MAY 2006


Recently I was watching a program about Niagara Falls. Two things about the show left me totally astonished. The first is that Niagara Falls is eroding at the rate of between three and four feet per year. This means that since I was there in 1995, the Falls have moved back an astounding 33-44 feet or more!


The second thing that I was surprised about also saddened me. In attempting to explain the erosion of Niagara Falls, this show discussed that everything in the universe is continually eroding - EVEN EACH OF US - and that there is nothing anyone can do about it. It said that the stresses of the world are just too much for us to handle and that from the time we are roughly eight years old, it is all downhill.


This may be true of inanimate objects, but it is definitely NOT necessarily true of something that is alive. You see, things that are alive have something that things that are not alive don't have - an innate intelligence, the principle of organization that results in the ability of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment. It has been said that the rate at which things erode or wear away is determined by two things:

1. The amount of stress encountered by the thing being acted upon.
2. The amount of internal resistance the thing being acted upon can give.

The stronger the amount of stress and the weaker the internal resistance, the greater the erosion. Or, put in a more constructive way, the stronger the internal resistance whatever is being acted upon has, the less erosion it will experience. But, even put in this more positive way, we are still assuming that erosion is the only possibility. This is simply not so. There is something that is more important than a thing's internal resistance (i.e., its ability to NOT erode). I am talking about its INTERNAL RESILIENCE!

What is the difference between resistance and resilience? It is very simple. Resistance is an object's ability to NOT break down, whereas RESILIENCE is a living thing's ability to return to its natural state after being negatively changed. But even more than this, resilience is also the ability to keep growing and becoming stronger and better - to continually move toward the full expression of its purpose and potential in life!


As living things, we have an innate intelligence that gives us our internal RESILIANCE. In order to keep your resilience as high as possible, you require three things:

1. A healthy lifestyle that gives your body everything it needs to function, heal and grow.
2. A deliberate focus on creating what you want in your life.
3. A clear connection between your innate intelligence and your body - this is where your family's chiropractic program comes in!

As long as you have all three of these things, you will all continue to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Life is not about resisting anything - it is about accepting, embracing and celebrating who you are at the deepest level! Life is about continually unfolding into whatever our Creator had in mind for you! It has been said in many places throughout history that resistance is futile! I tend to agree, but RESILIENCE IS EVERYTHING!


Bring It On!

Are you prepared for what you will rendezvous with in your life today? Are you prepared to face and handle the challenges and to embrace and celebrate the joys? What does it take to be prepared to not only handle everything you will experience today, but to actually take away lessons, grow and become better at deliberately creating your life experience?

Actually, you were prepared to handle everything you would ever need to, even at birth. In order to understand what I mean by this, you need to remember that you are more than your body. It has been said that you are not a human being hoping to have a spiritual experience; you are a spiritual being here to have a human experience. Your body is the amazing vehicle you have been blessed to travel in during your time here on earth. And, by expressing an innate intelligence, was PRE - PAIRED with the physical matter of your body the moment you were conceived. By virtue of being PRE - PAIRED, you were prepared for everything in Life!


As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, a deliberate focus on what you want to be moving toward, and a clear neurological CONNECTION, you will continue moving toward ease, wellness, and wholeness in each and every area your life.


It is common to develop interference in your nerve system - what we call a subluxation. This causes a partial "disconnection" between your innate intelligence and your body. The resultant downward spiral in your health and vitality often causes you to be in a state of despair - because you are DYS - PAIRED!


The specific chiropractic adjustment RE - PAIRS your innate intelligence and your body and allows you to once again begin expressing the Light you are to the world. Let's be clear here, the adjustment you receive is not to repair you, it is to RE - PAIR your innate intelligence and your body so that you can once again begin the healing process! That is, you can once again begin moving toward WHOLENESS!


B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic once wrote, "Restore the CONNECTION between intelligence and matter, and you restore health." In other words, RE - PAIRING your innate intellligence and your body through the chiropractic adjustment allows you to once again move in a positive direction. Maintaining the VITAL CONNECTION between your innate intellligence and your body is the whole purpose of chiropractic care.


A Course in Miracles says, "If you truly knew the miracle that you are, you could not be afraid." As the finite you (your body and your ego) is fully reconnected with the Infinite YOU, you will progressively come to realize the truth, the beauty, the power and the peace in this statement.


You will know with absolute certainty that you are totally prepared, because you are PRE - PAIRED!


...No Matter What!


"Hey Doc, this positive thinking and focusing on what you want stuff is nothing but pure garbage! In fact, it's worse than that - at least when I throw out my garbage at home, I don't get more of it coming at me from all sides all day long!" Debbie was obviously frustrated as she came in for her check-up. "What are you talking about?" I answered. 'Well," she replied, "I decided that I was far too easily angered by people in my life and that I needed to just stay peaceful. So, I woke up Monday this week and told myself, "If the boss wants to be a jerk, he can be one, but I'm not letting it bother me. If John wants to make fun of everyone else that's fine. It doesn't mean that I have to get all upset. And no matter how much Carol complains about her husband and our parents, I won't let it get to me. I told myself I was going to stay peaceful NO MATTER WHAT!"


"So what's the problem Deb?" I asked. "Well here it is Friday and I've had more of those exact things to deal with than ever! It's like the universe is laughing at my decision to stay calm no matter what happens!"

As you read through this story, did you see what Debra's problem was? Have you ever had this experience of deciding that you were going to be a certain way NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS only to have more things thrown at you than ever? Many people say that's just God's way of testing you. I totally disagree. It's not that God is testing you; you're just getting exactly what you were focusing upon. Still lost? Let's look at what Deb was really putting most of her energy into. As she made her resolution to stay calm she pictured her boss being a jerk, herself being bothered by it, John making fun of people, herself getting upset, Carol complaining about her husband and parents, letting it get to her and staying calm NO MATTER WHAT!

Do you see? Deb thought she was focusing on what she wanted, but was really still thinking about and picturing in her mind what she didn't want - then " NO MATTER WHAT! " So, she got more of that!

How often do you do this with your health and your life? Do you wake up in the morning and make a list of all the things you need to watch out for and avoid? Do you listen to the news and read the paper and wish with all of your heart that the world was a better place? Do you focus on aches, pains and parts of your body that aren't functioning optimally and long for them to stop feeling this way? Do you find yourself focusing more on having less of the things you don't want, or on having more of the things you do want?


Life isn't about having less of anything! Life is about fully expressing the light you are and experiencing as much of what life has to offer as you choose! But your choices are determined by what you focus upon. Put another way, YOUR FOCUS IS YOUR CHOICE! What is your vision of your perfect relationship, your ideal job, financial freedom, optimum health? What will you do with these things for yourself and for others? How will you feel about yourself once these manifest for you? Can you see them clearly? Can you get to those feelings of bliss now? Who will you have to become in order for these things to show up?


Last, it is important to remember that all of life is a process, nothing ever stays the same. Everything is always in the process of becoming something else. But you do have the power to direct much of what comes into your life with each of your thoughts, words and actions. And even when things occur you can't control, you have the power to experience them in the way you want to because no one controls your feelings except you.


Be patient with yourself. Focus on life bringing you valuable lessons and on gratefully learning those lessons with ease. Picture yourself smiling and laughing often and know that you are never alone. Because you are always a part of something much bigger than you are - NO MATTER WHAT!


The One Thing

A few weeks ago, a nurse began care in the office. After a few adjustments, she asked for help in explaining this new and very different way of thinking to her co-workers. She asked me to please tell her the ONE THING above everything else that makes chiropractic so different than medicine. She said that before beginning care, she had always thought that the main difference was that medical treatments use drugs and surgery, but that she no longer thought this was as important a distinction as she once had.


So I began by telling her the story entitled God and the Scientist. There once was a scientist who had worked tirelessly for many years on his idea. When he finally perfected it, he ran outside of his lab, lifted his head and hands to the sky and shouted, "God I've done it! I've finally figured it out, so you're no longer going to be necessary!" God couldn't resist answering the man and asked him what he was talking about. The great scientist answered, "You know how you scooped together the clay of the Earth, shaped it into the form of a man and breathed life into it?" "Yes," God answered, still questioning where the man was going with this. "Well," he continued, "I've figured out how to do the same thing! So like I said, we won't need you anymore!" "Can you show me?" God asked the scientist. "I would be honored!" he replied. The scientist bent down and began forming a man from a pile of earth when God stopped him and said, "Wait a minute, wait just a minute there... GET YOUR OWN DIRT! "


You see, the ONE THING that really sets chiropractic apart from every other healing art (not just medicine) is that chiropractic is humble rather than arrogant. My definition of humble starts with the major premise in chiropractic philosophy that states that there is a universal intelligence is in all matter that continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. This intelligence in living things is called innate intelligence. Innate intelligence is described as the principle of organization that results in the ability of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment.


Medicine and most other healing arts believe that they can know exactly what each and every cell, tissue, organ and organ system needs at any given moment. Chiropractic says that the number of variables within each person and with his or her interactions with others and the world makes it nearly impossible to know much of anything at all about what our bodies need.


But chiropractic also says that we don't necessarily NEED to know, because the intelligence that runs, regulates, heals, and grows us ALWAYS knows exactly what to do! The only problem is that interference can occur within our nerve system that makes it difficult for this wisdom to completely do its job.


The chiropractic adjustment restores the CONNECTION between the innate intelligence and your body so that you can continue moving toward the full expression of your purpose and potential in each area of your life.


Of course, healing (movement in the direction of wholeness) does require some things from you as well. You must live a healthy lifestyle that supplies your cells with everything they need to function properly, heal, and grow. And, you must focus upon creating what you want, rather than always trying to eliminate or prevent what you don't what. This is because you always get more of what you focus upon. It doesn't matter whether you want more of something or less of it; the fact that you give any energy to it at all actually CAUSES it to keep showing up in your life.


What if you were to give your attention to remembering the Power that created you? What if you concentrated on living the cleanest and most loving life possible? What if you identified and shared your own unique gifts with the world? What if you did everything possible to keep the lines of communication open between your body and the Intelligence that runs it? What would your life be like?


I suspect that if you did these things consistently, you would then know the ONE THING that would set your life on a different path than most of the people in the world. You see, the ONE THING you would truly come to know is...your SELF.

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