vital to understand. What good is eating impeccably if nerve interference prevents you from digesting, assimilating, and eliminating foods properly?

If someone has a subluxation that affects the nerves to his heart, is it advantageous for him to undertake a running program that jars his body and furthers the irritation?

Does someone who is suffering from exhaustion benefit from extra time trying to sleep if his body is so completely out of balance that deep sleep is not possible?

Many people fail to recognize just how important a properly functioning nerve system is to reaching their health and life goals. But it is impossible to even have normal thought processes in the presence of nerve interference.

I have had people say to me in the past, "You really want me to come in to get checked every week for the rest of my life?" My answer has been, "No, only as long as you want to continue to work toward fully expressing your purpose and potential in life." You may have gone a week without needing an adjustment, and if you are fine - we'll celebrate! But you can't know if you are at your best unless you get checked!

Many of these people are just fine with the idea of taking an aspirin or some other medication every day for the rest of their lives. But those things at best only prevent you from getting worse and may do nothing more than cover up symptoms. They can do nothing to actually improve the long-term situation. I find it curious that people will spend time and money trying to "not die," but they have a very hard time investing in something that will actually help them to live fully.

We in chiropractic see the body as a vehicle. We also believe that we were all put here for a reason. Our bodies are what we have been given through which we can express our true selves and manifest our purpose and potential in life. It is each of our responsibility to keep our bodies as whole and healthy as possible by living a healthy lifestyle. But, if your brain and body can't communicate fully, all of those healthy lifestyle habits may be futile.

So, how much money have you been wasting?


Asking me to overlook when you miss getting checked, forget bringing the rest of your family, or not taking the time and chance to share the importance of living subluxation-free with your loved ones, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and any other spine-owners you meet, would be asking me to compromise my entire attitude toward the value of your life.

Anything Can Cause Anything

Some years back a well-known doctor wrote a book with the above title. While his title would lead you to conclude that there is no specific cause of something, a conclusion that most people would reject, there is some truth that we often overlook.

When it comes to the human body and its proper and improper function, the good doctor was not far off track. He would have been more correct to say "Everything Can Cause Anything" or "Everything Contributes to Anything." That may very well be the key.

We do not have single causes to something like disease, we have many factors. The latest so-called cause among members of the health care community is heredity. Yet many times members of the same family, even identical twins, do not "get" the disease that is supposed to be hereditary. There is no doubt that heredity is a factor but it is not the cause.

Stress is another so-called cause. Yet two people can work at the same "stressful" job and one ends up with ulcers and the other doesn't. Or one has a heart attack the other does not. Is stress bad? Usually. Is it the cause of heart attacks? Not specifically. At best it is a factor.

No one would say that smoking is not harmful. Yet, there are heavy smokers who do not get lung cancer and there are those who never smoked a single cigarette that die from the disease.

Bacteria and viruses are probably most commonly thought to be the cause of disease. Yet even in epidemics, the vast majority of a population does not manifest the disease. We say they had a "higher resistance." So, it is either a high or low resistance that is the cause and not the germ. Or is resistance just another factor?

What about the causes of resistance: diet, exercise, and/or rest? It all tends to be very confusing, especially when you are trying to prevent the cause of disease. "Don't do this." "Don't eat that!" Butter consumption supposedly increases cholesterol and cholesterol is "supposed" to cause heart disease. Margarine causes cancer. Choose your disease on your morning toast!

Perhaps we need a major change in our attitude. Perhaps we need to focus on what causes health, what causes proper body function, what causes increased performance on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

It's really rather simple: eating right, getting regular exercise, maintaining a nerve system free of interference (regular visits to your chiropractor) and having a positive mental attitude. In fact, it is so simple that most people in the health care/scientific community would rather look elsewhere for something they can do.

You see, the "causes" of health are the responsibility of each individual person. And frankly, a health care provider cannot appear important turning the responsibility of health back over to the person. So science muddles along trying to find a new cause, one that they can treat.

Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to be all you can be in life? Then you must take the responsibility. Someone can grow good wholesome food but you must eat it everyday. Someone can build a health club or gym but you must be disciplined to work out. Your chiropractor can provide you with the opportunity to have your spine checked regularly and adjusted when necessary but you must bring your spine into the office on a regular basis. Take control of your life instead of waiting for "Something to Cause Something."

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