Trick Or Treat?!


At the end of this month, most of the children of this country will be asking adults a very important question.

We will hear the question over and over and over again, and hopefully we will actually hear it and make a conscious decision to either live our lives in the way they were meant for us to live, or to continue the illusion that many have been living up until now.

How many times will you hear the question asked by the kids? How many times have you heard it in the past and not even realized it was not just a game but an actual query designed to help you decide the best course of action for you and your family so that you might continually move toward the full expression of your purpose and potential in life?

"OK, OK!" you say, "What is the question?" Are you ready? Here it comes. The question children will be asking all of us on Halloween night is ... "TRICK ... OR ... TREAT?!"

I know, I know, most of you probably think I have really lost it. But I decided a long time ago that I would look at every experience I have as an opportunity to learn and grow. That especially includes messages that come my way over and over again.

You see, most of the people in the world are "tricking" themselves every day of their lives. They have been raised to believe that their bodies are defective and weak - that they require outside interventions in the form of vaccines, drugs, medicines, surgeries and other remedies and procedures in order to "prevent" disease and feel good.

They are also tricking themselves into believing that "not being sick" is a really good goal. But which would you rather be - just not sick...or optimally expressing your health and your life?

The truth is that your body expresses an innate intelligence, defined as the principle of organization in all living organisms that results in the ability and striving of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment. This intelligence always knows exactly what to do. As long as mental impulses can move freely over your nerves between your brain and your body, this intelligence can correctly comprehend and respond to most of the physical, chemical, and emotional stresses you encounter each day, within the limitations of the matter of your body.

If you have any interference in your nerve system, what we call a subluxation, your ability to express this inner intelligence and adapt to stress is compromised. The result is a downward spiral in your health and vitality that over time can make you into a real...well... MONSTER!

The chiropractic adjustment restores the flow of intelligent energy throughout your body allowing it to function as best as possible

I have been told that it can be a very scary thing to always live in the dark - to be unaware that you have been tricked into believing something about yourself and your family that is totally false. I've always believed that the best antidote to fear is knowledge.

As you become more aware of this miracle you have inside of you, make sure you give yourself a treat on a weekly basis. Make sure you and your family get checked by your chiropractor to assure that the best part of you isn't hiding behind some mask - concealing the magic that has been placed inside of you.

This Halloween, make sure to listen carefully, and you will hear children speaking to you over, and over, and over again.

Only this year, you can really smile each time someone yells, "TRICK OR TREAT?!" Because you will know, this is the year you and your family choose to make every day a treat.


When it comes to health, the only way to coast is to go downhill. Make sure you choose to be an active participant in your pursuit of optimal health. Make sure you choose to have your spine checked and adjusted on a regular basis.

That's It?


When people begin care in the office, one of the most common questions I get after an adjustment is, "That's it?"

There seems to be some confusion initially about how that small amount of force that was put into your body in the location it was given is going to be enough to bring about the desired result.

There are really three different issues to cover here, so let's look at them one at a time.

Issue 1: Why do you sometimes give me an adjustment where my pain is and other times you work somewhere else?

Think of the last time you were in a traffic jam. You noticed the problem where YOU were, but was this necessarily where the problem was?

If you are the cause of a traffic jam, then it is necessary to work right where you notice the problem. However, what if the cause of the congestion is somewhere else down the road? Even though you notice the problem where you are at the moment, the cause of the problem (which is somewhere else) must be cleared, and then you will notice an improvement where you are as well.

The same thing is true of a subluxation. Sometimes, you notice a problem right where the nerve interference occurs. Other times, you may notice it in a place other than where the subluxation exists (and most of the time you do not notice it at all).

I always give the adjustment in the place that will most effectively empower the innate intelligence of the body to resume NORMAL function in ALL areas of the body.

Issue 2: How can those low force adjustments really make any difference?

Anyone who has ever gone to sleep with a mosquito in the room knows how a tiny thing can change an entire room!

Here are three more examples of how small things can make a big difference. There are two ways to open a locked door. One way is to force your way through it with a battering ram; the other is to find the right key and gently turn it. If you move a kaleidoscope just 1/4 turn, the entire picture changes. Last, if you change just one digit in a telephone number, it will take you to an entirely different place.

You see, the truth is, some lightening bolts come in the form of a whisper. Our techniques allow us to be so incredibly accurate with our adjustments that we rarely have to use more than a minimal force.

Issue 3: Will I get the results I'm looking for?

What is your ultimate goal? Is it to have less of something (i.e., less pain, less spasm, less inflammation, less disease, less restriction, etc.), or is it to have more of something (i.e., more energy, more movement, more joy, more freedom, etc.)?

My goal is to help you consciously express the innate intelligence of the body as completely as possible. But, it is important to understand that progressively expressing your purpose and potential in life is a PROCESS, and all processes take TIME!

Understand that as the adjustment process continues, and as you progressively make health-creating lifestyle changes, innate intelligence progressively heals your body in the way and in the order that will most effectively allow you and your family to unfold into your potential. This is what "wholeness" is all about!

We like to ask the question, "How do you remove the darkness from a room?" The answer, of course, is that you don't! You ADD LIGHT. And, as light comes, darkness leaves. The same is true of everything in life, including your health. We trust that as the expression of your innate intelligence (i.e., light) is progressively increased, pain, illness and unhappiness (i.e., darkness) will progressively leave.

So if you ask me, "Is that it?"

My response will likely be, "That's plenty!"

Cardinals and Quarters


Years ago, while I was still in chiropractic college, a group of my friends and I went out to lunch at a restaurant near our school in Dallas. We were standing outside the restaurant waiting for our table. The restaurant was located on the corner of a rather busy intersection, not too far from a highway.

I was in the middle of a conversation with my friend Steve, a student from Canada, when he suddenly put up his hand and said, "Wait, wait! That's a cardinal I hear!"

I looked at him like he was crazy. "WHAT?! Where?" I asked, incredulous that anyone could hear a bird's call over all the noise.

He looked around for a moment, then pointed across the street and shouted enthusiastically, "There! RIGHT OVER THERE!" Sure enough, sitting on the roof of a nearby building ... was a cardinal.

"How on Earth did you hear that over all this noise?" I wondered aloud to him. "It's simple," he replied, "I love birds!" "So what?!" I said. "Sooooo," he continued, "I listen for them, and you tend to find what you're focusing on."

"That's ridiculous," I replied, "Just because you are focused on something doesn't mean you always find it!" Steve chuckled a little and said, "Oh Yeah? I know what you Americans are focused on." "What's that?" I asked. He replied with just one word, "MONEY!"

I took offense to this and defended myself and my countrymen to him by saying, "That's not true!"

"I'll prove it to you," he said. With that, Steve took a quarter out of his pocket and held it up for me to see. "Watch this," he said, and he flipped the quarter high into the air and let it fall to the sidewalk where it made a faint tinkling sound. "Now, look around," he said.

I looked around, and to my astonishment, the overwhelming majority of people ON ALL FOUR CORNERS was looking toward us. "You see, they all heard that quarter hit the ground," Gary said. "Cool thing, isn't it?"

I couldn't believe my eyes! I had read in many books, heard on lots of tapes and been told at several seminars that I should focus on what I wanted to experience in my life because that would, in fact, be what I would see. But this was the most graphic demonstration of that truth I had ever witnessed.

The main difference between chiropractors practicing straight chiropractic and nearly every other form of healthcare is that chiropractors focus on what's RIGHT with you - and helping you express that outwardly as completely as possible. Most other healthcare disciplines are concerned with identifying, diagnosing, treating, managing and/or eliminating what's WRONG.


Have you ever known someone who got "stuck" on the "treatment merry-go-round?" That is, they got trapped going round and round receiving treatments for one thing after another without ever reaching the state of health and happiness they were looking for? This is a very common problem!

Now, what are you focusing on in YOUR life? Do you tend to see what's wrong or missing? Do you wake up each day and take an inventory of what hurts today?

Many people have difficulty in seeing themselves as ultimately healthy because of how long they've been sick. Just remember that everything is a process! If you can't see yourself as totally fit and vibrantly expressing life, start with something simple, like seeing yourself smiling more and maybe doing one simple thing to improve your health. Then, over time, expand your vision. Just remember this; Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you'll be able to see farther. Be grateful for all you DO have in your life and you will get more ("To him that has shall be given...").

And one last thing -- subluxations (nerve interference) makes the energy use in your body very inefficient. When energy is used at a greater than normal rate, your body goes into survival mode and shuts down all functions that are not necessary for survival - like higher levels of creative thinking.  The chiropractic adjustment progressively allows more normal and efficient energy use and helps you to once again focus on something other than just surviving - like the beauty of a cardinal's song.

The Stone Cutter


Many people are unaware of how stonecutters used to work in the days before the invention of the heavy machinery we now have that breaks huge boulders into smaller pieces.


These men had to rely solely on their own strength to smash huge rocks into smaller pieces that they could then shape into works of art or usable products. I had watched a television program of the process they used and found it interesting.


The stonecutter began by choosing a boulder. Next, he would look for veins in the boulder he needed to be aware of, decide where he wanted the rock to split and make a mark.


Then the real process began. He would hit the mark as hard as he could with his hammer...nothing happened.


He hit it again...nothing happened.


He continued to hit it over and over and over again with no visible change in the rock.


To those observing him, he was making no progress. But what they didn't know is that each time the stonecutter hit the rock, a small crack was making its way from the top of the rock toward the bottom. He continued what seemed like madness to everyone watching, sometimes for days at a time depending on the size of the boulder. happened!


The stonecutter hit the boulder one more time - just like every time before - and WOOSH! The entire boulder split in half!


This is an amazing thing to witness. Every single blow seemed to be insignificant in splitting the stone, but a process was occurring we were unaware of.


I thought of this story because a practice member came in this week and wondered why I found some areas that needed adjusting when she felt fine.


I asked he what she had been doing the past week. She told me she had been feeling so good lately that she decided to do some things around the house she hadn't been able to do and then she proceeded to list a whole bunch of chores. She knew this had been a lot to do, but since she was feeling good she assumed that there would be few to no subluxations for me to adjust.


A subluxation is an insidious process. Most times, it progresses undetected, just like the process the stonecutter used in splitting the boulder. Stresses that are beyond our ability to adapt slowly break us down without us being aware of it.

But there is another process that works in opposition to the subluxation. We call it the adjustment.


As you go through your life with a consistently clear and fully functioning nerve system (and a healthy lifestyle), your internal resistance to stress gradually builds up and you are able to adapt to greater challenges consistently. This too is a slow and unusually undetectable process, since you will feel good most of the time. This means that the outside signs that your health is actually growing are appearing so gradual that you may not be aware of them.


This is a very important concept to get!


Both the subluxation and the adjustment are moving you either in a direction, one towards sickness and one towards health. But neither of these processes may be easily detectable. This is why I recommend regular check ups for everyone in my practice once you have completed the initial phase of care.


Is it possible to go a week or two without needing an adjustment? Maybe. But how do you know if you are? The only way to know is to get checked.


You see each time you develop nerve interference due to a subluxation; it lowers your resistance to everyday stresses and begins a downward spiral in your health and vitality.

Making sure you and your family are unsubluxated is not just to make sure your "rock doesn't split open!" It is to make sure you have the best possible chance of always progressing as consistently as possible in the direction of fully expressing your purpose and potential in life.


Chiropractic care is necessary for every member of the human race for a lifetime,
regardless of the presence or the absence of medical conditions.


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