Restoring The Cause

As a business owner, I get a ton of junk mail sent to my office. Unfortunately, a good portion is from chiropractors, most of whom practice differently than I do, trying to sell me a product or technique. One ad stuck out recently because of its headline "Do you have any pain?" I stopped and wondered why in the world they would send such a negative ad to a chiropractor. It went on to state that the technique they promote may help you eliminate the CAUSE of your pain and illness so that you can feel even better.


I kind of liked the part of the answer about how chiropractic can help us feel better, even though that really isn't the most important goal of chiropractic. But, I believe they made the same two mistakes that nearly every health professional and every other person make on a regular basis when looking at health.

If you understand the Law of Attraction, you know that you always attract to yourself and move toward whatever you are giving your attention. If this doctor had really wanted to help me move toward feeling even better than I am, he should have asked if I was feeling as good as I want to be feeling. But to ask me if I had any pain would simply move me toward thinking about pain and unhappiness.

The biggest mistake however, was in telling me he wanted to help me eliminate the cause of my pain and illness. Most people believe that when we have pain or illness, something is PRESENT that is causing our health challenges. This is in reality the opposite of the truth. When you are ill or in pain it is not because something is present in your body, but because something is ABSENT! Let me explain what I mean with a simple metaphor.

The Inuit Eskimo people have as many as 400 different words for snow, each one describing a different kind of snow. But, each and every one of these different kinds of snow is in reality the same thing - it is just frozen water - water LACKING heat energy! If we want to eliminate any or all of these 400 different kinds of snow, what must we do? It is very simple - ADD HEAT to the water and the water will return to its NATURAL STATE! Regardless of HOW the water manifests its lack of heat energy, when we increase the expression of heat energy in the water, it returns to its natural liquid state!

The same is true of your body and your health. There are literally thousands of named illnesses in our world. But every single one of these so-called diagnoses is in reality the same thing - it is a body manifesting a decreased expression of LIFE. If we want to eliminate any or all of these thousands of different kinds of illnesses, what must we do? It is very simple - INCREASE THE EXPRESSION OF LIFE in the BODY, and the body will return to its NATURAL STATE! Regardless of HOW the body manifests its decreased expression of Life, when we increase the expression of Life in the body, it returns to its natural healthy state!

Most people believe that chiropractic is about straightening out the spine to eliminate pain and illness. The truth is that chiropractic is not about eliminating anything. When we understand the simple physics of the world we realize that we don't actually eliminate the cause of snow, we RESTORE the cause of liquid water (its natural state). Similarly, we don't eliminate pain and illness; we RESTORE THE CAUSE of heath and wholeness (OUR natural state)! It's true that we chiropractors adjust subluxations of the spinal column that interrupt normal communication between the brain and the body, but it is not the presence of the subluxation that is the problem; It is what's MISSING when the subluxation is present that creates all of our unhappiness!

This may seem like a small distinction, but it is one that is crucial if we are to move together as a society toward the health, wellness and wholeness our creator intends for us. My job as a chiropractor is indeed to straighten some things out - just not the things most people think!


Post-Holiday Thoughts

Soon it will be that time of year again! You will see it and hear it everywhere you go. No, this is not a late holiday edition of our newsletter. In fact, just after the last bit of holiday paraphernalia is put away, another thing is sure to be seen and heard. You still don't know what I am talking about?! Well, just think about it.

After all the shopping and worrying--about what to get whom, will it fit, do they already have one, can we afford it; and all the visiting--friends, family; and all the partying--cookies and milk, nuts and beer, dips, vegetables, wine, cheese and crackers (all, of course, before sitting down for the big meal). After all the last minute rushing around, lost sleep, and I got a million things to do... What on earth could possibly (and only naturally) follow this? That's right--the fever, chills, ache-all-over-feeling, coughing, sneezing, and complaining of the cold and flu season!

Maybe you never put these two together before but it seems to me to be more than just coincidence that "cold and flu season" happens to occur just after we've basically stuffed ourselves for weeks (probably since Thanksgiving), totally stressed ourselves out, probably destroying any semblance of what might have been regular sleeping and exercise routines and in general, completely abused our bodies. After all, we are too busy seeing people, going places, and getting things done to consider our health! At least we are still contributing to our health by thinking positively. Unless or course you are looking for a parking space at the mall, dealing with crowds, or stuck in a blizzard on the way to a Christmas party (at least if you live in Denver). Unfortunately, in the holiday rush, some people get away from their regular chiropractic adjustments.


Now I am not suggesting that we all forego the preparation, parting, or even the panic of the holiday season, but it annoys me that the world would like to con us into thinking that a "cold and flu season" really exists. They say it just makes sense that at this time of year with its colder weather, and what is in nature a time of lean nutrition, that an overabundance of germs would exist and cause many people to become ill. In fact, the opposite is true. The colder weather kills many germs. The cold and flu season is more a function of a society that on the whole has let its resistance be significantly lowered and consequently, is vulnerable to disease--not just colds and flu but every disease.

If you want to be well, you simply must make your health a priority. Do as many things that contribute to attaining and maintaining your health as you can--namely make good food choices in moderate amounts, exercise regularly, get the rest you need, keep a positive outlook, and of course, have your spine checked regularly!!!

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