The Color Purple

Just before adjusting a practice member a few weeks ago I complimented him on the purple shirt he was wearing. His daughter heard the comment and asked, "Hey Daddy, didn't you used to hate purple a few years ago?" "Yes I did," he replied. "How come you like it now?" she continued. "I don't really know, Honey," he answered, "maybe purple has changed somehow!" "NO," she smiled, "it didn't change, YOU changed!"


Isn't it funny how that happens? How many things do you now like that you didn't before? How many things do you now dislike that you were fond of in the past? Did they change - or did YOU? Of course it is possible for things to change and become more likable to us. But that's not what I'm talking about here. The truth is that WE change more often than things change. More accurately, our PERCEPTIONS of what we see, hear, smell, taste and feel change.


I don't know if you ever stopped to think about it, but all of our perceptions are NEUROLOGICAL. That is, we have neurological RECEPTORS all over our bodies that take in information from the environment and transmit them to our brains through a complicated series of chemical-electrical interactions. Once they reach the brain, these signals are interpreted and they become thoughts.


The fact that all perceptions are neurological is very important because if you have any interference in your NERVE SYSTEM (like a subluxation), you may not PERCEIVE the signals you receive from the world accurately. Isn't it funny how two or more people can witness the same exact event and yet have unique perceptions and interpretations of what they saw? It has been said that we see the world not as it is, but as WE are.


A subluxation (neurological interference) causes the body to use energy at a rate that is greater than normal. When this happens, the body conserves or restricts the amount of energy it gives to any functions other than what is necessary to survive. When this happens, energy is no longer available for the highest brain activities - including higher levels of creative thinking. Then, even if we PERCEIVE things correctly, we may not INTERPRET them in the most productive ways.


Self-help "guru" Anthony Robbins has said that the quality of our lives is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. It's true! But if we aren't able to access the parts of the brain that think at the highest creative levels, we end up asking ourselves less than optimal questions about the things we encounter each day. This means that we may not be able to find those silver linings we keep hearing about behind the clouds.


Keep your nerve system clear with regular check-ups from your family's chiropractor. This will allow you to PERCEIVE the world more accurately and keep your energy use at maximum efficiency so that you may ask yourself better questions and come up with more empowering ideas about the world. Then, count your blessings every day. Gratitude is the bridge to an outrageously joyous life!



Your body's structure is perfect.

A subluxation is an alteration of this perfect structure.
You cannot have a subluxation that does not do harm to the body.
Thankfully, when you receive an adjustment it does nothing but good for the body.


The Nervous System: Our Healing Foundation

The nervous system is constantly at work. It receives, processes and transmits messages to and from every part of our body to help us respond to, adapt to, recover from, and experience our environment. If we touch a hot skillet, our nervous system will tell us - in a fraction of a second and in no uncertain terms -- that the extreme heat is dangerous and we should remove our hand.

The nervous system maintains our body's inner environment, regulates the digestion of food and the amount of carbon dioxide in our blood without our awareness. Whether we move our eyes across a page to read these words or secrete intestinal fluids to digest the salad we had for lunch, our nervous system is involved and performs its tasks with precision and lightning speed.

By acting as a conduit for the expression of innate intelligence (our inborn wisdom), the nervous system establishes who we are and how we deal with the world. What our body feels - not necessarily what we are consciously aware of ‑- actually changes the way we perceive the world. If the nervous system has any interference or is stuck in one perspective, the messages it will send and receive will be stuck in that perspective as well. In other words, when the nervous system has not been able to recover from the trauma of past events -- whether physical, emotional, or chemical -- our emotional reality is also stuck.

Vertebral Subluxations and Nerve Interference
Health, well-being, vitality, and wholeness are functions of a nervous system that is free from interference. Factors that produce interference include medications, alcohol, environmental pollutants, and chemicals in the food supply. Electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances, computer screens, power lines, aircraft, cellular telephones, and electric blankets can also create interference. Physical pressure exerted on the nervous system from bones, tumors, wounds, or other sources of mechanical tension -- pulling, stretching, squeezing, or twisting of the delicate nervous system -- also produces consistent alterations in function and inhibits the body's ability to heal.

The combined effect of various stresses and the inability of the nervous system to deal with them produces a vertebral subluxation, a misaligned spinal bone that results in nerve interference.

When the spine is stuck in a limited range of motion, it often produces a nervous system that is much less able to recover, from life's stresses. This interference disrupts the nervous system's natural ability to assemble and sort out neurological instructions.

Like a computer, if the input (messages to the system) is distorted in any way, then the output (messages from the nervous system to each body cell) will also be distorted. Emotional traumas, accidents, or breathing polluted air are challenges to a compromised nervous system. The ability of the mind-body to "reset" itself is greatly hindered.

Stuck in the Body; Stuck in the Mind
The body and the mind are one unit; it is impossible to be stuck in the body without being stuck in the mind. In my practice I have often found that the shape, position, tone, and tension of the spinal system is directly related to the shape, position, tone, and tension in a person's life. It makes sense that when the spine loses its flexibility and natural contours, so does a person's life experiences. With a spine that is less flexible and does not recover from its experiences, the person will most likely be stuck in a perspective. This becomes especially relevant when we look at the relationship among the vertebrae, their associated nerves, and related organs.

In addition, with each position of the spine, there is a corresponding predisposition of consciousness, mood, or personality. For example, when a person's back and head bend downward, we associate that position with defeat or depression; a spine that is ramrod straight with the head pulled back is usually a sign of emotional and mental rigidity. When the spine cannot enjoy its natural, full range of motion, the mind-body connection is limited in the kinds of experiences it can have, as in the ways it can express itself on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The mind and body will be predisposed to certain kinds of experiences while being unable to respond to others.


This mechanism may be why reoccurring pain is often on the same side of the body or affects the same organ. When some experience periodic back pain, the same intestinal cramps, or the same asthma flares, we need to consider the possibility that our mind is stuck in a perspective. Being stuck rarely has anything to do with a conscious choice to be that way. It can even be a consequence of a fixated nervous system due to a vertebral subluxation.


All that said, getting checked and adjusted regularly would allow your nerve channels to be more open and your spine to be more flexible. With your nervous system free from interference, your mind and body will work better, allowing you to experience and express more life.


The Lazarus Effect

In the New Testament of the Christian Bible is the story of a man named Lazarus who was brought back from the grave by Jesus. This is considered to be one of the greatest miracles ever to have been performed by the Christ or anyone else.


Most people in the world today are not living what they would call their ideal level of existence. They suffer from an incredible number of signs that do not allow them to express one hundred percent of their life potential. These signs may include, fatigue, decreased ease of movement, insomnia, physical maladies or "disease," decreased digestive or respiratory function, lack of peace of mind, fogginess of thinking, feelings of loneliness, isolation, uneasiness, depression, anxiety, failed relationships, lack of close friendships, job dissatisfaction, feeling disconnected from God, lack of self-confidence, no motivation or sense of purpose, no time for themselves and above all, a lack of JOY in their lives.


The reason I mention the things above is because of something we see very regularly in our office that one practice member called the Lazarus Effect. We literally see people come back from circumstances that were so awful that they now feel like they have been practically reborn! Just in the last few weeks I have had people tell me that they have seen their blood pressure decrease and stabilize, their energy has gone through the roof, they are exercising better than anytime since they were in high school, they are actually looking forward to work each day because the headaches they've had for twenty years are gone, they are thinking more clearly and more positively and they have a deep sense of peace, judging people less and loving them more, dealing with things that used to be stressful so effectively that they are now actually growing from them, looking forward to the future instead of dreading it, sleeping better than in the past twenty years, feeling fifteen years younger, regaining circulation in the hands so that they are warm again after many years of being cold, increased motivation, feeling as though they have a purpose again and even regaining a sex drive that was long assumed gone.


How can getting regular chiropractic adjustments make such a difference in someone's life? It's simple really. The difficulty many people have with understanding this is that they have a belief that is incorrect. They believe that health is somehow separate from life. This could not be further from the truth! In reality, health is AUTOMATIC when you can fully express your life messages from your brain, down the spinal cord and out to all the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. AND, health is just the BEGINNING of fully expressing your purpose and potential in life!


You see, the chiropractic adjustment allows your life messages to flow easily and do their job of coordinating the community of 70 trillion cells known as you! This power is what drives you, it is what heals you, it is what grew you from conception into what you are now! Your body is the vehicle you have been given through which to express your self. When all of the cells of your body can work together because of your clear nerve system and your healthy lifestyle, your vehicle can more easily, more gratefully and more joyously carry its precious cargo to its ultimate destination.


Do you know people who feel they are not expressing life as fully as they would like? Please tell them that they don't need to wait until they are nearly dead to receive a miracle! The miracle was placed inside of them at conception and is anxiously waiting to be fully expressed in the world...
...And the world is waiting too!


The Missing Piece

A few months ago, a woman came into our office looking for some help. She explained that she believed she was doing everything necessary to live a healthy, peaceful and joyous life, but somehow these states had yet to materialize to any appreciable degree in her experience. She went into detail about how she took time every day to read, meditate, pray, and write in a journal. She talked about how she deep breathed several times per day both during meditation and her exercise. She drank nearly a gallon of clean water every day in addition to getting mainly fresh fruits and veggies in her diet and taking whole-food supplements. She also loved her husband and her work, she got eight hours of sleep every night and she spent time volunteering for several different service organizations.


Why then did she feel so lousy? I explained to her that everything has its own very important part in the equation. It is kind of like a puzzle - without every single piece of the puzzle, the picture may be incomplete.


She asked me if it was kind of like that old game show "Name That Tune!" I asked her what she meant and she explained that at the end of the game, contestants would be given a song note by note until one of them could correctly identify the name of the song. I told her that was an excellent analogy because the answer was always gleaned from just ONE ADDITIONAL NOTE.


I offered to her the possibility that the connection between her brain and body may be compromised, and that through the chiropractic adjustment, the "missing piece" may set into motion all of the processes necessary to progressively manifest the health, peace and joy she had been hoping for.


Well, this is exactly what happened! Within one hour of her first adjustment, she phoned me to tell me that she had just had an idea that was going to "revolutionize" the way things were done at her job. She wanted to know if the adjustment could have had anything at all to do with this revelation. I asked her if she thought it might and she replied, "I think that all the pieces are falling into place!"


Over the next three months, she continued to see positive changes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She dropped 38 pounds, her sex drive resumed to a level it was at when she was a teenager, she resumed writing a book she had started and stopped two years earlier, she wrote an entire Sunday school curriculum for her church and got off of the high cholesterol and high blood pressure medications she had been taking for the past several years.


I think that she got such amazing results because she was already "adding pieces to her puzzle" prior to seeing me. This was the missing piece that tied all those things together and allowed her to benefit more from all she was doing.


What is so important about this story? This is the experience of everything I talk about here. We all know that when we get checked regularly our bodies perform at a higher level and all areas of life improve.


Those of you that are here regularly are receiving these benefits. Just take a moment to think back to how your life was prior to coming in for regular care. What can we all do to see all our friends and loved ones have these same experiences? There are still too many people that do not know what you and I know and experience.


For those of you that haven't been in for a while, why are you settling for less? Call me and schedule an appointment right away.

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