Dirty Windows

I have heard a tale about a boy whose parents were devout Christians and attended church each week in a grand cathedral. The church had many beautiful stained glass windows, each one with the image of a different saint upon it. The boy always took time to admire these beautiful windows, especially when the bright sunlight would shine through them and illuminate so strikingly all of the amazing colors.


One week in Sunday school, one of his teachers asked the class if anyone knew what a saint was. The boy enthusiastically raised his hand and when called upon answered, "A saint is someone who the light shines through!"


It is true that throughout history there have been many people who have exhibited the best of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. They seemed to have a connection with Goodness that the average person doesn't have, or at least isn't aware of and doesn't demonstrate.


How about you? Do you feel that you are connected with the highest good? Do you have the energy these people have? Do you have the level of health that many of these people throughout history have exhibited? Are you as happy, enthusiastic, accepting, and loving as someone connected at the highest level would be?


Your innate intelligence - the principle of organization that results in the ability of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment - is always there for you 100% waiting for you to be and do all that you were meant to be. But if there is any interference in the pathways that connect your brain and body (your nerve system), this intelligence is blocked from fully expressing itself in, through, and as you.


Your body is the vehicle that you have been given to take you to your destination - the full expression of your purpose and potential in life. Living a health-creating lifestyle is essential for supplying your vehicle with what it needs to effectively get you there. However, having a clear and balanced nerve system is also crucial, for if there is any imbalance or blockage (vertebral subluxation), you become like a dirty window the light can no longer shine through.


Many people think that chiropractic is about fixing something that is wrong, but it is oh so much more than that! The truth is that chiropractic is not about correction - it is about CONNECTION! And, as you progressively become more fully connected your problems necessarily disappear.


In Matthew 5:16 Jesus said, "Let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works..." Author Marianne Williamson has said, "Everyone is in the Light; but some stand with their backs to it and can only see the shadows."


Keep your windows (your nerve system) clean and clear! Let your Light shine and do the works you were sent here to do. Let it shine so brightly that others will say that you are someone who the Light shines through! But even more than that, live your life so that it causes others to see in themselves their own Light, and soon no one will ever even notice the shadows.


Making Snowmen

I was reading a book to my three-year-old daughter Alexia the other day. It was about snowmen. She looked at the picture of a huge snowman in the book and exclaimed, "Whoa Baba (Greek for daddy)! Those sure are some HUGE snowballs! I'll bet it took a long time to make those!" And then she asked me, "Baba, did they start with little bitty teenier snowballs and roll them until they got them big enough?" "Yep," I answered, "Just like we did the last time it snowed with your brother remember?" Her eyes sparkled as she recalled our time in the last heavy snowfall, "Uh Huh! You started the snowball for us and then we just kept on rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and rolling until the snowball was very big!"


Alexia understood something that many of us forget when it comes to getting what we want in our lives, especially when it comes to reaching a particular health goal -




This is not necessarily a profound statement, but one many of us forget to put into action. Do you have a goal to increase your sense of peacefulness throughout the day? Begin by taking 10 minutes once mid-morning and once mid-afternoon to isolate yourself in a quiet place and just breathe deep and clear your mind. This may not seem like much, but it's just like Alexia's little snowball. If you discipline yourself to do this consistently every day, pretty soon it will grow your sense of peacefulness. And, you may find that the time you devote to peace producing activities will grow over time too.


I recently read about a woman who wanted to become financially free by investing ten percent of her income, but she didn't have any extra to invest. So, she decided to just begin where she could. She got a jar, and she began her monthly investment program by putting ten percent of one dollar into the jar. The next month she put in ten percent of two dollars and the following month she put in four dimes. She continued doubling her investment nearly every month for two full years, plus she added into the jar any unexpected money that came her way. At the end of two years, she had saved nearly ten thousand dollars!


What if you were to use this strategy with exercise? Imagine if you began your fitness program by doing just one minute of exercise each morning for a week. Then you did two minutes each day the second week, four minutes each day the third week and eight minutes per day the fourth week. At the end of the month, you would have done one hour and forty-five minutes worth of exercise! You may not think that sounds like much, but what if you doubled that number one more time and then stayed at sixteen minutes of exercise each morning for the next month? Remember the snowball? At the end of the first two months, you would have exercised for more than nine hours! For most people, that would be more than a full day spent at work, but doing exercise!


How much time are you devoting to getting your spine checked? What about the rest of your family? All types of emotional, chemical, and physical stresses exist in our lives on a daily basis. Make sure to remember to remember to take the time to make sure you are adjusted regularly.


You see, the key is to BEGIN WHERE YOU CAN! Pick something you have wanted to create in your life and start creating it - NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR INSIGNIFICANT IT SEEMS AT FIRST! It's not always as important where you are on your journey as it is WHICH DIRECTION YOU ARE CURRENTLY HEADED! If we all wait until our snowballs are big enough, we will probably never experience a whole snowman.


What Happens To Kids Who Never Get Adjusted?


A few weeks ago, I was adjusting a family who had been under care for several years. This family consisted of a dad, mom and three kids. Prior to receiving care, all three kids had been dealing with recurrent ear infections and bad behavior. The oldest had also been labeled as "developmentally delayed" because she had "learning disabilities."


As I worked on the kids this day, their mom, was marveling at how their lives had changed with chiropractic care. There had been no ear infections at all. In fact, there had not even been any colds for more than a year now. The oldest, now in third grade, was not only free of her so-called "disability," she was one of the top students in her class!


As the mom testified to me about these miraculous changes, she asked me a question I, unfortunately, never get asked enough. She asked, "What happens to kids who never get adjusted?"


I answered her in the following way. "Well, some kids have a lifetime of recurrent illnesses, much like you and your kids were experiencing prior to coming in for care. But most of them...they are just average kids." She looked at me with wonder on her face as I said this, and she followed up with another question, "I don't understand! Are you saying that most kids don't need chiropractic care?"


"NO!" I replied, "Not at all! Here is what I mean by that. There is nothing wrong with a child being average...if that is her potential! But, what if that's NOT her potential? What if she was meant to be something much more than average? Even if she is meant to be what we call average, she will not even reach that level if her brain and body can't communicate effectively with each other."


The only way for your children to reach their potential in life is to have nerve systems that are free from interference so that they can adapt to all of the physical, chemical and mental/emotional stresses they encounter each day. That way, their energy can be used to access higher levels of creative thought instead of just trying to get through the day. In other words, they have the best possible chance of reaching their full potential in life!


She looked at me and began to get tears in her eyes as she realized fully for the first time, just how important their chiropractic care had been, especially to her oldest daughter.


Too often, we back down from telling our friends and families the importance of having the whole family adjusted regularly. I know it can seem hard to bring this up, especially when the kids or spouse are asymptomatic, but we cannot make this mistake! Everyone needs to be adjusted. EVERYONE! It is the only way for society as a whole to grow and move forward into its greatest potential. Imagine a community where everyone is expressing their highest health and life potential.


Tell your family, friends and co-workers the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Tell them about the miracle of perfection that exists in each and every one of us. Then, introduce them to our office so that they can begin getting adjusted and the awesome power that made us can resume expressing itself maximally in them and in the world! That way, even when people are "average," it will be a totally different experience than what being average is today.


I've Got Spurs...

Last week I received a call from someone I have seen fairly regularly for the past few years, and who has just started college. He was concerned about some findings on his freshman physical exam. It seems that his x-rays showed some arthritic spurs in his neck and a few places in his back. He didn't remember us ever talking about them and he wanted to know if he should be concerned.


I asked him if he remembered being severely hurt by falling down some stairs and landing hard at the bottom when he was very young. He said that he did. I also reminded him that he had been a very physically active teen and that he had been in the army. He didn't start seeing a chiropractor until he was a teen (and then it was only rarely) and he didn't see him at all during his years in the army. I adjusted him regularly for a little over a year before he left for school. I reminded him that he has full musculoskeletal function in his spine (or at least he did when he left for school). But even more important than that, his NERVE SYSTEM is fully functional. This is important because regardless of any findings that vary from how the textbooks say he should be, he is functioning as close to 100% as possible!


So what about the spurs? First, let's examine why a spur develops. Whenever there is an area that is unstable and therefore cannot ADAPT to the demands placed upon it, the innate intelligence of the body will do whatever is necessary TO STABILIZE THE AREA. This includes laying down calcium deposits to strengthen the area (i.e., "spurs"). How long will this process continue? Until enough stability has been gained to handle the majority of everyday stresses and strains, and to allow for the healing process to ensue.


So you see, the formation of a spur is a very important ADAPTATIVE and PROTECTIVE response! The detection of a spur is usually an incidental finding when an x-ray is taken. IT DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NECESSARILY A PROBLEM AT THIS TIME! It CAN mean that, but it doesn't NECESSARILY mean that. Most doctors are taught to assume that any variance from AVERAGE is a problem. But this is not so. If a spur is a problem it can be determined by answering the following questions:

1. Is there any neurological dysfunction because of this spur?
2. Is there any musculoskeletal dysfunction in the area that is causing continued degeneration?
3. Are there any other physical exam findings that correlate to the presence of the spur?
4. Is this spur possibly causing any organic type of problem because of its proximity to another structure (or is it likely to in the future)?
5. Are there any symptoms in the area that are most likely due to the presence of the spur?
6. Do we need to modify our chiropractic technique(s) because of this to avoid the possibility of injury from the adjustment?


If the answer to the first five questions is no, then the spurs are simply evidence that a problem existed AT SOME TIME IN THE PAST, and that the body did what it needed to do AT THAT TIME to keep functioning. So what do we do about them? Nothing! Just do everything necessary to keep functioning at an optimal level by living a healthy lifestyle, including regular chiropractic check ups, and make sure you have a chiropractor that knows which techniques to use specifically for you. In fact, we should be abundantly grateful that our bodies are connected to and powered by such an amazing intelligence that it can do whatever is necessary to continue functioning at as close to an optimal level as possible.


Your innate intelligence knows exactly what to do. But sometimes it can't because it loses its ability to communicate completely with the body. This is why we tell everyone to get checked often; to ensure that the power that made the body can continue to adapt, heal and grow you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, all the days of your amazing and wonderful life!

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