Green Body = Green Earth

It seems that every day we hear about global warming and so-called Green-Earth policies that we can employ in order to help reverse the direction our planet appears to be moving. In a show on the Discovery Channel, they said that making this shift happen was actually a very simple three-step process. The steps were as follows...

1. Stop the Poisoning
2. Cleanse and Detoxify
3. Revitalize and Regenerate


They also said that if each of us were to simply take care of the small space that we move in each day, we would see a global shift occur within a very short period of time. Look at that last sentence again..."If we all take care of the small space we move in each day...". The producers of the show were referring to your external environment, but the same three steps listed above to save the Earth will also start you on your way to being healthier and happier than you've ever been before when you apply them to your own body and lifestyle!


The first step is to stop the poisoning. Our diets are one major area of poisoning and the most obvious. In fact, I'll bet EVERYONE knows at least one change they could make right now that would improve their diet, even if it's a small one. A simple question to ask yourself before putting something into your body is, "Will this cleanse me or clog me?"


While our diets are a major source of poisoning, I think that most people mainly poison themselves with their thoughts. Focusing on all of the things that are wrong, missing and not perfect yet, judging themselves and others - these are all things that change your biochemistry from clean to dirty; from helpful to harmful. And, once this biochemical shift has occurred, a vicious cycle occurs that affects your brain and your moods, causing the release of still more harmful biochemicals into your system. It doesn't take long before this causes you to feel so bad that you begin making mainly bad choices in every area of your life.


The really great thing about how Nature has created us is that once we stop poisoning ourselves, the next two steps will take care of themselves! We have mechanisms within us to cleanse and detoxify ourselves, and to revitalize and regenerate ourselves! However, these mechanisms require a clear neurological connection between your brain and your body in order to be carried out as intended.


A regular program of chiropractic care ensures that you and your family stay will neurologically connected; when your spine is in alignment and moving properly, your spinal cord and the rest of your nerve system is free to express your Life Force at its highest level. This clear connection, along with a healthy lifestyle and a positive focus will keep you moving in the direction of a "Green Body!" And, a world full of healthy green people making health green choices will progressively bring about our goal of a greener earth as well!




Our attitudes shape our beliefs which then determine our actions. Examine your attitudes about health. In large measure, your current level of health will be a reflection of these attitudes.


--Are you the type of person who takes responsibility for your health, or do you ignore your health until some crisis occurs?


--Do you live for today, doing things which you know aren't great for your body and your health in the long run, but you're getting away with it now, so what the heck?


--Do you believe you're a victim of circumstances or bad genes or whatever else and therefore powerless to do anything about your health?


--Do you believe that health is to be found outside of you in some pill, procedure or potion or do you realize that health is within you and simply needs to be expressed without interference?


The state of your health is a result of many factors such as:

1) What you've done with and to your body
2) How you care for your body on a daily basis
3) Your thoughts and attitudes about yourself and your circumstances
4) Your environment


Your future health will also be a result of these things, but the exciting part is that you have the ability to influence what your health will be by your attitudes and actions today and over the days and years to come.


You can choose to be less abusive to your body.


Stop doing those things which are physically traumatic or over taxing.


Stop exposing yourself to harmful chemicals such as cigarette smoke, "junk" foods, unnecessary drugs, and other environmental toxins.


Stay away from negative mental influences like too much news on TV, gossip, and negative people.


You can choose more positive habits and a more positive lifestyle.


Start moving!! Regularly engage in some activity which increases your heart rate. Stretch and increase your flexibility. Tone your muscles to increase metabolism and maintain bone strength.


Make better food choices.


Maintain a positive attitude and take time for prayer, meditation, or quiet reflection.


Maintain positive relationships with yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers.


Get checked and adjusted regularly so that your spine and nerve system are functioning their best. This will allow your body to most effectively deal with the results of past actions and attitudes, while ensuring that your future health is as good as possible.

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