APRIL 2007

A Simple Little Cut

It happens to millions of people every day. They cut their finger or some other part of their body. It bleeds. They may clean it up, perhaps put some antiseptic on it and maybe an adhesive bandage and forget about it. A few days later, they are as good as new. So what happened in the interim?, Well, we know the bleeding stopped, a scab formed, new tissue forms underneath the scab and it eventually falls off.


The first part of the entire process is stopping the blood flow, what is known as clotting. When the liner of a pool develops a leak, all the water drains out. Did you ever think about the fact that a simple cut could drain all the blood from your body and kill you if you did not have a clotting mechanism? Granted it might take days to happen but a continual loss of blood could be fatal.

The blood consists of red blood cells and plasma, the clear watery part of the blood containing, among other things, white blood cells and proteins. Two to three percent ~ of the protein contains a protein complex called fibrinogen which is dissolved in the plasma floating through the blood stream doing nothing until a cut occurs. Then another protein called thrombin slices off some of the fibrinogen making it into a stringy, sticky net somewhat like a spider's web called fibrin. This net traps red blood cells and a clot is formed. Pretty simple huh? Well not quite.

Here's where it begins to get a little technical. If thrombin and fibrinogen were the only two proteins involved, the thrombin would be creating clots all the time and everyone knows that blood clots in the blood stream can be dangerous, even fatal. So the thrombin actually flows through the bloodstream in an inactive form called prothrombin which cannot slice off the fibrinogen to form the cell trapping net. The prothrombin (inactive thrombin) must be activated by another protein called Stuart factor which is also in the blood stream. However, it too must exist in an inactive state until bleeding occurs and a clot is needed at the site of the cut. You may by now have guessed that Stuart factor also needs to be activated and you are correct, however, not only does it need to be activated but it also needs another protein to help it activate prothrombin. That protein is called accelerin which exists in (you guessed it) an inactive form called pro?accelerin.

Are you following? Good, because here is where it gets a little more complicated! Just hang on though, were almost through the technical stuff.

Accelerin is activated by thrombin. It seems that there is always a small amount of thrombin in the bloodstream. Not enough to cause clots in the blood stream or we would have problems. So the prothrombin (which becomes thrombin) needs more than just the Stuart Factor and accelerin. Its level needs to be regulated by modifying its structure and this is done by having 10 specific amino acids changed. That change in the amino acids occurs by an enzyme and, something you may finally have heard about, Vitamin K.


This is just one part of the process. There is also a mechanism that occurs at the site of the wound external to the blood vascular system. There is also a cascade of processes that occur to stop the clotting process after a scab forms so the entire vascular system does not become one giant scab.


So what are the ramifications of all of this?


Well, first it emphasizes how fantastic the human body is. Here is a system that we can barely understand let alone design and continue to monitor. We can be thankful that there is an inborn wisdom within the body that is overseeing this process.


Second, the odds of this type of a system evolving are impossible. Having the process of blood clotting, as just described, occur by evolutionary changes has been estimated to be approximately 1 in 1018th. Those kind of odds in the lottery would mean that if a million people played the lottery it would take a thousand billion years for anyone to win even once. That figure is about 100 times longer that the scientist's current estimate of the age of the universe. For all the other processes in clotting that we have not discussed to occur would at the least double the time. Then there are all the other reactions measuring in the thousands, if not millions, occurring every second in our body.


If even one of these chemicals were absent in the clotting process, the process would never occur, causing the organism to bleed to death. Or, death-causing clots would form in numbers as a result of a simple cut. Our body is wonderfully created and wonderfully sustained by this inborn wisdom. This innate intelligence utilizes the nerve system in the production of all of these chemicals as well as in every other bodily process. It can do it better without interference due to vertebral subluxations. That is what chiropractors do, correct vertebral subluxations.


MY Way

I know it may sound strange, but every morning I wake up with a different song going through my head. Recently, I woke up singing My Way by Frank Sinatra. The first line I remember hearing in my head was, "For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then not a lot..." It made me think of something I hear from so many people everywhere I go these days.


They all say, "I can't believe how many drug commercials are on TV these days! You honestly can't make it through even one commercial break without seeing one!" This is no exaggeration; in fact, you usually see more than one each break.


What does this have to do with the song My Way? It has to do with what the people and things we spend time around tell us about ourselves, and what we come to eventually believe about ourselves because of it. The drug commercials have become so commonplace that many people no longer ask themselves IF they need a drug, but instead wonder WHICH drug(s) they need. This is because when you hear the ads long enough, you begin to believe the medical lie which says that you are basically weak, defective and prone to illness and injury, instead of remembering that you are an incredible and unique work of art from the mind and paintbrush of our Creator!


This reminds me of story about the great painter, Pablo Picasso from when he was in his fifties. One day he was in the park doing some sketches when a woman recognized him and asked him to sketch her. "Maestro," she said, "If you will do a drawing of me, it will be the greatest honor I could imagine! I will pay you anything you want! Will you sketch me?" To her surprise and delight, he agreed and began the drawing. Over the next fifteen minutes or so, a small crowd gathered to watch the master create what was obviously turning out to be a classic Picasso work. When it was finished, he presented it to her with a smile and said, "Madam, it has been my pleasure to draw you. That will be five thousand dollars." The woman stepped back with a shocked look on her face and exclaimed, "Five thousand dollars?! I'm not paying five thousand dollars for a pencil drawing, especially when it took you only fifteen minutes to draw!" He looked at her and calmly said, "It is not just a drawing, it is a Picasso, and it did not take me only fifteen minutes to draw, it took me fifty four years!"

How did Picasso come to believe so strongly in his own worth? Here is a quote from him that shows us how his mother helped him develop this high level self esteem. "My mother said to me, 'If you become a soldier you'll be a great general; if you become a monk you'll end up as the pope. Instead, I became a painter and found myself as Picasso."


Teach your children the truth instead of letting the drug ads influence them. Tell them the magic they are. Tell them that their bodies express an innate intelligence making them are dynamic, self-regulating, self-healing and able to adapt to what is happening in their environment! Tell them that as long as they focus on moving forward toward what they want, live a healthy lifestyle and keep a clear neurological connection, their bodies have been designed to not only handle nearly everything that comes along, but to actually get stronger because of their life experiences!

Help them to understand that the medical lie that tells them they need all kinds of man-made chemicals from outside themselves in order to survive and be happy is just that - a LIE, by not only telling them these things, but by being a living EXAMPLE of the truth!

Why do so many people find themselves moving so quickly toward health, happiness and wholeness once they adopt the chiropractic lifestyle? It's because they are living their lives based upon the truth! They see the bigness of whom and what they really are so that they can live life as ONLY THEY were meant to live it! Then, not only are THEY happier. I would probably guess that our Creator is happier as well and sings His own version of Frank Sinatra's song..."They did it MY WAY!"


Better Digestion

"One man's meat is another man's poison" is an old saying that still conveys a lot of truth. Why is it that some people can eat anything, while others complain that just about everything disagrees with them?


We can solve the problem by just avoiding particular foods or food groups. Yet, while that may ease the discomfort, it does not resolve the problem. The body is still not functioning as it should.

Perhaps much of the difficulty in people's lives results from constantly avoiding or ignoring little problems or covering them up with medication, while the cause of the body functioning incorrectly is never addressed. If the body cannot digest a certain food and you do not eat that food, you are symptom free. But that does not resolve the problem. There is something wrong in your digestive system and if not corrected, it will create problems later in life.

If your car shakes and has abnormal vibrations when you get up to speeds of 60 MPH would it be wise to keep your speed below 60 and ignore checking into the cause of the problem? Of course not. You may damage your car or endanger your life. Ignoring certain foods and not trying to find out why your digestive system is not working properly pretty much amounts to the same thing.

Keep your digestive system working at its maximum by seeing your chiropractor regularly to have your spine checked for vertebral subluxation.

The digestive system is one of the most delicately balanced systems in the body. Think about all the different types of food we eat. Did you know it takes a different type of chemical substance to digest all of the different types? Sugars, fats and proteins all require different chemicals to be digested and assimilated. On top of that, we usually put them all in the body at the same time! Somehow our bodies know which chemicals work on which foods and how much is needed for the proper digestion of each.

When our bodies are working properly, the innate wisdom of the body produces these chemicals exactly as needed. When you realize that digestion in the stomach necessitates highly corrosive hydrochloric acid and yet the stomach lining is protected from being burned, you have to be in awe of our fantastic bodies.

Suppose the cells that produce the protective coating for the stomach were not working as they should. Messages from the brain over the nerve system are needed to produce that protective coating as well as to produce the right amount of acid at the right time.

Every function of digestion, whether in the mouth, the stomach, the intestines or anywhere in between, necessitates chemical production which in turn necessitates mental impulses from the brain. If there is an interference to these mental impulses, the body will not and cannot work as it should. That interference occurs with vertebral subluxation.


There is another saying, "You are what you eat".  Unfortunately, that is only partially correct. The true saying should be, "You are what your body can make from what you eat". If there is a problem with absorbing and assimilating the foods and nutrients you consume, you can eat the best organic food and take the best vitamins, but you will not be able to use all that good nutrition properly, and may just end up with expensive urine.

Digestion and assimilation of food is necessary for life and health. Proper digestion and assimilation is vital to a healthy and productive life. Keep your digestive system working at its maximum by seeing your chiropractor regularly to have your spine checked for vertebral subluxation.

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