Straight From The Lion's Mouth

We have all seen the video footage of a mother lion carrying her cub in her mouth. This is necessary when the cub is first born because it is very fragile and incapable of surviving on its own. A mother lion instinctively knows to do this and she also knows when she no longer needs to do it. In other words, she knows when the baby needs to strike out on its own, grow stronger and learn how to not only survive, but thrive. If she continued to carry the baby around, it would never learn how to live on its own, it would become dependent upon its mother and it would eventually die.

There are two more things about mother lions I would like you to know before I get to what this has to do with your health. First, the mother lion never doubts that she already has all the information she needs inside of her to raise her baby, and that her baby has all it needs too. And, because of this certainty, she takes the responsibility for protecting and raising her child herself. A mother lion NEVER allows another lion to pick up her baby and take over the duty of protecting it.

Why am I telling you about lions and what do they have to do with your health? Well, the other day, I saw an ad for a "Family Medical Center", and in their ad was a picture of a mother lion carrying her cub in her mouth. At first, it struck me as really odd that they would use this symbol for their practice. But then I thought about it some more and I realized that this is actually the perfect image for every medical facility! You see, medicine has the belief that our bodies are defective, weak and prone to breaking down. It's as though we have been given inadequate vehicles with which to express our purpose and potential in life. As such, we need someone to "watch over us."

From the time your mother found out she was pregnant, she started hearing how she would have a hard time handling the pregnancy and birthing processes. In fact, we even call the birthing process "delivery," as if we need someone to help bring the baby to us. Then she was likely offered all kinds of chemicals during the time when she was most vulnerable (which also got into the baby - YOU - through a shared blood stream). Once you were born, you and your parents were told that we all need a multitude of shots because our immune systems are too weak to handle the environment. You were told that the breast milk your mother made for you was deficient in nutrients and that synthetic formulas were much better. We have all been through this scenario. Here are some more examples of what we were told as we grew up.


If our bodies make some kind of adjustment in temperature to help us stay healthy and continue growing, we are told it is a "mistake" and that we need to take more chemicals to "control" it and make sure we maintain "the norm", which is actually the average. No one ever tells us there is a difference between "normal" and "average." If we show a little too much energy and imagination in school, we are told that we are not normal and that we need to take some kind of chemical to make us more like everyone else. This pattern repeats all through our lives until every time we slip away ever so slightly from "the norm" we run back to the lion's mouth! We either run to the lion's mouth in the form of our doctor and ask him or her what we should do, or we run to the lion's mouth in the form of a medicine we have been told will get us back to "the norm."

Remember that a mother lion only carries her baby around for a short time, and that she never delegates this job to anyone else. The medical paradigm has brainwashed our parents and us slowly over time into believing that our bodies are too feeble and pathetic to get us through life and that we need the "medical lion" to carry us around, lest we die.


The truth is that we are given everything we need to live, grow and fully express our purpose and potential in life! We all express an innate intelligence, defined as the principle of organization in all living organisms that results in the ability and striving of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment. This intelligence animates, coordinates, adapts, heals and grows us from a single cell into the crowning glory that is our birthright. As long as there is no interference in our nerve systems, this intelligence can flow freely throughout our bodies and perform its duties.


The chiropractic adjustment restores the communication between the brain and the body that is compromised by the subluxation and gives us back to ourselves. It allows us to live and express the way we were intended. But more important than the chiropractic adjustment is the whole idea behind chiropractic. We know that you are not weak, defective and prone to illness. On the contrary! You are a perfect manifestation of the universal intelligence that animates everything! Remember the saying -- nature needs no help, it just needs no interference.


Remember what happens to the lion cub whose mother never puts him down. Remember what happens to those people who never find out the truth about the miracle they really are. They all end up missing the same thing... LIFE!

I Did Everything I Could!

A few days ago a practice member of mine came in really upset because she had caught a cold from her husband. She explained to me that she was actually only slightly upset that she had the cold. What she was bothered by more was the fact she had caught it in spite of everything she had done to avoid catching it. She said that she had made sure that the airflow in the house was good. She had taken some extra vitamin C and she drank even more water than she usually did each day. She had even avoided all but the most distant contact with him - even to the point of sleeping on the couch for almost two weeks.

She ended her explanation by telling me in a very frustrated tone, "I did everything I could to NOT CATCH THAT COLD!"


My response was very short, "Well, maybe you should have done everything you could to stay well!" Now, I have a great fondness for this practice member. She generally lives a very healthy lifestyle. She and her family come in every week to get checked and I have some great discussions about health with her as she was in the healthcare field at one point in her life and she is very bright. Having said that, on this particular day, the look on her face expressed total confusion at what I had just said to her. She said to me, "I just got through telling you everything I did to stay well! Weren't you listening?"


I replied, "No, you just told me everything you did to NOT GET SICK." This did not change the confused look on her face. In fact, I think it got worse. She looked at me with total bewilderment and asked, "What's the difference?!"


Many of you reading this may actually be asking yourselves the same question, so let me explain what I mean.


Quantum physics and quantum thought have shown us that thoughts are very real energies that attract to the thinker whatever the thought is, especially if there is a high degree of emotion attached to the thought. In other words, you always get whatever you think about with emotion.


The interesting thing is that it doesn't matter whether you are thinking about experiencing or avoiding something. The simple fact that you focus on something with emotion causes it to show up. Sir Winston Churchill illustrated well the fact that you can create what you don't want with his famous statement, "Our greatest fear has come to pass!"


You see, the truth is very simple - YOU CAN'T ESCAPE SOMETHING YOU ARE GIVING YOUR ATTENTION TO! The simple fact that you are giving any energy at all to what you don't want actually CAUSES it to show up! Here's the funny thing - fixing the situation may not require you to actually DO anything differently! You just may need to shift your focus onto getting what you want instead of dwelling on avoiding what you don't want.


For example, the woman in this story could still sleep on the sofa, but not to avoid air that is filled with a virus! She should do so to breathe the cleanest air possible (this assumes that we actually believe the germ theory in its totality, but that's an entirely different subject!).

The point here is, how much energy (with your thought and emotions) do you give each day to avoiding what you DON'T want, and how much do you devote to creating what you DO want?


Do you even know what it is you really want?


If I were to ask you what you want most, would you give me a list of things you don't want? I suggest writing down everything you want in a relationship, job, home, income, health - EVERYTHING! And then make sure you spend time several times each day reading it and feeling an intense gratitude in advance for what is on its way to you.


Remember, it's whatever you think about with the greatest emotion that is most likely to show up in your life!


Try this for 30 days and see what happens! I'll bet you'll find that the statement I made above is true - YOU CAN'T ESCAPE SOMETHING YOU ARE GIVING YOUR ATTENTION TO!


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Making Toast

I was flipping channels one night and landed on a program that happened to be showing a boy trying to make himself some toast. He was getting frustrated because every time he would push the toaster lever down, the bread would pop right back up without cooking at all. He turned around and called to his father, "Daddy, something's wrong with this toaster!" He groaned, pushing the lever down forcefully with and accentuating each of his last three words, "It WON'T...GO...DOWN!"

His father asked him if he had done everything right, to which he replied, "Yes! I put the bread in the slot, I set the brownness knob and I pushed down the lever, but it WON'T WORK!"

The father walked over to the toaster and examined it. The problem was obvious. The toaster wasn't plugged in, and that particular toaster won't allow the lever to stay down unless it is plugged in.

"It can't work unless it's plugged in, Bud," he explained. He plugged it in for him. "There you go, try it now." He pushed it down and it worked perfectly - just like it was designed to.

This story reminds me of our bodies. Our bodies are designed to function perfectly in every way - AS LONG AS THEY ARE PLUGGED INTO THEIR SOURCE OF LIFE.

Your innate intelligence is present in every one of your cells. Innate intelligence is defined as the principle of organization in all living organisms that results in the ability and striving of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment. Its best tool in the body is the nervous system. Your nervous system's job is to connect all of the cells, tissues, organs and body systems so that your innate intelligence can use your brain to coordinate and control them. This way, all of these structures can work together for their own mutual benefit; and of course, for yours.

A subluxation interferes with the ability of the brain and body to communicate effectively and affects function of the body negatively. This dysfunction then leads to a downward spiral in your health and vitality.

Once they realize they are spiraling downward, many people try anything they can to reverse the trend and begin cycling upward again.

But, just as the boy did everything right and still didn't get toast because the toaster was not plugged in, they can do everything right and still not be successful if they are not "plugged in" - free of any interference in the nerve system so that innate intelligence can be expresses more fully.

The specific chiropractic adjustment "plugs you back in" and gradually allows you better adapt to current stresses, heal, and then continue to grow into the full expression of your purpose and potential in life.

You wouldn't ask your toaster to make toast without being plugged in. Why ask your body to progressively express greater levels of health and LIFE if YOU are not continually plugged in?


The Final Number

"Let me tell you Doc, "Joe started, "I've tried everything to get rid of my illness. I've gone to every kind of mainstream and alternative physician, I've tried every herbal and homeopathic remedy I could find, I've tried a massage therapist, a hypnotist, an acupuncturist, I've put magnets on my wrists and in my shoes and I've even consulted a psychic.


None of that helped me much, so I figured that maybe I needed to change some things in my lifestyle that may have been contributing to my problems. So, I read every book I could find on creating a healthy lifestyle, I attended every seminar, bought every supplement, quit smoking and drinking alcohol and coffee, joined a health club and started exercising five days per week, changed my diet, increased my water intake, got a new mattress, started going to bed and waking up earlier and I even took a yoga class, took up a new hobby and started going to church again.


So why am I still locked into this sickness, Doc? Where do I go now? I feel like I'm at the end of my rope and I don't have the energy to start all over again with a whole new approach!" This was what Joe said to me on his initial visit to my office.


This is not the first time I have encountered this scenario - not by a long shot. However, very few people make such an effort to make such changes in their lives. I made sure he knew that and commended him for it.


But starting over with a whole new approach may not be what's necessary for Joe or for anyone else in his situation. Joe said he was "locked into" his sickness, and that made me think of a combination lock.

When opening that particular kind of lock, you may get every number entered into the combination correctly, but it isn't until you get the final number entered that everything opens up for you. This is not to say that this last number is any more or less important than any of the other numbers, for without any one of them, the lock will not open. It's just that without each and every number being entered, you will not be successful.


I see chiropractic as that "final number." You see, chiropractic is about removing interference in the nervous system so that innate intelligence can be more fully expressed. This allows the body to better perform all of the functions it was meant to - including healing you. The innate intelligence of the body expresses itself best via your nerve system. If there is any interference in the nerve system (what we call a "subluxation") the proper expression of innate intelligence is inhibited and the result is a downward spiral in your health and vitality.

The specific chiropractic adjustment progressively restores the proper nerve function allowing a fuller expression of innate intelligence and allows your body to begin functioning at its highest level again.

This assumes of course that you supply everything else your body needs to function at that level. This is where the "other numbers in the combination" come in. Your lifestyle must supply your body with what it needs to perform each of its many functions effectively.

This is what I meant earlier when I was referring to the fact that no one number is any more or less important than the others - chiropractic care is a teamwork effort! My job is to locate, analyze, and introduce a force so that your body can make an adjustment so that you nervous system functions better resulting in a better expression of innate intelligence. Your job is to live a health-creating lifestyle so that your resistance to physical, chemical and mental stress is high enough to keep the development of subluxations to a minimum.

You see it may not be that you have to begin all over again with a whole new healthcare program. You just may need to make sure you have every number in the combination to unlock your potential for experiencing the outrageous health, happiness and fuller expression of Life.

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