JUNE 2007

Enjoy Life More!

The primary reason for chiropractic care is so that you can get more out of life.

Feeling good is an important aspect of enjoying life. While there are many people who seem to enjoy life despite physical pain and discomfort, there is no doubt that it is easier to enjoy life when you are feeling good.

Being healthy is also an important aspect of enjoying life. While most people think that being healthy and feeling good are synonymous, being healthy is a great deal more than merely the absence of symptoms. There are many people who feel perfectly fine today who tomorrow, next week, or next month will be dead or told they are dying from some disease. Feeling good is not health and health is more important than just feeling good.

There is a third level to enjoying life. It can be described as being all you can be, reaching your potential in life, functioning at your best. It is more than just feeling good and even more than just being given a "clean bill of health." It is the difference between being competent at your work and being a success. It is the difference between muddling along in life and squeezing every ounce of joy from it. It is enjoying the reality of life rather than watching reality shows on television.

For all the advances in science and medicine in the fight against disease, for all the efforts people put into being healthy with exercise and nutrition, not too many people seem to be really enjoying life.

With all the labor saving devices of modern technology, we should be doing more with our lives than increasing the time we can watch television. We should be enjoying more life and enjoy life more.

Chiropractic enables you to enjoy more life. The mental energy traveling through your body over the nerve system is the life that not only makes you healthy but gives you the ability to function at your best. When the spine subluxates, you are deprived of a little bit of life and your ability to enjoy life more is decreased. Chiropractic adjustments literally restore the life to your body so that it can heal itself, increase its level of health and function at its best.

There are a number of important areas involved in enjoying life more including spiritual, physical and mental. Chiropractic does not have the answers to all of these areas, but having a good nerve supply touches upon so many that it can hardly be classified as just a health profession. It affects so many aspects of your life in a positive way that to have your spine checked on a regular basis in order to keep the life energy flowing to all parts seems like a common sense action that no one could or would overlook. Yet so many people miss this simple but vital part of life and never enjoy life to the fullest.


Have your spine checked regularly, tell others about it, and enjoy life more!


Does Chiropractic Technique Matter


"My other chiropractor used to adjust me differently." "Are you going to do that thing my old chiropractor used to do?" "Wow, that was really different than my last chiropractic adjustment."

Ever wonder why chiropractors use different techniques? There are nearly as many ways to deliver a chiropractic adjustment as there are chiropractors. How is it possible that adjustments can be so different and still get good results?

"There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same," goes the Chinese proverb.

The chiropractic adjustment in all its various forms relies on a single principle: the body knows how to heal, regulate and develop itself. The intent of each adjustment is to remove interference and upgrade the body's internal communication to allow the free expression of innate wisdom.


There are perhaps a quadrillion cells in the human body, each one with its own body-wide web of connections to other cells and the central nervous system. Cells make up the tissues that make up the organs that comprise the physical body; all of them busy around the clock with conference calls, emailing, faxing and sending packages, even while we sleep. Reducing static and interference on the lines of communication is the intention and the effect of every adjustment.


Every aspect of the human experience is lived through the nervous system. Everything we think, hear and feel begins as a bioelectric impulse perceived and given meaning by the mind. We are born with instincts for survival and procreation, and various desires such as finding love, meaning and purpose, not to mention fun.


The body's master control system is composed of the brain, spinal nerves and hormonal messengers, linked with complex feedback loops. Mental impulses maintain the miracle of life, seamlessly integrating all functions of all cells in the body at all times. Billions of bits of information travel back and forth between brain cells and tissue cells every second. The electricity of life hums and vibrates through the nerves as long as there is no interference.


What is required is that we observe the natural laws in return for the miracle of a healthy life. Health is determined by the choices we make every day, including what we eat, what we think, and how we move. It has been said that our biography becomes our biology.


Chiropractic springs from ancient traditions of healing based on natural laws and an understanding that good health is a matter of personal responsibility. We eat food to provide the body with abundant toxin-free nutrients, but also for the absolute pleasure of it, hopefully without too much overindulgence and excess. The pure water we drink allows the body to filter toxins and recharge bioelectric pathways. The mind needs feeding too, thriving best on a diet of gratitude, possibility, creativity and discipline.


Motion is key to the body's physical and mental health to maintain tone and enhance circulation and the flow of energy. But just as no amount of flossing and brushing can fix a dental cavity, all the stretching and exercise in the world will never restore and maintain motion in the spine as does regular chiropractic care.

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