Then Why Do I Feel Better?


This is a time of year when many people find themselves challenged with upper respiratory infections. The symptoms associated with the clearing of these infections can last several weeks and can be very challenging. Some people eventually end up going to see their family medical doctor and most end up taking antibiotics even though the doctor never performs a culture to verify if the infection is viral or bacterial.


You may not know it, but the "Physician's Desk Reference" clearly states that antibiotics should not be prescribed unless a culture reveals the presence of a bacterial infection. Just this past week, two different practice members came in and told me they were taking antibiotics without a culture being done.


One of these two people told me that her doctor must have guessed right because he was definitely feeling better since he had started taking the antibiotic. His fever had diminished, his coughing had decreased and his energy had begun to return within 2 days of starting the medicine.


Many people make this mistake of believing that because symptoms begin to disappear when taking a medicine that the medicine is the reason they are feeling better and that they are on their way to a "cure."


You must understand that when you begin to see symptoms, it is really your body beginning to CLEAR the infection - the infection had already taken hold. Once symptoms appear, it means that your body's Innate Wisdom has identified a problem and is taking steps to eliminate a problem.


Now, let's say your body is in full swing eliminating a virus. You have all the signs and symptoms - fever, headache, chills, lethargy, runny nose, cough, etc. Then you introduce an antibiotic - a powerful drug whose name literally means "anti-life" - into your body. But you do NOT have a bacterial infection for this antibiotic to work on - only a viral infection, upon which antibiotics have no affect whatsoever.


Ask yourself which of these two - a virus or a chemical poison - is a more immediate threat to your well-being. The answer of course is that the antibiotic is a more urgent problem. As such, your body immediately takes steps to eliminate the poison (antibiotic). One of the things that the body's innate intelligence may do in order to accomplish this is to temporarily stop trying so hard to eliminate the virus and focus on eliminating the antibiotic. As a result, your symptoms begin to go away! Unfortunately, many misinterpret this as a sign that the antibiotic is making you "well."


Don't get me wrong - I am not saying you should never take an antibiotic. They are very usefull and have saved many lives. I am simply saying that all of the proper protocols must be followed in order to avoid doing more harm than good to your body, and our society. Numerous articles are being written on the "superbugs" we have created and are continuing to create due to the improper use of antibiotics. Not to mention all the weakend immune systems that are being created, resulting in more susceptibility to numerous infections, resulting in more use of drugs.


Finally, lets remember that flies don't cause garbage! You wouldn't look at a pile of garbage and complain that the flies caused it! Flies can only live and thrive in an environment that is favorable for them to do so. Your body is normally strong and resistant to most outside stresses including viruses and bacteria. If an infection has occurred in your body it means that some process has been gradually changing your normally healthy and resistant environment into something more favorable for some critter to come calling and set up house.


Make sure to begin living a health-creating lifestyle right away including creating a peaceful environment, laughing as much as possible, deep breathing, lots of clean water, a high energy diet and a balance of movement and rest - including enough sleep and exercise. Last, but certainly not least, make sure you get your nerve system checked regularly by your chiropractor to ensure that all the things you do for your health and all the functions of your body are being done and utilized at your body's highest levels.


Professional Objective - Understanding Chiropractic


Almost without exception every profession is defined by its objective. The legal profession interprets and argues the points of law. The dental profession confines itself to conditions and diseases of the teeth and gums. The lack of a clear understanding of a professional objective creates confusion among the public and often also creates inter?professional animosity.


This is especially true regarding the history of chiropractic and medicine. Yet, if the true professional objective were explained better by chiropractors and understood better by medical doctors much of this animosity would disappear. The problem occurs when the medical community mistakenly concludes that the chiropractic profession is infringing upon their professional objective. This is a common, logical and easily understood mistake. For when the chiropractor accomplishes his unique objective, often medical conditions disappear. Let's go back a little and see why this occurs.


The medical objective is to treat, cure, alleviate and prevent diseases and their symptoms. While that is most often done by administering drugs or performing surgery, it need not be. That is because medicine defines itself by its objective, not by the procedures or means by which it accomplishes its objective. In fact, more and more medical doctors are using other procedures beside drugs and surgery to accomplish their objective. They are incorporating acupuncture, diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle advice, and even forms of manipulation in order to treat various medical conditions, usually in conjunction with the drugs or surgery.


Since medicine has a clearly defined objective, established thousands of years ago, it became necessary for chiropractic to establish a unique objective of its own, in order to be non?duplicative. That objective is to correct vertebral subluxation so that the innate intelligence of the body can be expressed more fully over the nerve system. Since innate intelligence or the body's natural recuperative ability is not part of the medical objective, there is no conflict. Each profession has its own objective. There is not duplication of objective. Hence, no duplication of services.


So where and why has this apparent conflict between medicine and chiropractic occurred?


The problem arises because the body DOES have an innate intelligence and a natural self?healing ability. Whether it is the common cold or a cut finger, the body can and does heal itself and it can do it better when there is no interference in the nerve system. In some people that may be the difference between the body being able to heal itself and not being able to. If they go to a chiropractor and he accomplishes his objective of correcting a vertebral subluxation, they get well. Having been raised with a medical mindset, the individual naturally but incorrectly concludes that chiropractic or the chiropractor got them well. It is easy to see that if this happens very often, and it does, probably thousands of times a day, confusion could occur. The innate intelligence of the body is such a fantastic principle that the human body often has almost miraculous self?healing abilities.


Unfortunately, chiropractors sometimes fail to explain this idea that it is the body healing itself not the chiropractor. Or even if he/she does explain it, the person does not grasp it. When these stories get back to the medical physician he just naturally concludes that the chiropractor is infringing upon his professional objective, trying to treat medical conditions. If medical doctors could truly understand the chiropractic objective there would be much less professional animosity.


The professional objective of the chiropractic is simple and unique to chiropractic. It is to correct vertebral subluxation in all people whether they have a medical condition or not. This is done because the body works better under all circumstances with a good nerve supply. Having a clear objective is important to the success of a profession. Having the public and other professions understand that objective is important to a successful relationship between the chiropractor and the practice member as well as between the chiropractor and other professions.


Outrageous Medical Costs Responsible for Half of All Bankruptcies:
Even Those With Health Insurance Are at Risk


About half of all bankruptcies in 2001 were the result of medical problems and, surprisingly, most of those (more than three-quarters) who went bankrupt were covered by health insurance at the start of the illness.


Medically related bankruptcies involved some 700,000 U.S. households in 2001. When all of those affected were added up -- some 700,000 children and 600,000 spouses, elderly parents and other dependents -- the number of people reached more than 2 million annually.


Often, the bankrupting illness led to job loss and therefore a loss of health insurance. As a result, one-third of those with private insurance lost coverage by the time of bankruptcy.


In the study, the first to study medically related bankruptcy, it was found that illness and medical bills contributed to at least 46.2 percent, but perhaps as many as 54.5 percent, of all bankruptcy filings.


On average, out-of-pocket medical costs reached $13,460 for those with private insurance and $10,893 for those with no insurance. Ironically, those with the highest costs, on average about $18,000, were people who initially had private health insurance but lost it after becoming ill.


To get an idea of the scope of the problem, the authors of the study noted that many families went bankrupt from medical expenses well below the "catastrophic thresholds" of many high-deductible insurance plans, and that their own medical coverage (from Harvard) even leaves them at risk of having to pay medical costs above those that led many families to bankruptcy.

The researchers went on to say that rethinking health reform is necessary. Health insurance offered little protection for families when a serious illness brought on co-payments, deductibles and bills for uncovered items like physical therapy and prescription drugs. Bankruptcy was often the last resort for families to get their lives back on track.

If you have been reading this newsletter for any length of time you can begin to appreciate just how fatally flawed the conventional health care paradigm truly is. This study is further confirmation of that fact.

There is just simply no reason health care needs to be expensive as it is today for the vast majority of us. Every year insurance gets more expensive, yet it covers less and less. Without question, there will be the occasional situation that requires intensive costly intervention, typically related to trauma.

But the vast majority of us in absolutely no way shape or form need to rely on expensive medications to treat chronic illnesses. If we reduced the cost of chronic illness, we could far more easily afford the management of far more uncommon acute medical injuries.

I'm convinced most of this financial devastation could have been avoided had the conventional health care mindset -- an environment in which professionals are "addicted" to expensive, toxic and unnecessary treatments -- focused on correcting the causes to a lack of health instead of chemically treating symptoms. That's part of the short version of the vision I work toward making a reality every day.

Politicians always make health care an issue and always try to promise to get it for as many people as possible, although they never really have a good plan to pay for it or a good moral reason why everyone deserves it. However, as this study shows, so what if you have it, the majority of the people that had it still went bankrupt.

It's clear that even having substantial health coverage does not guarantee your finances will be protected should you come down with a serious illness. That is why I can't stress strongly enough that taking responsibility for your own health is one of the most important actions you can take today to protect not only your physical health but also your very financial security.

It is an absolute necessity to do as many things as possible to be as healthy as you can be, most of you should know what those are by now. Of course, the cornerstone of health is a strong, healthy spine, free from vertebral subluxations to allow your nervous system to function at its best, making every aspect of your life better. So make sure you and people you care about get checked regularly so that you can dramatically decrease the chance of being among those declaring bankruptcy because of an illness.


It's Still Just Snow!


It has been said that the Inuit Eskimo people have as many as four hundred different words to describe snow. Each of these words describes snow in a slightly different state. This serves them well as they are continually surrounded by snow and it helps them to communicate with each other more effectively.

Even though the Inuits have identified these four hundred different kinds of snow, every one of them is still the same thing...




Each and every one of these types of snow is simply frozen water! Now, let's say that for some reason, the Eskimos wanted to permanently eliminate all four hundred types of this frozen water. What would they need to do? Of course, there is only one answer. They would need to...




There are literally THOUSANDS of identified "diseases" in the International Classification of Diseases manual (ICD-10). Even though science has identified these thousands of different kinds of "illnesses" in our bodies, every one of them is still the same thing...




Let me explain what I mean by this. When there is a decrease in the expression of the energy we call light, we have a specific sensory experience. We have NAMED this specific sensory experience "darkness."

Even though the specific sensory experience of decreased expression of light is real, "darkness" is really a "non-thing" that only SEEMS real. There is no SOURCE of darkness, there is only allowance or resistance to the full expression of the energy we call Light.

Similarly, when there is a decrease in the expression of health, we have a specific sensory experience. We have NAMED this specific sensory experience "disease."

Even though the specific sensory experience of decreased expression of our health is real, "disease" is really a "non-thing" that only SEEMS real. There is no SOURCE of disease, there is only allowance or resistance to the full expression health.

Now, knowing that the only way to permanently get rid of all four hundred types of "snow" is to increase the expression of the energy we call heat, what is the only way to permanently get rid of all of the thousands of "diseases" in our bodies?




This is what chiropractic is all about! It's about keeping the Life flowing so that you don't have to live with the unpleasant specific sensory experiences that accompany the state of decreased expression of the energy we call Health. This allows you to focus your creative energies on progressively demonstrating your purpose and your potential in life!

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