MARCH 2007

Improved Performance

Everyone seems to be attempting to improve their performance these days. The economy has corporations and industry trying to get the most out of their employees. Athletes are doing all kinds of things to improve their athletic performance. Viagra and similar competitive medications are publicly touting enhanced performance in an area that a few years ago was a personal and private matter.

Perhaps it is part of the American psyche that we all want to do better at work, at play, and at everything else. We are going to great lengths to improve our performance. Self-help programs, food supplements, drugs, seminars and meditation are just a few of the methods that people are using to attempt to improve their performance in various aspects of life.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of improving performance, generally and in specific areas, is to remove or reduce the interference to maximum performance.  Unfortunately, our society is geared toward adding something rather than removing something. Instead of removing the mental and emotional stresses that interfere with our ability to be effective in our job performance, we take mood-altering drugs as if that will make our internal problems go away.

Instead of removing the unhealthy things from our diet, we add supplements assuming that will compensate for a poor diet. Instead of addressing the cause of our lack of energy (often getting enough rest), we take "pep pills" as if they were a substitute for getting the proper rest.

The human body was designed with all that is needed to reach peak performance.

Adding things to our body, especially in the form of unnatural chemicals, may stimulate increased performance on a temporary basis but it cannot be sustained and it has to result in harmful side-effects. The best we can do is to live naturally and remove interferences. That may not make us the best that there is but it will make us the best we can be and that should be sufficient.

On the subject of removing interferences to performance, we cannot overlook nerve interference. It is probably the greatest interference, at least the greatest that can be easily removed. When a vertebra subluxates (misaligns) due to various activities of daily life, it interferes with the function of the nerve system. The nerve system is the primary tool by which the innate intelligence of the body controls and coordinates all function. Every function of your body will be reduced in its ability to perform if there is a vertebral subluxation in your spine.


How great that reduction in function will be depends on a number of factors and is different for every person. But without a doubt, you will not be the best you can be. Perhaps the reduction will be imperceptible, perhaps it will be noticeable only to you. Or perhaps it will only be noticeable to others and affect your work and your life. Regardless of who notices or who does not, you should have your spine checked regularly for subluxation so that there is no reduction in your performance due to nerve interference.


What Are You Training For?

We're ALL in training ALL OF THE TIME! We are always training ourselves for life! What I mean by this is simple to understand if you think about it. Training simply means to do something over and over again until it becomes second nature to you.


So what are YOU an expert at because of your training over the years? Are you an expert at being at peace and laughing often, or are you more of an expert at judging and being angry, depressed or frustrated? What have you practiced? Are you more of an expert at deep and purposeful breathing or ignoring your breath? Have you been training your body to use its water freely to detoxify, heal and grow by drinking lots of clear, pure water? Or have you taught it to be very stingy and hold onto as much water as possible because you never really think about and therefore rarely drink water? Have you trained yourself to eat well or have you been on a junk-food marathon? Have you consistently gotten enough sleep to allow your Innate Intelligence to repair and rebuild your body during sleep each night or have you been conditioning your body to simply "exist" on as little sleep as possible?


There are many other factors to a healthy lifestyle and I will not cover them all here. The question to ask yourself here is simple. Have you been PURPOSEFULLY training yourself for health, happiness and success, or has your training happened by default - without your conscious participation?


Here are some good questions to ask yourself in order to stay on the right track and begin training intentionally. Will this food clog me or cleanse me? Would I be willing to preach what I practice in each area of my life? What kind of world would this world be, if everyone lived just like me? Will my choices today be an example or a warning?


These are all great questions. The trick is to remember to ask them and then make the right decisions! You may have noticed that this is not an easy thing to do consistently. That is because most people are not using the parts of their brain that function at the highest level.


Three things are necessary to stay in the highest centers of your brain and more easily make the right choices. You need a deliberate focus on moving TOWARD what you want, a healthy lifestyle that supplies your body with everything necessary to function properly, heal and grow, and you need a clear neurological connection.


Many people have tried affirmations, positive thinking and have almost completely changed their lifestyles but have found that after a short time, they fell right back into their old habits (what they had trained themselves for previously). That is because without ALL THREE factors, you cannot stay in the higher brain centers. The one thing most people are missing is the clear neurological connection that REGULAR chiropractic care can give them.


Remember, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN TRAINING. You wouldn't work out, get physically fit and then say, "Boy, I'm glad I never have to work out again!" You must maintain ALL THREE factors throughout your entire lifetime - INCLUDING CHIROPRACTIC CARE to keep the connection between your brain and body CLEAR!


Look closely at your entire training regiment. Does it include all three of these factors? Make sure it does. And then, as you continue your life journey toward wholeness, you will realize what every massively healthy, happy and successful person has come to know...THERE IS NO FINISH LINE!

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