Newsletters 2005


December 2005 - Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?; What is The Adjustment?; Feeling Overwhelmed?; You Know What Stinks?


November 2005 - Do You Have a Plan B?; Wake up and Smell the Inspiration; Robots


October 2005 - Harmony; The Weight of a Quarter!; Whatever Happened To...?; Improved Performance


Sepember 2005 - The Color Purple; The Nervous System: Our Healing Foundation; The Lazarus Effect; The Missing Piece


August 2005 - As The Twig Is Bent, So Grows The Tree; Garage Logic; What Are YOU Looking; At? From Patient to Practice Member


July 2005 - Are You Blind?; A Historical Perspective; Vertebral Subluxation; The Harry Potter Phenomenon


June 2005 - Stop Digging!; "Life-Stop"; Message On a Bottle; Blood Test, Shmudd Test!


May 2005 - Gandhi Warned Us; How Chiropractic Helps Newborns; The Fountain of Youth; The Triune Of Life


April 2005 - The First Domino; Blueprints for Life; Research Update: Speaking of DNA... ;The Key To Better Performance; Innate Forces


March 2005 - Courage?; Sports and Chiropractic; Universal Forces; USA Today is Right...Sort of


February 2005 - Then Why Do I Feel Better?; Professional Objective - Understanding Chiropractic; Outrageous Medical Costs Responsible for Half of All Bankruptcies: Even Those With Health Insurance Are at Risk; It's Still Just Snow!


January 2005 - The Spine-Brain Connection: A New Twist to the "Brain-Body Connection"; Just Like Mike!; Near-Life Experiences; Allowing Health, Allowing Life

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