APRIL 2006

Ducks In A Row?

Last week, a practice member that I hadn't seen in a while stopped by to get checked. She apologized for not being in regularly and stated that she had been meaning to come in, but she had to "get all her ducks lined up in a row first."

Of course, after a comment like that I looked at her said, "Get your ducks in a row? Did you ever try to put ducks in a row? Do you know what happens? They scatter!" She looked at me as if I was a little strange. "No really," I continued, "Think about it! The more you try to get ducks to line up, the harder it gets! The way a mama duck gets her ducklings to line up is by being aware of what she most needs to do for herself, and then just doing it. Then as she moves, all of her little ones just naturally fall into line behind her!


Have you been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with some aspect of your life? Are you unsure where to start? The place to start is the same place the mama duck starts. What I mean by this is that if you are not 100% yourself, you can't possibly contribute to or help others the way you want to - YOU must come first! Many people think this is selfish, but Gandhi cleared this up for us when he told us that there is a difference between selfishness and what he called enlightened self-interest. Philosopher and author Ayn Rand even went so far as to write a book called the Virtue of Selfishness. In it she describes a rational selfishness that is not like the way most people think of selfishness.


Do others rely on you? If so, do you want to be able to give them 100% of yourself? In order to do that, you must first BE as close to 100% as you can! Where do you begin? Well, ask yourself this question:


Is there anything at all in your life that you can do as well as you desire with nerve interference caused by a subluxation?

I'm sure that just after a few seconds of thought you'll realize that the answer is no. Well, actually that's not entirely true, the only thing you can do better with a subluxation is get worse in all aspects of life, if you desire that. Without the ability to go energetically through each day physically, mentally and emotionally with EASE, life will be somewhat of a struggle.

Do you take time each day for yourself to work on you? Maybe you say there isn't time? Don't be like the man who ran out of gas because he was so busy driving he didn't take the time to stop and get some. Feeling like that's selfish? Remember Gandhi's words about the difference between selfishness and enlightened self-interest.

If you have ever been on an airplane before, you have seen an example of this. When the flight attendant gives you the oxygen mask instructions, she always says, "If you are traveling with a small child or someone who may need your assistance, put your own mask on first before helping them." Why is this? If you can't breathe, you may not be alive to help them with what they need!

Where do you start? Right here! Keeping your vertebrae unsubluxated and moving properly allows a continuous CONNECTION between your nerve system and your body allowing your innate intelligence to be expressed as optimally as possible. This way, you can actually benefit from all of the other things you do to actively build health and move progressively from dis-ease to ease to wellness to wholeness.


I'll make you a deal. You take care of you for everyone else in your life that needs you, and I'll take care of me for you! That way, you'll get everything you came here for.


The Power of DNA

If you were to listen closely to what scientists have been saying the past few years about your genetic code, you would think that you are pretty much doomed from birth to experience several illnesses during your time on the planet. It is as if you are at the mercy of a molecule called DNA and totally powerless to overcome its influence over your life.


DNA is an abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid. But it may surprise you to know that by itself, DNA actually has no power whatsoever to determine what you will experience. In his groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton tells us that DNA is nothing more than a blueprint. And, just as a blueprint has no power in and of itself to build a house, your DNA has no power on its own to decide what will and what will not show up in your life. According to Dr. Lipton, it is your BELIEFS that determine which potentialities from your DNA blueprint you will end up actually experiencing over the course of your life.


But if you listen to most doctors and scientists, they have misunderstood DNA's role and they think that you have no say in the matter about what will and what won't show up. And, they never talk about your positive potentialities, only the negative ones! It seems as though they are using the genetic code to Deny your Natural Abilities! All they ever talk about is the weaknesses you are born with and what diseases you can expect to suffer with. They talk as if we must Develop Necessary Ailments!


But, if Dr. Lipton is correct, the scientists have it all wrong! Again, DNA is only a blueprint and has no power on its own to cause anything - the blueprint must be read! Then and only then will you experience both the good and not so good potentialities contained in that blueprint. And, it is your BELIEFS and CERTAINTIES, along with some environmental factors that decide what will happen.


This is great news! It means that as long as you live a healthy lifestyle that supplies your body with everything it needs to function, heal and grow, and as long as you maintain a clear CONNECTION between your body and the intelligence that runs it, you can experience pretty much whatever you decide!


How can this be? It is simple really. You see, you have an intelligence expressed by your body! You have been given your body to use as a vehicle in and through which to express and experience the miracle you are. This vehicle is so amazing that it can deliver you virtually anywhere you want to go over the course of your life! But it does require that you take care to keep it running smoothly by breathing well, getting plenty of water and high energy foods, a balance of movement, rest and exercise, and by keeping your focus upon where you want to go and what you want to see show up in your life. Remember, your THOUGHTS, BELIEFS, and CERTAINTIES are the determining factors!


Where does chiropractic come in? Quite frankly, it is probably the most important thing of all! You see, your BELIEFS come from your PERCEPTIONS and INTERPRETATIONS of the world around you. And, all perceptions and interpretations are NEUROLOGICAL! It is essential that you maintain a clear neurological CONNECTION between your brain and all of the 70 - 150 trillion cells that make up your body so that you can perceive and interpret your environment in the way that will most benefit you and everyone around you. Regular chiropractic adjustments gradually restore this vital connection that may have been compromised by interference in your nerve system (i.e., the subluxation) and allow you to RE-CONNECT with YOU!


When your CONNECTION is clear, you can access the Power that You ARE! You see, DNA really does have power all by itself. In fact, it is the most powerful thing of is your Divine Natural Awareness!


The Great Artist

Some people ask why I have to discuss innate intelligence and make it a point for my practice members to know and understand that concept at all. They believe that if we can't see something it's safer or even somehow wiser to assume it doesn't exist.


But no scientist on earth has ever seen an atom or a radio wave, and nobody knows what electricity actually is. Physicists find it nearly impossible to write an equation describing something even as elementary as the stretching of a rubber band because it's just too complex, and yet no one doubts that these things exist. We are surrounded by mysteries that we assume have been explained simply by naming them, but just naming them does not let us truly know.

Think about this. Some scientists now estimate that 3.9 billion years ago living microorganisms and cells existed on Earth, they've found their fossils, and even that long ago those cells were so magnificently designed that it boggles the minds of the greatest physiologists today to understand how they were able to function. The most primitive precursors to the modern cell were still more evolved than the most brilliant minds of today can grasp. Even Christian de Duve, the great Nobel Prize winner in biology, hasn't yet deciphered the mysteries of the living cell. And the further we probe into cellular physiology the more we are amazed at the intelligence that is governing it. How is it that something so evolved, with so much intelligence and order, could have preceded us when we so self-righteously think of ourselves as the highest form of intelligence and order?

In anthropology we find a scraper in a million year old site, a crudely shaped piece of flint that's been napped on one side, and we go, "Wow, it's an artificial man-made object! It was made by some sort of an intelligence."

We've found tools going back thousands of years and we are perfectly prepared to take those crude objects as certain evidence of the work of a human or pre-human consciousness. To insist that an unbelievably complex cell 3.9 billion years old is the result of chance or some random thermal event without an intelligence governing it is the height of folly.

Each cell is made up of about 350 billion molecules, there are about six trillion tiny chemical reactions per cell per second, and your body is made up of around four trillion cells. With all our intelligence, the greatest human mind in history is incapable of running a single cell. You could link Isaac Newton, Aristotle, Plato, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking together and they still couldn't do it, they couldn't even approach it. People talk about admiring the CEO of a major corporation with 50,000 employees, but I see the coordination and operation of a human body and say, "Now, that's management."

Some look at a painting or sculpture and say, "That artist is a genius," but all the greatest works of art ever created are a child's mud pie or finger painting beside the genius and artistry of a human being and the life that fills it. My hats off to the Divine Artist who created it.

It's unbelievable, but because we're surrounded by life and intelligence we take it all for granted, like a fish unaware of the water it lives in. It truly is a miracle, and miracles do not happen by chance alone but by laws and intelligence. That intelligence is what has set in place the principles that govern life, and it manifests itself in order. The universe is a big place, in fact it is believed to be infinite, and it works like any big organization, by hierarchy and delegation.

The human body, being part of the universe also expresses a principle of organization, called innate intelligence, that results in the ability of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment. This intelligence animates, coordinates, adapts, heals and grows us from a single cell until we die. To not acknowledge that or make you aware of this concept would be a great disservice. With this knowledge you'll realize how important it is to keep the primary tool used by the innate intelligence of the body, the nervous system, operating at its best. Keeping the nervous system free of interference due to a subluxation is an absolute necessity in being able to live your life at its best. That is why it is so important to make sure you come in regularly to get your spine checked.

See you soon.


See, even Dr. Seuss agrees....

(Actually, this isn't by Dr. Seuss. I've modified the copy of this poem that I was sent.  Those of you that have children or have read Dr. Seuss books will appreciate this.)

I am Sam, Sam I am.
Hello Sam, Sam I am.
Have you had your spine checked today?
What is this you say?
My spine, my spine, Sam Go away!
No, listen and you will see.
This will help your nerves be free.

What do you mean and please make haste!
I do not have much time to waste!
Your brain talks to every cell.
Trust me Sam, I know this well.
But sometimes there is interference.
And your body tries with perseverance.
But the messages can't get through.
And this keeps you from being you.
This is called a subluxation.
Then Sam said with exclamation,
Subluxations are so bad!

Subluxations make me mad!
That's right, you understand.
You get it. Sam I am.

Sam, would you check my spine?
Oh please, oh please check mine?
Sure I will, that's what I do.
I'm the chiropractor for you.

Would you check me in a house?
Would you check me with my spouse?
I would check you in a house.
And I would check you with your spouse.

Would you check all my kids?
You will be so glad I did.
Would you check me on a train?
Would you check me in the rain?
I would check you on a train.
I would check you in the rain.
I would check all of your kids.
You will be so glad I did.
I would check you in a house.
And I would check you with your spouse.

Would you check me in a box?
Would you check me with a fox?
Yes, yes I guess.
I would check you in a box.
And I would check you with a fox.
I would check you in the rain.
I would check you on a train.
I would check all of your kids.
You will be so glad I did.
I would check you in a house
And I would check you with your spouse.

Would you check me here or there?
I would check you in a box.
I would check you with a fox.
I would check you on a train.
I would check you in the rain.
I would check all of your kids.
You will be so glad I did.
I would check you in a house.
I would check you with your spouse.
I would check you here or there.
I would check you anywhere!
Now you know this much is true.
Subluxations keep me from being me
And you from being you!

Keep me free! Keep me free, I say!
Sam, help my subluxations stay away!

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