Limitation of Matter

It is obvious to even the most casual observer that the human body has its limitations. We cannot jump out of a three?story building or be involved in a head?on automobile collision without expecting some damaging results to our bodies. Sometimes we do not even realize that an injury has surpassed our body's limitations and do not become aware of the damage until later.

People often come to a chiropractor expecting to get results with a particular condition or problem but because the matter that makes up the body has limitations; this does not occur. You see, it really does not matter whether the damage is from falling off a ladder or from the ravages of some disease. Everyone's body has a point that if surpassed, will no longer have the capacity to heal. Fortunately, that point is extended if you have a good nerve supply. That is the objective of chiropractic, to enable the body to function at a higher level and have an increased ability to heal itself. Whether that can occur in any particular person will depend upon each individual and no one knows the extent of that ability for any particular person. We do know that every person has limitations of the matter and the fact that some people who are thought "incurable" get well regardless of their treatment (or lack thereof) while others with seemingly minor problems die attests to the variations in people's ability to heal and in the limitations upon each of our bodies.


There is another issue to be considered with regard to limitations of matter. That is the ability of the body to first prevent vertebral subluxation and second to correct them when they occur. The ability to prevent them is a function of the overall health and well?being of the body. Are you strong and healthy as a result of sufficient exercise and activity, are you well nourished with good food and water? Are you rested enough by getting the proper sleep? Are you being subjected to too much stress? While these are all important factors in determining your ability to prevent subluxations, the most significant factor by far relates to your nerve supply. By having your spine checked regularly and the subluxations corrected, your body will have a greater ability to withstand stresses that would ordinarily cause a subluxation.


Regarding the correction of subluxation, often the body will correct itself either by natural movements or at night when we are resting. In fact, the body really corrects every subluxation. The chiropractor merely gives it a slight force to help it along. Sort of like helping a car stuck in a snow bank. Like the cars engine, it is the body supplying most of the energy needed to correct a subluxation. By having your spine checked regularly and adjusted when needed, you will improve the ability of your body to correct many of its own subluxations before they have a chance to cause damage. This will improve the body's overall wellbeing and extend the limitations of its matter.


There is one more consideration that emphasizes the need for chiropractic care on a regular basis. If a vertebra has been subluxated for a long period of time it may cause permanent damage to the nerves and the supporting muscles of the spine and may even cause a change in the structure of the spine. These effects can limit the body's ability to hold adjustments for a significant period of time. That alone is reason enough to have regular spinal checkups and at as early an age as possible. The earlier children start having their spines checked, the sooner they can realize and maximize the benefits.


Clearer Thinking

Science has only very recently begun to realize the relationship between the organs and the other parts of the body. In a push toward specialization in health fields during the second half of the 20th century, the interrelationship and interdependence of the body's parts was all but lost. Now the tide is turning and people are realizing how important it is to address every aspect of the body in order to experience true health, maximum potential and overall well being including the ability to think clearly, concentrate and remember things.


Some educators have realized that for students to do well in their studies, especially in the lower grades, it is important that they get a good breakfast, one that has protein rather than one that is full of worthless carbohydrates from sugar.


Of course, others think the answer to our many sugar-high, grade-school students is to prescribe some drug for them.


The corporate world has begun to realize that by providing exercise for their executives, not only will they be healthier and have less absenteeism but that they will also be mentally sharper and more productive when they are working.


We have all experienced the drowsiness and mental dullness that follows a big Thanksgiving Day meal, when our digestive systems make significant changes in our body chemistry.


Alcohol not only affects your mental abilities when it is in your bloodstream but in sufficient amounts will affect your mental activity even the next day (we call it a hangover).


Get a bad night's sleep and your mental sharpness will likely drop a noticeable level the next day.


All of the above examples of things that can affect our ability to think clearly are quite obvious and easy for us to understand. What is more, if these examples are true in the perceptible realm, then they are also true in the imperceptible realm.

Any change in body chemistry, whether it is due to over-the-counter medication, alcohol or even poor eating habits, is going to adversely affect your mental acuity, your memory, your reasoning ability, your reaction times, and your ability to focus and concentrate. Perhaps the decrease is not noticeable to you but it may be to your boss or to those around you. Sometimes it is noticeable to us. When we are "coming down" with the flu or a cold, we realize that our mental productivity is down. However, more often it is not noticeable or at best we realize that we are just not "up to par" that day.

The reasons for this may be numerous. One of these reasons is invariably vertebral subluxation. When your spine is subluxated your nerve system is not able to work at its full potential. Your nerve system is interrelated to every other system in your body. Every system is dependent upon a full complement of mental impulses in order to work properly.


You cannot be fully energized without a good nerve supply. You cannot digest your food properly without a good nerve supply. Your body chemistry is less than it should be and your mental ability is decreased. You probably do not even notice it or if you do, you usually relate it to "having an off day."


Well no day should be an off day. Our bodies were created and meant to work properly all the time. If you want the most out of life then you want your mental faculties to be working their best, all the time or at least as much of the time as possible. That can only happen if you are seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis so that subluxations can be corrected before the cumulative affects of them rob you of your mental alertness. Sure you are going to have off days because of wrong choices you make like staying up too late, lowering your body's resistance, or not eating well, but that is all the more reason to make sure that your mental alertness on the job, in the car and in relating to people is not impaired by vertebral subluxation.


The Grow Light

"Life is ever changing,'s dynamic, ...the cells in your body are replacing themselves constantly, are never the same 'you,' because you are constantly changing." These are statements I seem to share often with the people I care for in my chiropractic office.


Did you ever stop to think about how amazing your body is?


50,000 of the cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells, all while you have been reading this sentence!


In 1 square inch of skin there lie 4 yards of nerve fibers, 1300 nerve cells, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells, and 3 yards of blood vessels.


Nerve impulses between the body and brain can travel as fast as 286 miles per hour.


One human brain generates more electrical impulses in a single day than all of the world`s telephones put together.


Wow, we are truly magnificent, and life is completely amazing.


What is this wonderful and mysterious thing we call life?


The second chiropractic principle states that the expression of intelligence through matter is the chiropractic meaning of life Innate intelligence has been described as the principle of organization that results in the ability of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment. When innate intelligence is no longer expressed you are dead.


One way some suggest that the innate intelligence is expressed is as electrical energy in our nerve system. It has been shown that the difference between dead or alive is the absence or presence of electrical energy in the nerve system. It's not the nerve system, all the parts of the body, or its chemicals. Even a corpse has a nerve system, all its parts, and all its chemicals. As stated before, the only difference between someone alive and someone dead is the expression of innate intelligence and the electrical energy that travels over the nerve system. It's this energy in the nerve system that gives power and function to the body. All of the amazing and wonderful things your body does are regulated by "nerve energy." Now this isn't a truly scientific term, but it will do for the purpose of this article. This is why nerve energy has also been called - Life Energy.


The nerve energy in your body gives life to each and every cell. Your nerve energy is responsible for growing your cells. The nerve energy in your body is like a grow light - a special light used in indoor gardens to provide the needed light for plants to grow. If the light given off by the grow light is full and in the proper amount, the plants will grow well (with good soil [food] and water of course). If the lights are shut off, the plants will wither and die. What if the lights are dimmed? The plants will wither, become weak and unhealthy.


Well, this same thing is what often happens in people. Our nerve energy can be dimmed, and over time, we weaken and become unhealthy, living life a much less than we could be living it. This is why chiropractic care is so important, because it helps turn on the nerve energy in the full and proper amounts to every part of the body. And when your nerve energy is working best, you are at your best.


The reason I work with the spine as a chiropractor is because I am interested in this nerve energy. Your spine affects your nerve energy and your nerve energy affects your life.  Everything you think, say, or do is perceived and carried out through your nerve system -- everything. Your nerve energy controls your heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, muscles, eyes...everything. Simply put, better nerve energy creates a better life. This is why using chiropractic care as a lifestyle choice for better health and well being is so much more exciting, fun, and powerful than just using it for pain relief. So, get yourself adjusted regularly to keep the grow lights inside you working for your best life now!


Better Ability to Handle Stress

Research studies have shown that people perceive their stress levels to be quite varied. On a scale of one to ten, respondents run the full range for what they believe their stress levels to be. Sadly most people see themselves in the higher ranges rather than the lower ones.


Why is there such a wide variation and more importantly, why is it that most people perceive their stress levels to be high? Is it the economy? The world situation? Life in general? We really have no way of comparing the stresses of life today with 100 or 200 years ago.


How well you adapt to all types of stress is dependent upon the proper function of your nerve system.


It has been suggested that stress is not caused by the events or circumstances of life but by how an individual responds to those circumstances. Unpleasant events and circumstances have been described as adversities which when not dealt with result in stress.


Hans Seyle, PhD, a world famous neurologist who did work in this area over a generation ago, described adversity as stress and the inability to handle that adversity as distress. He theorized that stress was good. We all need some adversity in our life in order to grow, to adapt, to be able to handle greater adversities as they occur. In the area of health, developing permanent immunity is merely a matter of handling the adversity of a disease so the body can learn to fight off the microorganism every time it comes in contact with it in the future. Permanent immunity makes you a stronger person. (Perhaps artificial immune procedures, while often making one immune to that disease, weakens the overall function of the body's immune system by not subjecting it to adversity.) Lifting weights is a stress but if done properly with the right amount, this adversity can make a person stronger. Even emotional stress, if overcome, often makes us stronger. People even say, "Well if it doesn't kill me, I'll be stronger for it."


We realize that certain adversities just cannot be overcome. They are just too overwhelming. Whether it is emotional, physical, or chemical, if any given adversity is too great it will result in stress and that stress will reduce the quality of your life.


Yet between insurmountable adversity and that which no one would even give a second thought to are the vast array of circumstances, events, and situations in life that cause tremendous stress in some people and do not affect others. From that we must conclude that there is a factor or factors inside of people that makes one person better able to handle adversity and not allow it to become stress and others less able to handle it.


One of those factors is the vertebral subluxation. How well you adapt to all types of stress is dependent upon the proper function of your nerve system and vertebral subluxation not only reduces the ability of the nerve system to work as well as it should but it is another stress upon the body compounding the stresses that you already have. As if we need that.


In this day and age when people are constantly faced with adversity and potential, stress-causing factors, why would you want anything like a vertebral subluxation that can reduce you body's ability to handle the adversities of life. Further, if you do have a vertebral subluxation would it not be wise to have it corrected as soon as possible? That is just one more reason as to why regular chiropractic adjustments are so important.

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