Better Relationships

Getting along with people is one of the greatest challenges in life. Marriage, family, "neighbor," and national problems account for most of the conflicts and stresses in life. One of the reasons why conflict in personal relationships is difficult to resolve is because often the problem lies with us. Sure, there are miserable people in this world who probably cannot get along with anybody, but almost everybody seems to be able to get along with somebody.

Why is it that some marriages are unsuccessful and when both parties remarry they are happy? There are probably many reasons but one has to be within the people themselves. In describing difficult relationships we sometimes say there is "poor chemistry" between two people. While that usually is used in an idiomatic way, it may be closer to the truth than we want to admit.

Our chemistry does affect how we relate to people. Change peoples' chemistry with alcohol and those who are normally meek and mild may become aggressive and belligerent. Often people need a couple of drinks at the end of the day to "wind down." While the causes of ADD in children have not yet been determined, chemical factors are clearly involved. There are dozens of other examples of how our chemistry affects our ability to get along with people.

Some people need a couple of martinis at lunch to get through the day. Even the expression "take a pill" implies that changing our chemistry would make people easier to get along with. Yet, we wonder why the drug problem is so great especially among our young people. We seem to be teaching them that to improve relationships or be able to handle relationships, we must alter our body chemistry. Perhaps if our body chemistry was right in the first place, we could handle some of the adversity that comes our way in the form of people with whom we have everyday contact.

There is also the fact that people who just do not feel well, whose bodies are not working as they should, are not usually the happiest of people and not the easiest people to get along with. It could be that health-and life-robbing vertebral subluxations are contributing to their bad disposition. Given that the nerve system controls the glands that produce all of the chemicals in the body, vertebral subluxation could and does directly affect body chemistry and consequently indirectly affects our moods.

Here's another thought, suppose the people that irritate us were under chiropractic care? If we maintain that the problem is not us but is them, then perhaps getting them under care, improving their body chemistry and enabling them to function better will make them kinder, nicer and easier to get along with. Sure that may appear to be a selfish reason to refer your boss or your neighbor or you fellow worker to the chiropractor, but remember it benefits them also. They will be healthier, happier, and let's face it, improved relationships work both ways. Of course, chiropractic will not solve all the world's problems or even all of yours, but if we can solve even a few, that would be a good start.


Finding a Health Resource

Have you ever found health? Where was it hiding? The reason no one has ever found health is because no one has ever really lost it! Many people think they have in fact lost their health when the truth is that they simply stopped allowing it in.

There are two problems with this idea that it is possible to lose your health. First, health is not something that comes to you from the outside. As such, it would not be possible to find it if somehow it could actually be lost. But second, it is not even possible to be either healthy or sick. Let's look at this second idea first.

If you stop and think about it, EVERYTHING is a PROCESS. That is, nothing ever stays just as it is; it is always in the PROCESS of BECOMING something else. Since we know this is true, it doesn't make sense to think about being either healthy or sick. Rather, we should ask if our thoughts, words and actions are moving us toward health or away from it. As long as your focus is on moving TOWARD what you want instead of away from what you don't want, your lifestyle supplies your body with everything it needs to function, heal and grow, and there is a clear neurological CONNECTION between your body and your brain, you should in fact move consistently toward health, wellness and wholeness. Now, let's look at the second idea I mentioned above - that health comes from the inside - by looking at the word resource.

If we divide this word by syllables, we get re-source. To me this means to RETURN TO THE SOURCE. What is the source of health? The truth is that you have an innate intelligence that runs, coordinates, adapts, heals and grows you from conception until birth. It is this intelligence that is your SOURCE of health. As long as you are alive, this innate intelligence is expressed in your body and so it is actually impossible to lose your health! It is possible, however, to inhibit the expression of this intelligence. This can happen whenever any of the three things listed above (a deliberate focus, a healthy lifestyle and a clear neurological connection) are deficient in any way.

You are responsible for the deliberate focus and healthy lifestyle, and you are responsible for getting to your chiropractor to make sure your mind-body connection is as clear as possible as well! Without this vital CONNECTION, your odds of reaching your potential in life are literally zero! The "trinity" of a deliberate focus on what you want to move toward, a healthy lifestyle, and a clear neurological CONNECTION is the ONLY TRUE HEALTH RESOURCE because It is the ONLY way to RE-SOURCE - that is, to RECONNECT with the SOURCE.


Food For Thought

If someone is very hungry and he eats some food, will his hunger go away? The answer is, yes - if he eats enough of it. But, is the purpose of food to get rid of hunger?


If someone eats food regularly, will it keep her from becoming excessively hungry again? The answer is, yes - if she eats enough of it consistently. But, is the purpose of food to prevent hunger?


Even though eating food is a very effective strategy for decreasing or even eliminating hunger temporarily, hunger will always return over time. This is the nature of life. As we use up the nutrients contained in our food, our bodies require more food to continue operating at peak efficiency, and so we become hungry again. And, even though eating food consistently can be a good way to keep from getting too hungry, it would be ridiculous to say that the purpose of food is to eliminate or prevent hunger.


Certainly we are all aware that food serves many more important functions than simply addressing hunger. It is our fuel for keeping us alive, helping our bodies coordinate all functions, adapt to the environment, heal and continue growing throughout our lives. We all know this is true about eating food, but many people do not understand the necessity of applying this same line of thinking to their chiropractic care. Why is this?


Do these people perhaps not fully understand that the purpose of chiropractic care is to keep their Life messages flowing freely over their nerve systems so that the innate intelligence of the body can actually perform all of the functions listed above - animating, coordinating, adapting, healing and growing our bodies from conception until death? Do they not understand that without this free flow of intelligence, nothing would function as it was intended?


Maybe it's because chiropractic care in the right amount is so good at decreasing or even eliminating pain and dis-ease? Or it is perhaps that with consistent care many people can even prevent the recurrence of their health problems? Even though chiropractic care can be a very effective strategy for decreasing, eliminating, and even preventing pain and illness, health problems will always return over time without continually employing specific strategies. This is the nature of life. Everyone encounters physical, chemical and mental stresses every day. If these stresses are beyond your "internal resistance," they break you down and you progressively lose your health and well-being.


When your nerve system is free of any interference (a subluxation) your brain and body communicate effectively and you can correctly comprehend and respond to any changes (stresses) in your daily environment. The result is that you are able to adapt to these changes. In addition, you are able to heal and continually grow in every way - physically and mentally - including thinking at a high enough level to make good choices in every area of your life. The truth is we are all growing and dying at the same time. A subluxation (nerve interference) causes us to die more than we grow. But, the chiropractic adjustment (along with a healthy lifestyle and a deliberate focus on moving toward what you want) allows us to continually and progressively grow more than we die.


So you see, saying that the purpose of chiropractic care is to eliminate or prevent pain and illness is as short-sighted as saying the purpose of food is to eliminate or prevent hunger! The real purpose of lifelong, family chiropractic care is to allow for the most complete flow of innate intelligence in the body and to help everyone consistently and progressively demonstrate Outrageous health, happiness and the full expression of life!

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