JUNE 2004

For Women - Thoughts on Living Your Best

Let's face it... a woman's body has unique functions, cycles, and sensitivities that men do not experience.

Women's "health care" today is a glaring example of a failed paradigm.

The prevalence and frequency of hysterectomy and mastectomy clearly shows the failure of traditional approaches in understanding and supporting the unique physiology of the female body.

Cancer and other chronic diseases in women are at higher proportions than they have ever been in the history of humankind.

With our current knowledge and technology, you would think that we would be healthier today than we were in the past. But we're not.


The answer has to do with chemistry.

function of life occurs as a complex blend of chemical reactions. From moment to moment, your body's "inner wisdom" coordinates your breathing, digestion, healing, growth, and adaptation to stresses through harmonious chemical interactions.

All these chemical functions take place with such precision and coordination that we spend our lives practically oblivious to this incredible symphony occurring within.

Like a conductor who directs an orchestra to a flawless performance, so too must your body's inner intelligence conduct the chemical symphony inside you that is life itself.

For example... a single enzyme in a liver cell may be influenced by as many as 14 different regulatory processes occurring simultaneously. Multiply that by thousands of interconnecting chemical reactions, operating in trillions of other cells at the same time, and you have an incredibly complex system.1

Consequently, every form of sickness and disease results from an abnormal change in your body's own natural chemistry... other words, a chemical imbalance.

Chemical imbalance in women causes many problems... including PMS, emotional distress, digestive upset, water retention, complexion problems, and many other uncomfortable conditions.

Since the damage of chemical imbalance is cumulative, it can easily lead to more serious problems such as osteoporosis, fertility problems, heart disease, even cancer.

Chemical imbalance is the underlying cause of every sickness and disease known to medical science.

Diabetes is a condition wherein your body does not produce enough insulin to deliver the sugar in your blood into your body cells for fuel. A major cause of breast cancer is a chronic oversecretion of female hormones, particularly estrogen. "Parkinson's disease" is the label given to people when their bodies don't produce enough dopamine... a chemical in the brain that contributes to muscular coordination. Interestingly, if other people make too much dopamine, they are given another label... they have a condition called "schizophrenia!"

So what does Chiropractic have to do with women's health and body chemistry?

Well, as it turns out... a lot.

Countless chemical reactions that occur together in perfect harmony allow you to be "you." Without the guidance of a master control system, there would be a loss of coordination among your body's complex systems, and in time, a diminishing of your adaptive capacity.

As you undoubtedly know, you already have a master control system in your body, and it is the most magnificent arrangement of biological matter yet discovered by science...

...The Nerve System.

Spinal subluxations are subtle misalignments that put pressure and irritation on the delicate nerves that are running through your spine. Chiropractic adjustments open the nerve channels in your spine and allow precious life energy to flow freely between brain and body.

A clear nerve system allows your brain to communicate freely with every tissue cell in your body, so that your trillions of body cells make the right chemicals at the right time.

Chiropractic goes way beyond just the symptoms and sickness that chemical imbalance causes.

Body chemistry determines your ability to digest, your ability to get a good night's sleep, your ability to heal, your energy, stamina, moods, coordination, even your ability to laugh.

In summary, Chiropractic is a philosophy of life and health that works with natural laws. Your Chiropractor's every action is guided first and foremost by respect for your body's inborn wisdom.2

The Chiropractic objective is based on the vital premise that good health and optimal human performance starts with a fully functioning control system.

Spinal subluxations, although painless and unnoticeable, interfere with precious life messages between brain and body.

Hence, subluxations prevent you from being your best.

It really is that simple.

A recent survey of over 2800 long-term Chiropractic patients discovered something interesting.3 People who received regular Chiropractic adjustments reported ongoing improvement in health, well-being, and quality of life. These people were not receiving Chiropractic because they were sick or had aches and pains, but because they wanted to live their best life. The longer they received Chiropractic care, the higher their level of health.


The results of this study beg the question: What limits are there to optimizing our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being when the negative effects of spinal subluxations are eliminated?


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Clearer Thinking, Concentration, & Memory

Science has only very recently begun to realize the relationship between the organs and the other parts of the body.

In a push towards specialization in health fields during the second half of the 20th century, the interrelationship and interdependence of the body's parts was all but lost.

Now the tide is turning and people are realizing how important it is to address every aspect of the body in order to experience true health, maximum potential, and overall well being including the ability to think clearly, concentrate and remember things.

Some educators have realized that for students to do well in their studies, especially in the lower grades, it is important that they get a good breakfast, one that has protein rather than one that is full of worthless carbohydrates from sugar.

Of course, others think the answer to our grade school students on a sugar high is to prescribe some drug for them.

The corporate world has begun to realize that by providing exercise for its executives, they be healthier and have less absenteeism as well as be mentally sharper and more productive when they are working.

We have all experienced the drowsiness and mental dullness that follows a big Thanksgiving Day meal, when our digestive systems make significant changes in our body chemistry.

Alcohol not only affects your mental abilities when it is in your bloodstream but in sufficient amounts will affect your mental activity even the next day (we call it a hangover).

Get a bad night's sleep and your mental sharpness will likely drop a noticeable level the next day.

All of the above examples of things that can affect our ability to think clearly are quite obvious and easy for us to understand. What is more, if these examples are true in the perceptible realm, then they are also true in the imperceptible realm. Meaning that any change in body chemistry whether it is due to over-the-counter medication, alcohol, or even poor eating habits is going to adversely affect your mental acuity, your memory, your reasoning ability, your reaction times, and your ability to focus and concentrate.

Perhaps the decrease is not noticeable to you but it may be to your boss or to those around you.

When we are "coming down" with the flu or a cold, we realize that our mental productivity is down. However, more often it is not noticeable or at best we realize that we are just not "up to par" that day.

The reasons for this may be numerous. One of these reasons is invariably vertebral subluxation. When your spine is subluxated your nerve system is not able to work at its full potential. Your nerve system is interrelated to every other system in your body. Every system is dependent upon a full complement of mental impulses in order to work properly. You cannot be fully energized without a good nerve supply. You cannot digest your food properly without a good nerve supply. Your body chemistry is less than it should be and your mental ability is decreased.

You probably do not even notice it or if you do, you usually relate it to "having an off day." Well no day should be an off day. Our bodies were created and meant to work properly all the time.

If you want the most out of life then you want your mental faculties to be working their best, all the time or at least as much of the time as possible. That can only happen if you are seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis so that subluxations can be corrected before the cumulative affects of them rob you of your mental alertness.

Sure you are going to have off days because of wrong choices you make like staying up too late, lowering your body's resistance, or not eating well, but that is all the more reason to make sure that your mental alertness on the job, in the car, and in relating to people is not impaired by vertebral subluxation.

4 Ways to Feel Better

Many people initially visit a chiropractic office for the purpose of feeling better. Often they are unaware that relief of symptoms is not the chiropractic objective.

There are a number of ways to feel better. Some are natural, some artificial.

1. Reducing the irritating or invasive forces.
If ragweed pollen is irritating to you, get into a pollen-free environment. If a thorn is stuck in your hand, remove the thorn. If germs are in your body, kill the germ with an antibiotic. If a gallbladder is causing pain, remove the gall bladder.

Removing the irritant is sometimes a very effective method of making the individual feel better. However, there are a few problems with this approach.

Sometimes the method of reducing the irritating or invasive force does more harm than good. People die from surgery, drugs cause harmful reactions. Let's even get into the creation of resistant strains of bacteria. Despite what some may think, all organs are vital and serve a purpose, otherwise we wouldn't have them. While you can live without a few, your overall ability to adapt is lessened when they are removed.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the irritant. If you make your living as a gardener, it may be difficult to avoid pollen. How do you avoid all the environmental factors?

The major problem with this approach is that someone is making the decision for the body that should really be left to the body's innate intelligence. The body, if working properly, can deal with the irritant most of the time.

2. Blocking sensory nerves.
There are numerous ways to deaden pain and relieve other symptoms. Most involve not allowing the pain message to reach the brain. Drugs, surgery, and other therapies are the most common.

They are usually effective, but usually for a short time. Pain has a purpose. If nothing else it will prevent you from doing what caused it or keep you from doing other things that may make the problem worse.

Usually the symptom will return after the effects of the sensory nerve blocking procedure have worn off. These procedures also have the potential for harmful side effects.

3. Impairing adaptation.
This method of making an individual feel better is never good.

To understand it, you must first realize that symptoms are not always bad. For example, a fever may be the body's means of fighting off germs. Diarrhea and vomiting may be the body's way of ridding itself of unwanted substances. These symptoms may not be pleasant, but they are the means by which the body adapts.

Any procedure that reduces the body's ability to adapt, may make the individual feel better in the short run, but it is impairing the adaptation and the resultant restoration of health leaving you worse off in the long run.

4. Improving adaptation.
This method is the most natural way and seems to make the most sense, at least to me.

The body expresses an inborn mechanism referred to as the innate intelligence, which uses the nerve system to help the body adapt to the environment. If the body is adapting properly, it can better exist in a pollen-filled environment. If it is adapting efficiently it is more resistant to germs. If the body's adaptation mechanism is working at its maximum potential, the body can better heal itself when injured or sick.

This means of feeling better is also the most common. A good nights sleep is the most natural way in which the body improves adaptation. When we eat wholesome food, the innate intelligence turns it into energy which improves adaptation, making us healthier. Making sure your spine is free from subluxations allowing your nerve system to function at its best dramatically improves your ability to adapt.

Improving adaptation is synonymous with becoming healthier. Oh yeah, and all the side effects of improving adaptability are good. A healthier person almost always feels better.


The Montessori Method Of Chiropractic

The Montessori method of teaching is different from traditional teaching methods in many ways. Personally, I believe the greatest uniqueness of this method is that it teaches our children how to think, rather than teaching them what to think.

Maria Montessori was revolutionary in her approach to helping children learn and evolve. But it was her basic philosophy that allowed her to develop the system she did. Her strongly held belief was that each child is a miracle waiting to unfold and be expressed. She also believed that children need nothing from the outside other than a strong and compassionate guide that can "get them started" and then "get out of the way."

In fact, one of my favorite quotes from Maria Montessori is: "As soon as independence has been reached, the adult who keeps on helping becomes an obstacle."

I believe most doctors [some chiropractors included] make this same mistake and actually become obstacles to the complete healing of their practice members. Let me explain what I mean by giving you some information and then asking you a question.

The T12 spinal nerve roots innervate the large intestine, small intestine, kidneys, adrenal glands, mesentery, bladder, uterus, ovaries, iliocecal valve and lymphatic system, as well as various muscles, discs, ligaments and other skeletal and soft tissue structures. Many muscles also attach to the T12 vertebra including the trapezius, diaphragm, lumbar erector spinae, iliopsoas, abdominals, latissimus dorsi and many more.

The question I have for you is this: When T12 has been adjusted, which of these structures will heal first?

You probably answered, "I don't know!" Or maybe your answer was, "Whichever structure needs to!" If you answered the second way, I have another question for you - Which structure needs it first? Now, you have answered the same as everyone else, "I don't know!" And that is my point - you can't know which structure(s) need to heal first, second, or last!

A medical doctor will usually give drugs to counteract the effects of the obvious symptoms or signs. After giving their adjustment, some chiropractors will continue to try to "help" the person heal by doing massage, intersegmental traction, ultrasound, acupuncture or some other therapy, modality, or procedure.

In both cases, they are attempting to direct the healing energies of the body to where THEY believe they are most needed rather than letting the person's innate intelligence decide where to work.

What if the person's innate intelligence had plans to use the constructive healing energies of the body to heal the kidneys? But now is instead forced to focus on a muscle or joint because of the "extra" things the chiropractor does after the adjustment? Or the body has to deal with processing and detoxifying itself of the drugs given or taken for whatever reason.

Even though this may help relieve a person of some pain or discomfort a little more quickly, has it really helped him or her in the overall scheme of things - or has it hurt?

The truth is this - if allowed to progress naturally, healing will always occur in the order that will bring the most benefit to a person's ENTIRE BEING - and it is impossible for us to know what that order is! But, innate intelligence ALWAYS knows, and if left to work without any interference, it will do just that.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead was known for saying, "Find it, fix it and leave it alone!" He understood this completely but most chiropractors, and patients, seem to have forgotten it. They commit the same mistake an adult makes who continues helping after a child has reached independence - they actually become an obstacle to the continued unfoldment of the individual!

I believe it's time to practice the way Maria Montessori taught - set them free and let them be! Maybe it's time for a new declaration- one that helps us to remember the miracle working power that lives inside of each of us - one that helps us to TRUST that the right thing will happen at the right time for the greatest good of the entire person! I propose the following affirmation: "ADJUST IT AND TRUST IT!"

What would it be like to say this to yourself right before and immediately following each adjustment? How would it feel to remind your self constantly that your goal is simply to have interference removed from your nerve system so that the brain and body can once again communicate fully, and to trust that once you do this, the power that made the body will heal the body in exactly the right way?

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