MAY 2007

Job Security

Chiropractors seem to enjoy wonderful job security.


We know everybody needs chiropractic care.


We know that a bone or bones in the spine can misalign and put pressure on nerves.


We know that this pressure on the nerve interferes with the transmission of mental impulse from the brain to the body.


We know that when this interference is present, the body is chemically and functionally imbalanced.


We know that this imbalance reduces all aspects of human performance.


We know that reduced human performance affects every aspect of life.


We know that people make up families, neighborhoods, communities, counties, states, countries, continents, etc.


We know that chiropractors assist in the correction of vertebral subluxations.


We know that when vertebral subluxations are removed human performance is increased and the body is allowed to better balance chemically and functionally (within the limitation of matter).


We know that when people are chemically balanced they think, digest, rationalize, tolerate, get along, and function better.


We know that husbands and wives enjoy each other and their children more if they are free from vertebral subluxations.


We know that the neighborhoods would look better and be safer if everyone was getting their spines checked regularly.


We know that the counties and states would have safer, more tolerant drivers, politicians, and law enforcement officers with proper mental impulse supply from brain cell to tissue cell.


We know that a country could prosper beyond the wildest of imaginations in kindness and peace, if people could maintain chemical balance and functional balance.


The challenge we have before us is to get everyone on this planet to know what we know. The world needs to know that when bones of the spine put pressure on nerves, the quality of life within that individual is reduced beyond measure.


Chiropractors help to correct vertebral subluxations for the limitless expression of human performance.


The world needs to hear the truth. Make sure you help tell them.


Amen Brother

I recently read a story about how to be a better chiropractor.


I didn't know it was about chiropractic until well after I read it, though. See what you think.


It seems a group of elders at a church were interviewing candidates for pastor of the church following the announcement of the impending retirement of the current pastor. When they finished with the last applicant, it was an easy choice. One stood out as clearly the type of pastor they felt could lead their church. He was energetic, warm, pleasant, caring and plainly passionate about his commitment to spiritual service. And he was even agreeable to the rather Spartan circumstances his new parishioners were able to provide. The elders were unanimous in their vote and in their sense of good fortune at having such a wonderful prospect.


The day finally arrived when the new pastor would conduct the services. The elders looked on with admiration as he led the congregation. The sermon was inspired. At times booming, at others mellow, even when it was but a whisper, there was such intensity in his voice that it carried to every ear. His sincerity filled the church. The line of parishioners leaving the church that Sunday morning was slower than usual as each member stopped at the door to shake hands and chat with the pastor and offer their welcome and appreciation.


The next week, the church seemed more full than usual. Words of praise for the new pastor had been the hot topic of the week around town and people were excited about celebrating their day of worship. The time for the sermon arrived and heads were all on necks craning to get a better vantage. He stepped to the pulpit, opened his mouth and ? delivered the same sermon as last week!? It was still thrilling, nonetheless, and everyone lined up to thank him on the way out.


The following Sunday, the congregation was abuzz with anticipation, waiting to hear the pastor's wisdom. This time he, uh ? gave the same sermon again!?! People began wondering what was going on. The church emptied out quickly this time.


The elders noticed that the congregation was a bit restless that next Sunday as the sermon approached. To their collective dismay, the pastor, well, he, uh, as you might have guessed ? for the fourth time, repeated the same sermon! This time, after the service, the longer line led to the elders who heard questions and complaints about their choice in pastors. They decided it was time to have a talk with him.


"We've all been very impressed with the way you've taken to our church and our community," one of them began. "You had quite a challenge, what with your predecessor being so admired here, but it seems you have managed quite well."


"Yes," interrupted another. "You have a wonderful talent with words! You seem to capture the people's attention with your sermon."


"Which is why we wanted to talk with you," at last, the senior member spoke. "Everyone enjoyed your sermon; quite inspiring, indeed. But, well, do you realize...? What I mean is, we've noticed...How should I say this? You have the ability to have us hanging on your every word but we've heard the same exact sermon four weeks in a row!!


"Thank you for noticing!" responded the pastor to a now astonished group. "Yes, I know. And I'm glad you enjoyed it so because I will be honored to keep giving this message until you go beyond hearing it and begin living it!"


At first when I sit down to write, my mind kept coming back again and again to the question ? What can I tell you that you haven't already heard? You've heard "the sermon" perhaps a thousand times by now. You've read all the books about health, chiropractic, and life improvement. You've listened to all the CDs and tapes and seen all the videos. You know about the key elements of our fantastic initial and ongoing educational program. You know about the marvelous in-office programs to stimulate your mind and help you refer friends and loved ones.

You know how inconsistency can undermine all your other efforts, no matter how good they are. You know how much of a difference it makes when you make chiropractic relevant to your life and your family and friends.


Then I realized I was asking myself the wrong question. Instead, I decided, it would be better to be focus on the question ? What can I tell you that you haven't already done! Aha! Now it would be easy. You see, I've also read all the ads and books, listened to the tapes and watched the videos and, you know what? They don't work, they're ineffective, they're a complete waste of time - unless you do something with them.

I have no intent on giving the same "sermon" as you've heard from fitness gurus, nutritional experts, and all these other sources. First of all, I don't pretend to have that kind of wisdom to impart. Secondly, you're not me. What appeals to us individually or what we each will choose may very well be different. You've already heard all the other great ideas.


My message is simple. Your life is better when you are unsubluxated. You already know what to do. You just have to commit to doing it. Begin living it today! Those that have can share their stories and successes with you.


Oh, and, yes, I'll be giving the same message next time as well.

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