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Proper balance to our body chemistry is an important aspect of good health, proper function, and reaching your potential in every area of life. There are a number of things that can upset your body chemistry such as food, alcohol, medications, the environment, and pollutants that we take in with our food, water, and air.

Proper body chemistry and the production of the right chemicals in the right amounts are vital to almost every activity. Scientists in the health field are realizing that many diseases; in fact, most diseases have at least some imbalance in body chemistry as a cause. Diseases, like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, are directly related to the improper production of certain chemicals. We are all aware that diabetes is caused by the body's inability to produce an important chemical called insulin.

Aside from health issues, proper body chemistry is important to overall well-being. You cannot go to sleep at night if your body does not produce the right chemicals or if your body is producing the wrong chemicals. You cannot properly thread a needle, climb steps, butter your bread, laugh, drive a car, or just about anything else unless the chemistry in your body is balanced or as close to it as possible.

So what causes an upset or an imbalance of your body chemistry beside the things we mentioned earlier? One thing, the thing that attracts the attention of the chiropractor, is a vertebral subluxation.

There are millions of glands and cells in the body that produce chemicals. Every cell in the body produces chemicals for its own use. But many of them also produce chemicals that are responsible for the functions already mentioned and thousands more that the average person does not even know about.

Actually it is a pretty wonderful thought, to realize that whether or not we know anything about the thousands of chemical reactions that are taking place right this second in our bodies, they are happening and keeping us alive and well.

For all these chemical reactions to occur, they must receive the proper messages through the nerve system. You can imagine how important communication is if there are thousands of glands and cells producing all these chemicals.  Any interruption in the communication system and the body just cannot do its job to properly produce chemicals and balance body chemistry. That is exactly what a vertebral subluxation does; it disrupts communication resulting in an imbalance in body chemistry.

Can you live that way? Well, sure in most cases, but not as well as you can with a well-balanced body chemistry. Will it eventually lead to problems? Absolutely! Will it eventually cause diabetes, or Parkinson's, or Alzheimer's? Well, we do not know that. Everyone is different. There are obviously other factors beside vertebral subluxation that determine whether a person gets sick or not and which disease they manifest, but getting adjusted regularly will definitely increase your chance of staying well.

Better balanced body chemistry will improve the likelihood that you stay healthy just as eating good food, exercising regularly and getting the proper sleep will increase that likelihood. Most important, when your body chemistry is balanced every activity you participate in will be improved, enhancing every aspect of your life experience.


Is It or Isn't It?

Albert Einstein once said, "The most important question you will ever ask yourself is whether this is or is not a friendly universe." Philosopher and author, Ayn Rand, described this as having a benevolent universe premise or a malevolent universe premise. The study of the Law of Attraction as shown in the movie The Secret, basically states that whatever you think about with feeling you will attract into your life, regardless of whether it is good or bad and whether you want it or not.


Dr. Einstein believed that your answer to this question would in fact be the most important decision you would ever make. The reason it would be so important is summed up in another of his famous quotations; "You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that existed when it was created." Einstein knew that it is our deeply held BELIEFS about something that will determine which actions we will consistently take or avoid regarding that thing, and those actions or inactions will in turn determine the circumstances we will find ourselves in. So, your determination of whether we live in a friendly or hostile world will influence your actions in the world and bring about the circumstances of your life.


In my office, I can see your answer to this question demonstrated in your attitude. You either go through life with what we call a WELLNESS mentality, or an ILLNESS mentality. People with an illness mentality expect that mainly unpleasant things will happen to them because they believe that the world is basically hostile, unpredictable, and out of their control. On the other hand, those with a wellness mentality expect that mainly good things will happen in their lives because they believe that the world is basically friendly, and that they control and attract to themselves most of what happens to them through each of their thoughts, words, and actions.


How do we develop, maintain and even expand a wellness mentality? Three things are necessary.
1. A deliberate focus on moving TOWARD what you want, as opposed to trying to move away from what you don't want.
2. A healthy lifestyle that allows your body to function properly, heal and continue growing.
3. A clear neurological CONNECTION.


Where does chiropractic fit into this equation? Interference in your nerve system (what we call a subluxation) causes your body to use energy at a much greater than normal rate and in a less than productive way. This rapid depletion of energy sends your body into SURVIVAL MODE and causes the highest thinking centers of your brain to shut down. With these parts of your brain shut down, do you think it is possible to see the world as friendly, or do you suppose that coming from a state of SURVIVAL that you might interpret many (if not all) things as threatening?


The chiropractic adjustment process restores the free flow of energy at a normal and natural rate; a rate that allows for EASE of function in every cell, tissue, organ and organ system - INCLUDING YOUR BRAIN! Your body goes out of survival mode and back into ease, allowing you to once again see the world as friendly.


You see, your adjustments don't just help you feel better, they allow you to FEEL better - that is, they allow you to sense your environment in a totally different way than you would if you were subluxated and in survival mode. Do you see why we stress so strongly that everyone should get checked regularly? If you have read this and it makes sense to you, I'll see you this week. If you have read it and it just seems like another attempt to get you into the office...well...maybe you need an adjustment!


Life Expectancy

We often hear how life expectancy is increasing and how fortunate we are compared with those who were born hundreds of years ago. As with all statistics, the figures that we hear are not necessarily an accurate description of reality. In this particular case, it is true that expectancy has increased over the centuries, however it is not necessarily related to an overall increase in health.


Decreases in both accidental deaths and deaths related to childbirth (both mother and child) factor heavily into these statistics. Undoubtedly, improved living conditions and prenatal care have also greatly affected these statistics. For every child who dies in childbirth another person must live to be 100 to create a life expectancy of 50!


While life expectancy is increasing, I am not sure that the increase is significant or that it reflects the fact that we are healthier people. In 1900, the life expectancy was 47 years. In 1950 it had risen to 68 years. That seems like a pretty good jump, 21 years in half a century. Of course, during that time great strides in sanitation and prenatal care occurred. Not many people had pure water or even flush toilets in 1900 but by 1950 almost everyone did. In 1900 complications in birth were far more likely to result in the death of the infant. By 1950, as our knowledge increase more children and mothers survived the birth process. These two factors alone could account for the increase of 21 years.


The average life expectancy today is around 75 years. If you do the math you find that life expectancy increased 21 years in the first half of the 20th century and only 7 years in the second half. This is a little disconcerting considering the fact that there have been significantly more scientific breakthroughs in the last 50 years than in the first part of the century.

In addition to the so-called breakthroughs in science and medicine, we have also seen the development of numerous safety products to reduce the number of accidental death including air bags, smoke detectors, helmets, etc. Additionally, the transition from an industrial nation to an informational one in the past 50 years has reduced the number of deaths associated with industrial accidents.


The way the government places power in the hands of agencies like OSHA, one would think they alone are responsible for the 7-year increase in life expectancy. What is more, greater numbers of people are adopting a healthier lifestyle. Smoking has decreased significantly in this country and record numbers of people are going to fitness centers.


This brings us to the frightening conclusion that medical science has not really had a significant impact on life expectancy. More money has been spent in research to find cures for disease in the last 50 years than all of human history from Adam until 1950. It seems we should have more to show for it than a 7-year increase. The fact is all the attention focused at addressing disease has probably not added one year to the life expectancy of the average American. All the drugs that have been discovered and all the surgical procedures that have been done have not increased our life span for one simple reason. We can research and fight disease as much as we want but until we begin to focus on health and its cause, we are not going to create healthier people and without healthier people, life span will never increase significantly.


Chiropractic is not an approach to disease. It has an objective of enabling the body to work at its maximum potential. In doing so the body has greater ability to adapt to the stresses of life. More benefit can be gained from nutrition and exercise. Resistance is higher to fight off disease, natural resistance, not the kind that is brought about by ingesting drugs into the body, drugs with harmful side effects.


Do not be fooled into thinking that these little increases in life expectancy are some major achievements. The fact is the beauty and perfection of the human body suggests we should live twice as long as we do. Begin to explore true changes to your ability to be well, including regular chiropractic care, so you can bring about great leaps in longevity for yourself and all your loved ones.

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