A world famous Italian tenor was once asked by a group of students what was the most important thing to do in order to become a great soloist. His answer shocked many of them. He told them that the most crucial thing was to not see yourself as a soloist, but as an integral part of the whole choir and symphony.

A student challenged him on this and asked about the importance of developing a unique sound and style that says to the world, "This is who I am!"

The great singer looked at the student with compassion and tenderly replied, "It is only by bringing yourself into harmony with the choir that you can accurately find your own voice and use it in a way that is truly beautiful."

Do you long for a greater sense of harmony in your life? Are your health, finances, job and relationships less than harmonious? Do you find yourself thinking... if only things were different, then I would be happier? Take a lesson from the singer in the story above. What he realized is that harmony occurs when you bring yourself in tune with life, not when life brings itself in tune with you!

Dr. Wayne Dyer has pointed out that if you stop and think about it, whenever you wish for things to be different, what you are really saying is, "If only the world and everyone in it were more like me, then life would be better!" You may never have thought about it in this way, but that is in fact what you are saying. This is important to realize because making the world more like the current "you" may, in fact, be a rather scary thing to do!

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that you're not a great person. What I am saying is that each of us has some aspects of our being we are still working on. What if instead of asking the world to change, each of us decided to focus on continually expanding ourselves into shining examples of the best we can be?

So how do we do this? First, count your blessings! Focus on what you have, rather than on what you are missing or what is wrong. Then, take action steps that help you deliberately move in the direction you wish to go. This means living a lifestyle that actively CREATES health, harmony and joy, as opposed to just cutting out the things that may cause disease, conflict, sadness, and anger.

One of these things that creates a better life is to keep your nerve system free from interference, what we call a subluxation. By getting checked and adjusted if necessary by your chiropractor, you allow yourself to come into harmony. When your innate intelligence is better able to express itself over your body, you find that you are more "IN TUNE" with life itself!

Now you are doing as the master in the story above had suggested - you are bringing yourself into harmony with the choir! And, as he has said, the result will be that you will now be in a position to more accurately find your own unique voice and use it in a way that is truly beautiful to the world and everyone in it - INCLUDING YOU!

Once this process is set into motion, all of the abundance you have been seeking in your health, your finances, your relationships your job and everything else about your life will probably begin appearing all around you. What a beautiful, harmonious, and joyful melody your life will then be!


The Weight of a Quarter!

During the French Revolution it was found that the guillotine was effective in separating the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Instant death was the result. In the settlement of the Wild West and in an attempt to establish law and order, it was found that the gallows would affect a similar response.

The actor Christopher Reeve had an accident that caused a separation of the spinal cord at C4. This created a communication problem between his brain and the rest of his body - yet he lived! It is questionable, however, what "quality of life" he experienced for the remainder of his life, since he was paralyzed from the neck down.

Instead of severing the spinal cord, let's suppose the nerve to, say the stomach or kidney is cut. Do you think the stomach or kidney will work correctly? Of course not! You would still be alive, but the stomach or kidney would not work properly without a nerve supply.

Now, instead of cutting a nerve, let's suppose only pressure is exerted on the nerve. Could pressure alone be sufficient enough to interfere with the nerve supply?

In a word, "Absolutely!" Vertebral subluxations interfere with the brain's ability to communicate with the body! This is why a chiropractor's objective is to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations - because subluxations, in and of themselves, are extremely detrimental to the body! "Quality of life" is impaired - perhaps not as bad as Christopher Reeve, but impaired nonetheless. You might think of those areas affected by subluxation to be in a process of dying - they are just not dead yet.

So how much pressure is necessary to cause nerve interference? Research at the University of Colorado found the answer. They exerted pressure on the nerve root* of a cat and measured the results. They found that a pressure equivalent to the weight of a quarter (measured to be 10 millimeters of mercury) was enough to interfere with nerve conduction. So, when you get the opportunity, place a quarter on the back of your hand and feel the small amount of pressure it takes to cause nerve interference.

It took only 15 minutes of this sustained pressure to interfere with nerve conduction by 60%! When the pressure was removed, the nerve conduction returned to normal. But when more pressure was exerted, the nerve conduction did not return to normal after many hours of recording.

How many subluxations may be interfering with the communication between your brain and the rest of your body? Since we cannot feel them, the only way to know for sure is to have your spine checked by a chiropractor. Nothing can replace getting your spine checked on a regular basis - because we never know where or how long pressure is being exerted on our nerve roots!

The only way your body can perform at optimal function is without vertebral subluxations. This is what I want for you!

*This pressure was exerted on the nerve root, which is that vulnerable area between where the nerve comes off from the spinal cord and where it enters the protective covering of the peripheral nerve.

Reference: Sharpless, S.K.: Susceptibility of spinal roots to compression block. NINCDS Monograph 15, DREW Publication (NIH) 76-998, 1975, 155-161

-- Thanks to George A. Rolfs, D.C. for sharing this article.


Whatever Happened To...?

I got a terrific shock this past weekend walking into my local grocery store. I guess I should have noticed the change that has been slowly occurring there, but it happened so gradually that I didn't. Especially because I shop either really early or really late.

It began with the huge banner in the window that said Flu shots here today - is your family ready? As I approached the building, I saw a table with some ladies wearing pink ribbons who were collecting money with another huge banner that said we're collecting for breast cancer. Entering the store, I was reminded of both the flu shots and breast cancer by signs on each panel of the revolving door.

At the checkout counter there were jars to put money in for multiple sclerosis and someone named Jeremy who has leukemia. Before the woman gave me my total, she asked me if I would like to donate one, five or ten dollars to the fight for breast cancer. On my way out the exit door there was another table with someone asking for money for the Alzheimer's and related diseases foundation.

What ever happened to the signs that say Sale on Red Delicious Apples, Hamburger $1.79/lb and Cheerios - Buy One and Get One Free? When did the grocery store go from being the place where you buy fuel for your body to the place to give money to fight the disease of the week?

Have we become a society that spends so much time, energy and money running from diseases that we can't even buy a bag of potatoes without being told what horrible end we may come to?

I've written this often enough so I'm sure you know that it is impossible to escape something you are giving your attention to. Let me say that again - YOU CAN'T ESCAPE SOMETHING YOU ARE GIVING YOUR ATTENTION TO! It's true! The fact that you are giving any energy at all to what you DON'T want actually causes it to keep showing up!

Marianne Williamson says, "We don't reach the light by endless analysis of the dark. We reach the light by CHOOSING the light!"

Where is YOUR focus?

Do you give your time, energy and money to eliminating what you don't want, or do you spend it creating more of what you DO want?

How do you remove the darkness from a room? The answer, of course, is that you turn on a light! But notice something very interesting and important about your answer. You didn't really remove the darkness. Instead, you added light. And, as you add light, darkness automatically leaves because darkness and light can't exist in the same place at the same time.

This principle of adding (or creating) what we DO want, instead of trying to eliminate or prevent what we DON'T want is universally effective in bringing us to where we want to be. It is simple really, when you fill a space with one thing, it must displace whatever was there before!

Do you want to see a world where we aren't continually searching for a cure for this or that? A world where, walks for breast cancer, runs for multiple sclerosis and carnivals to benefit diabetes each weekend are replaced by walks for apple awareness, runs for the benefits of water and carnivals that are for no reason other than for families to have fun together? Producing this world is as simple as shifting our focus on to actually creating what we want!

But it starts with you and me! Until WE shift our focus, we won't even notice how backwards the world has become. But once we do, we will notice, and then we can help others see too. And slowly but surely, as we all redirect our energies, all of these things will come back into our experience.

You see, President Roosevelt was right. There really is nothing to fear - except fear itself!


Improved Performance

Everyone seems to be attempting to improve their performance these days. The economy has corporations and industry trying to get the most out of their employees. Athletes are doing all kinds of things to improve their athletic performance. Viagra and similar competitive medications are publicly touting enhanced performance in an area that a few years ago was a personal and private matter.

Perhaps it is part of the American psyche that we all want to do better at work, at play, and at everything else. We are going to great lengths to improve our performance. Self-help programs, food supplements, drugs, seminars and meditation are just a few of the methods that people are using to attempt to improve their performance in various aspects of life.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of improving performance, generally and in specific areas, is to remove or reduce the interference to maximum performance. Unfortunately, our society is geared toward adding something rather than removing something.

Instead of removing the mental and emotional stresses that interfere with our ability to be effective in our job performance, we take mood-altering drugs as if that will make our internal problems go away.

Instead of removing the unhealthy things from our diet, we add supplements assuming that will compensate for a poor diet. Instead of addressing the cause of our lack of energy (often getting enough rest), we take "pep pills" as if they were a substitute for getting the proper rest.

The human body was designed with all that is needed to reach peak performance.

Adding things to our body, especially in the form of unnatural chemicals, may stimulate increased performance on a temporary basis but it cannot be sustained and it has to result in harmful side-effects. The best we can do is to live naturally and remove interferences. That may not make us the best that there is but it will make us the best we can be and that should be sufficient.

On the subject of removing interferences to performance, we cannot overlook nerve interference. It is probably the greatest interference, at least the greatest that can be easily removed. When a vertebra subluxates (misaligns) due to various activities of daily life, it interferes with the function of the nerve system. The nerve system is the primary tool by which the innate intelligence of the body controls and coordinates all function.

Every function of your body will be reduced in its ability to perform if there is a vertebral subluxation in your spine. How great that reduction in function will be depends on a number of factors and is different for every person. But without a doubt, you will not be the best you can be. Perhaps the reduction will be imperceptible; perhaps it will be noticeable only to you. Or perhaps it will only be noticeable to others and affect your work and your life. Regardless of who notices or who does not, you should have your spine checked regularly for subluxation so that there is no reduction in your performance due to nerve interference.

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