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Recently, I had a conversation with a good friend who was to give a presentation in front of a large crowd. He was very nervous about doing this and he came to me for advice since he knows I enjoy speaking in front of people. (Although I don't do it nearly often enough.) As he put it, he called to get a dose of courage.


Courage is an interesting thing. Maya Angelou has referred to it as the greatest and most important virtue man can exhibit, it is what is mustered in nearly every movie where good triumphs over evil and it is even one of the things the gang in The Wizard of Oz goes to get from the wizard.


But I would like to take this opportunity to present a completely different point of view regarding courage. Here is a different opinion -





In any situation, your outcome will be whatever you are most completely concentrating on. If that means you focus on winning, victory will be yours. If you are fighting with all your might, but focusing on not losing, you will be defeated.


The truth is, you only need courage if you are focusing on your fears! It has been said that fear is really an acronym for F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal. But it seems that most people seem to think it stands for F orget E verything A nd R un! When you understand a universal principle, such as the law of attraction, you recognize that focusing any attention at all on an outcome other than what you desire actually sets the wheels in motion to bring about that negative outcome!


Here's an affirmation I have found helpful when dealing with fear:

This fear I feel is a signal to me of a thought that doesn't help me, and I have the power over which thoughts I hold in my mind.
I am now shifting my focus to progressively bring about the outcome I desire.


It has been said that information is the antidote to fear. When you know the truth, you need not fear anything. And when there is no fear, courage is not necessary.


Mother Theresa did not need courage to attend to the lepers of Calcutta, for she knew with certainty that the universal principles of our world would work with her to produce the outcome she chose.


You don't need courage to tell the truth about chiropractic to your friends and loved ones. Be certain of who you are, be certain of your motive in educating them so they can improve their lives, ask for help if needed, and then move ahead, joyous in the knowledge that you will receive everything you focus on.


There is a paradoxical feeling when you come to learn the truth about the law of attraction. It is that you feel totally powerful and yet simultaneously completely at peace. This is because you realize that you alone have power over your thoughts, and you will personally attract to yourself every experience you have regardless of your environment.


Unfortunately, many people continue to feel powerless even though they intellectually understand the law of attraction and this is extremely frustrating to them. They cannot understand why they continue to find themselves in a state other than what they desire. The answer to why they continue to see what they see is simple - Most people balance their thoughts with contradicting thoughts that weaken them and then end up feeling powerless. Once you stop splitting your energies with contradicting thoughts, you will see how easy it is to bring about whatever you desire.

Let me give you one quick example of contradicting thoughts. "If it ain't broke don't fix it." That is a statement many practice members tell me they get when they try to introduce people to regular chiropractic care. Yet we all know that subluxations do not always cause obvious symptoms. There are many other health problems that act that way too.


Interestingly these same people will almost always agree with the statement that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." These contradicting thoughts lead to confusion and a lack of power and action, resulting in either doing nothing or many times the wrong thing.


So how can you progressively and consistently focus your energies on what you want? There are several strategies to help you accomplish this.


Here are a few:

Change Your Physiology

We know that our psychology affects our physiology. We can tell when someone is "down" mentally, because he is also down physically (i.e., his head is down, his shoulders are down, his eyes are down, etc.).

Most people however are not aware that the opposite is also true - our physiology affects our psychology! Advanced behavioral technology has shown us this and more. Did you know it is almost completely impossible to be active and depressed at the same time? Next time you are feeling anxious, depressed or frustrated, radically shift your posture (i.e., your physiology) to how it would be if you were feeling at ease, happy, or unstoppable. Then, breathe and move the way you would if you were in this state as well, and you will be amazed at the result! The key is to make a radical shift in your physiology.

Change Your Own Personal Environment

The goal of these strategies is to progressively focus on what you want. You are surrounded by many negatives in your daily environment simply by virtue of the fact that you allow them into your space. These come from the radio, television, music, and conversations you choose to focus upon. It is also easy to let your thoughts "drift" in times of silence. The constant exposure to negativity via certain entertainment venues only makes us weaker. Remember the statement as you think, so you shall become.

Instead, purposefully place things into your environment that help remind you of where you want your energies to go. Write a mission statement about your life and read it every day. Put it on tape and listen to it several times each day. Listen to motivational and educational CD's and tapes, read books that empower you, pray, take seminars and teleclasses and subscribe to email services that help you stay on purpose.

Feel free to change all these things as necessary as your thinking evolves.

Carefully And Deliberately Choose The Collective Consciousness/Relationships/Associations You Tap Into

It has been said that our friends are like elevator buttons - they can take you up or bring you down! It is vital to your success to make sure the energy of the people you associate with is in harmony with what you are trying to radiate. Find or form a mastermind group with similar interests and meet on a very regular basis either in person, on the phone, or on the internet and experience the synergy that results whenever like minds co-create the world they choose! This one strategy all by itself can be absolutely life changing!! The reason for this is that what you expose yourself to and who you associate with will determine who you will be in the future.


The last thing to do is to recognize that we are all where we are, when we are for a reason - each of us is on our own unique mission! Recognize this, accept it, honor it and celebrate it! Rejoice in the knowledge that we are all singing our own individual notes in God's symphony. It has been said that the word universe means "ONE SONG," and there would be no harmony if we all sang the same note!

I said earlier that courage is what people need when they don't understand and apply universal principles. By consistently using these strategies, you can progressively and continually take advantage of everything the world is now offering you!



Sports and Chiropractic


There is probably no activity more closely associated with the need for chiropractic care than sports. For many years, hundreds of professional athletes have been utilizing the regular services of a chiropractor. In more recent years, professional athletic teams have actually employed team chiropractors to regularly, even daily, check the spines of their players for vertebral subluxations. Many athletes publicly praise the benefits they have received from chiropractic.

Sports and Subluxations
Physical stresses upon the body are the most easily understood cause of a vertebral subluxation. Watching a football game or a hockey game, one has to wonder whether those athletes have any vertebrae in their spine that are not subluxated!

The human spine is the shock absorber of the body and can withstand a tremendous amount of stress. On top of that, athletes are usually superbly conditioned enabling their bodies to withstand forces that would put the average person in a hospital. Even with that going for them, they still can and do get subluxated.

If that is the case for professional athletes, what about the weekend warrior, the guy who plays softball two nights a week, or basketball once every week? Certainly, the person who only gets out on the tennis court on Saturday afternoons in the summer is going to stress his or her body and likely need an adjustment by a chiropractor.

p>In addition to not being in shape, many sports, especially the non?contact ones like bowling and golf, put a tremendous stress on certain parts of the body because of their one-sided, repetitive activity.

In addition to the physical stresses, what about the emotional stress of batting in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and the bases loaded or having to sink a 30 foot putt to win a golf tournament? How about the stress we put on our children to excel in sports?

Chiropractic and Improved Performance
The potential for injury that would prevent an athlete's participation in sports is most commonly seen as the reason for chiropractic care. The possibility of sports-caused subluxations that could interfere with the nerve system and rob the body of its life-energy, perhaps contributing to physical problems later in life, is a real concern and sufficient reason for getting regular spinal checks, whether you are regularly, or just casually involved with sports.

But there is another consideration with regard to chiropractic. If subluxation interferes with the nerve system, then it must reduce the ability of the body to work at its fullest potential. If the body is not working at its fullest potential, then an athlete's performance has to suffer. This is the reason that many athletes receive regular adjustments. They want every edge they possibly can have in performing at their highest level.

The great Soviet chess master, Gary Kasparov, exercised regularly. He knew that his physical well being was important to his mental sharpness and concentration. In a similar way, a good nerve supply is necessary to maximum eye?hand coordination, maximum concentration, and optimal alertness as well as strength and endurance.

Whether you are a 10-year-old playing little league baseball or a 50-year-old playing pickup basketball on Tuesday nights, you want to do your best. That cannot happen with vertebral subluxations. Regular spinal checkups and adjustments will enable you to do your best in any and every sport.


Universal Forces


The human body is subjected to numerous forces every moment of the day. Almost without exception, these forces tend to be destructive toward the tissues of our body. Wind, rain, ionizing radiation, sunlight, even gravity, as anyone who has fallen and broken a bone can attest, tend to be harmful to the structures of living organisms.

We say that they "tend to be" because a living organism has the ability to withstand or adapt these forces and adapt to these forces. A non?living organism, whether once alive (a dead tree) or an object never alive (a rock), lacks the innate intelligence to enable it to adapt these universal forces. The rain and sunlight that the tree adapts to make it grow when it is alive (and expressing an innate intelligence) will actually promote its decay and decomposition when it is dead. The granite faces of the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore must be periodically repaired because the wind and rain cause them to wear away. Yet, a human face constantly repairs itself by creating new cells to replace those that are destroyed or die as a result of universal forces.

Although we say that these universal forces are destructive toward structural matter that is not necessarily a negative thing. It is a necessary part of our planet just as the breakdown of food into sugars and amino acids is necessary for digestion. If we did not have universal forces there would be no decay and decomposition, which is necessary for fertilization and the growth of new life. So the word "destructive" is really a poor term. After all, the same universal force of gravity that causes you to break a leg is the same force that keeps you from floating off into space. The same forces that wear away Mt. Rushmore create the Grand Canyon. We can harness the wind and the force of Niagara Falls for electricity.

There is even a more positive aspect to these universal forces. That positive effect is only because there is an innate intelligence within our body to adapt these forces for use in the body. The same rays of the sun that break down a dead tree will aid in the production of vitamin D in a human being. The sun still can have the potential for harm. That is why the body's innate wisdom will create melanin to darken the skin and protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.

Of course, the body is limited in what it can do in time and in the material with which it has to work. It takes time to create melanin to protect the skin from destructive burning. If you stay out in the sun too long you can do damage before the body is able to produce enough of this protective substance.


Our body is limited in its ability to adapt to these forces. If you jump off a chair your body (particularly your spine) will adapt that force. But, the innate intelligence is limited by the material it has to work with. Your legs will not adapt jumping from a 10-story window. However, your body can adapt the forces associated with certain specific force for use in the body. The force that the chiropractor applies to your spine is a universal force and if not done by a professional it could do harm. Yet, when properly administered, the force is specific and is adapted by the innate intelligence of your body to correct a vertebral subluxation.

It is clear that the ability of your body to adapt to the potentially damaging effects of universal forces is in no small measure a function of how well the innate intelligence of the body is expressing itself, how well it can use the material of the body to adapt these forces. That is to a great extent determined by how well the nerve system is functioning for it is the major tool the innate intelligence of the body uses to adapt universal forces and adapt the body to them. Vertebral subluxations interfere with the proper function of the nerve system and reduce your body's ability to adapt. No one should be walking around with vertebral subluxations if they expect to adapt to destructive universal forces.


USA Today is Right...Sort of


The cover story in the Thursday, March 3, 2005 issue of USA Today read, "Medical Miscalculation Creates Doctor Shortage." This article explains, "After a glut of medical doctors was predicted a decade ago, the number of physicians isn't keeping up with the demands of a wealthy, aging population." It goes on to say; "Several new studies have shown that the trend will worsen to the point that there will be a shortage of 85,000 to 200,000 doctors by the year 2020 unless action is taken soon."

I completely agree with the prediction in this story. What I don't agree with is the proposed plan to avert the gloomy forecast. The remedy USA Today is proposing is to begin immediately training lots of new doctors. But let's look at this more closely. If you had a leak in your basement, and water was coming in, would you run out to the store and buy lots and lots of towels so that you could continue to wipe up the increasing amounts of water in your basement? Or, would you instead take steps to eliminate the NEED for the towels?


I also agree with the headline - that there has been a "medical miscalculation." However, I think that the miscalculation has been in how devastating the medical paradigm has been to the health of the world! This basically says that our bodies are inherently weak, defective and they make mistakes that require outside intervention. Because we are BORN with these inadequacies to face the physical, chemical and emotional stresses of the world, it is a given that we will NEED doctors to come and "rescue" us when we attempt to live our lives. It is also assumed that as we get older we will progressively break down to the point where many of us will end up as what Dr. Bernie Siegel calls, "human pickles in nursing homes."


These ideas have resulted in the majority of the population turning to medications for just about any change in their bodies, without even questioning if there might be a good reason why that change may be occurring. This way of thinking has also caused many people to be less than enthusiastic or even totally apathetic to living a health-creating lifestyle. The evidence of this is everywhere - our average weight as a population is soaring, drug sales are at an all-time high and asthma, allergies, diabetes, and autoimmune and degenerative diseases are so common as to be thought of by many people as simply the way things must be!


That is ridiculous! The truth is that each of us expresses a powerful, constructive innate intelligence that animates, coordinates, adapts, heals, and grows us from conception until death. As long as there is no interference in our nerve systems, and as long as we live health-creating lifestyles, the full expression of this intelligence is ensured and HEALTH IS OUR NATURAL STATE! But, when the stresses of the world overwhelm us, and when we believe that we have "defective vehicles" to get us where we are going, and when we believe there is nothing we can do about it, we set ourselves up for failure in the form of illness, disease, and unhappiness.


The problem isn't that there aren't enough doctors for the number of people seeking medical care. The problem is that people believe they need help from the outside for all their problems!!


Chiropractic philosophy knows a truth about you. Everything has been given to you to succeed in achieving the progressive full realization of your purpose and potential in life! All you need do is live a healthy lifestyle and make sure all the connections between your brain and body are complete!


When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change!


We can only assume that lots more doctors will be needed if we also assume people will stay asleep to the truth. Or, we can change the way we look at ourselves and begin creating a different result than the one predicted in USA Today. Only you can decide what you and your family will do. As for me and mine, we think it's crazy to keep investing in more and more towels for the leak in the basement!

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