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I was listening to the radio in the car the other day when a commercial came on for a hospital. The last line of the commercial was, "We're your health resource." I thought about this word resource and what its meaning might be, and then asked myself if this hospital's slogan was true or false. The first definition I found was somebody who or something that can be used as a source of help or information. The hospital certainly lives up to this definition for many people each day.


I found the second definition much more interesting, however. It said a natural inner ability or capacity that is drawn upon in time of need. The reason I resonate more with this definition is that if you break the word resource into its 2 parts, you get re- and -source. Re- means to return to or join with again; and source- means the primal basis of all that is.


The first principle of Chiropractic says a Universal Intelligence is in all matter continually giving to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. This has been said to be in alignment with the first principle of quantum physics that says there is only one thing anywhere in the universe - energy. The second principle in chiropractic says that the expression of this intelligence through matter is the chiropractic meaning of life. In living things this intelligence is called innate intelligence and the way it best expresses itself in the physical world is through your physical body, and specifically through your nerve system.


If there is any interference to the free expression of your innate intelligence through your nerve system (what we call a subluxation), then you are in a sense separated from your SOURCE! This results in a progressive movement away from your natural state of ease (what we call health) and toward dis-ease (dysfunction/incoordination).


It is at this time that we need to draw upon our natural inner capacity for help. This is exactly what chiropractic helps you do! By freeing your innate intelligence and allowing it to flow naturally, the specific adjustment helps you RECONNECT with your SOURCE! Once this CONNECTION is restored, you have the ability to return from dis-ease to ease and continue moving forward to wellness and eventually wholeness!


Do drugs or surgery do this for you? Do they help CONNECT you to your Natural Inner Source of well-being? Or do they in fact actually DISCONNECT you from that Source even more by masking the signs your body is sending you that you are not as fully connected to your real Source of well-being?


There are times when medicine is important; there is no doubt about that. But the outside-in mentality of medicine says that we are too weak and inherently defective to heal without some kind of outside intervention.


Chiropractic knows the truth is that we all have within us everything we need to function, heal and grow, but that sometimes we can lose our CONNECTION with our source of well-being. By keeping a clear neurological CONNECTION, living a healthy lifestyle and then keeping our focus upon deliberately creating that which we want, we have the greatest probability of fully expressing our greatest potential in LIFE.


Make getting your family checked by the chiropractor a regular part of your lives. It will keep you re-connected to your Source. Chiropractic is your real health and life RE-SOURCE!


Why Can't the Body Correct its Own Vertebral Subluxation?

When an individual begins to grasp the basic premises of chiropractic, that we have a fantastically organized body that is capable of running itself and maintaining itself with very little outside help, the question arises as to why the body cannot correct its own vertebral subluxations.


If the body can and has healed itself of cancer, why can't it adjust a subluxation? If it can heal a fractured vertebra why can't it move a misaligned one back into its proper position without the hands of a chiropractor?


The key to answering this question lies in the effect of the misalignment that we call a vertebral subluxation and the fact that it interferes with the function of the nerve system. The nerve system is responsible for the coordinated activity of all the parts of the body. It is essential for the proper action of every muscle. That is why certain types of spinal cord injury cause muscle paralysis and muscle paralysis renders a person immobile. Muscles move bones whether in the arms, the legs, or the spine. Bending, sitting and twisting all require tiny muscles in the back, many smaller than your little finger, to move the bones of the spine. When one of the vertebrae of the spine becomes subluxated, the muscles of the vertebral column will move it back into its proper position usually within a minute or two. The person never knows that he or she was subluxated.


Sometimes, however, the vertebra moves out of its proper position and subluxates, and among the nerves affected are the ones that supply the muscles with the energy to move that very bone back into its proper position. The muscle cannot work and the body cannot adjust itself. If this situation persists the nerves will begin to degenerate, eventually to the point of never being able to move that bone back into its proper position.


Research under Dr. Suh at the University of Colorado, has demonstrated that the degeneration begins almost immediately. Further, the actual shape of the vertebral joint (the articular facet) can change, making the subluxated position the "comfortable" place for the bone to be located. When this happens, we have a chronic subluxation.


Chronic subluxation occurs if an outside force is not introduced into the spine within a period of time. This force must be one that is usable by the muscles that are deprived of the body's own life force due to the nerve interference caused by the subluxation. That force may come from a fall or turning over in bed but the most usable forces come from the hands of the chiropractor. A specific force, introduced where it is needed by the body to correct the subluxation, will enable the muscles to act and allow the body to correct its own subluxations.


The question that must be considered by every individual based upon this information is: "How long do you want to walk around subluxated? Do you want the nerve damage to continue for days, weeks or months? How long will it take for the body to return the normal the shape of the joint if it has been subluxated for years? It makes sense to at least have your spine checked for vertebral subluxation as often as you possibly can.

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