Are You Doing All You Can For Your Children?

Let me take the time to congratulate you for taking the time to read about something will be beneficial for your children. I'm confident that by the end of this article, you should have a great new way of not only ensuring that your children express more of the life within them and come closer to reaching their fullest potential in life, but that you and your entire family will be able to do the same.


I know you care about your children. There probably isn't anything you care more for than them. In fact, your children and their well being are probably more precious than your own life.


Think back to the day your child or children were born. It was undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable days of your life. And that feeling never leaves you. And from that day on, you want the best for your children, don't you? You want them to be well and to do well. And I commend you for that. Especially in today's world where it is becoming increasingly more difficult to teach your children right from wrong and to protect them from the many dangers that lurk in the most unsuspecting places. Isn't that why we urge our children to get off the couch and away from the TV, or the computer, or video game, so they can ride a bike or run or play and get some fresh air and exercise. Isn't that why we fight with them to eat their vegetables, and to do their homework? And to go to bed early, even when they really don't want to?


We do these things with the confidence that it will help them become happier, healthier, more productive adults. And that's precisely what this article is about. For the next few minutes I'd like you to consider a terrific way to help your children perform better in both academics and athletics, and to help them adapt to the physical, chemical, and emotional stresses in their environment.


Let's go back to the day your child or children were born. Can you remember that breathtaking and awesome feeling, the absolute miracle of life, when at that certain moment another living being came into your life? Can you remember the tiny nose breathing the first few gasps of air? Can you remember the little lungs crying out as they began to adapt to an entirely new environment? Can you remember the very tiny fingers and toes in just the right place and the perfect size? Life is really cool stuff, isn't it? There's just no way that all this happens just by chance. Clearly the body is organized and it knows how to be well. If it can put these lovely little creatures together in such a perfect manner in just 9 months, without any help from man or our educated minds, then it certainly must have within it an intelligence that continually organizes and orchestrates all the many complexities of the body. Wouldn't you agree?


The fact is, even in that very tiny baby, the wisdom of the body uses the nerve system to conduct all kinds of business without any one giving it a second thought. You know a baby can circulate blood and make living tissue as well as the smartest, most educated person on the planet. The baby can digest food, of course in smaller portions at first; but then increasingly bigger and more complicated food as the child continues to grow. And from this digested food the baby is able to make new cells and living tissues to support its ever-growing frame. No one tells it how to digest the food or what to do with it once it is digested. It happens independent of our conscious thought. This, and almost every other function of our body are directed by the wisdom of our body, which uses the nerve system as a communication tool. It is used to develop and maintain the function of the heart, the breathing, and the immune system, as well as many, many other things.


In fact, the nerve system is so vital to the well being of the body, that even in that tiny baby it is protected by bone. The skull protects the brain and the spinal cord is protected by the bones of the spine. Knowing that the nerve system runs virtually every other system of the body, do you think having interference to the nerve system would be a good thing or a bad thing? I certainly hope you said a bad thing, because it absolutely is bad. Your body simply cannot express the life within it as fully as possible when interference is present in the nerve system, and consequently any number of things may not be working like they should. It makes sense that if this is true for little people, then it is true for big people as well.


You might be thinking, well that all makes sense, and if my child gets interference in his nerve system I'll be quick to do something about it. But let me ask you, how will you know if your child has interference in their nerve system? Will you wait for him to tell you? Will you wait for something to hurt? I certainly hope not, because the truth is, people develop interference to their nerve system all the time that give absolutely no indication that they are present whatsoever.


Because the bones of the spine move, they can also misalign in such a way that they create these interferences in the nerve system. Let me ask you, would you know right now if your heart was beating a little slower that it should? Would you know if your body was unable to make a sufficient amount of white blood cells? Would you know if your liver was cleaning your blood properly or not? The answer to these questions and to many, many other questions is a resounding NO! You simply cannot know.


Let's consider some of the things that may cause interference to the nerve system. Do you think that falling on your tailbone might wrack the spine sufficiently to misalign a bone ever so slightly that it causes interference to the nerve system? Of course, it absolutely can. Now let me ask you, did your children fall on their tailbone when they were learning to walk? I'm sure you're saying yes, maybe hundreds or even thousands of times. Or how about this, have your children since learning to walk fallen out of bed, or off their bike. Have they stood on their head, or learned to do a summersault, or learned to roller skate or skateboard? Have they started to bend over their books to study and do their homework, forcing their necks into unnatural positions for long periods of time? Do they play football, soccer, or wrestle either as a sport or with you and their brothers and sisters? Do they swing a bat, a club, or a racket? Do they play a musical instrument? Have they gone through puberty, when their bodies are raging with chemical changes that stress them and everyone around them out? Well parents, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this list goes on and on and on. All of these things can create misalignments of the spinal bones that create interference in the nerve system and then keep the body from working the way it should.


What's more important than how long this list is, is where the list begins. And that's with the trauma of birth itself. Many times the child is pulled and twisted through the birth canal while being delivered. It's odd, because as soon as the child is born, everyone is very careful with the baby's head and neck, but in being born almost anything goes. I'm sure you've heard of forceps deliveries and vacuum deliveries; these are extremely high force deliveries. But even in a natural delivery the spinal bones can be misaligned in such a way as to create interference in the nerve system without presenting any symptoms whatsoever.


If that is true, how long are you going to leave it there? Even if your children didn't develop interference in their nerve system at birth the question becomes have they done any of the other things we have listed? Obviously, the answer is yes, probably many of these things. Then the chances are great that your children have some interference in their nerve system right this minute. Interference that is keeping them from expressing their fullest potential in life.


I know you want what's best for your children. I know you feel your children deserve every opportunity in this life. I know you want to help your children in every way you possibly can. Why don't you look into having your children's spines checked for vertebral subluxations. These are small misalignments in the spinal bones that create interference in the nerve system and keep their body from expressing their fullest potential in life. Exactly what you've been reading about in these last few minutes. Why don't you make sure to bring your children in weekly to have their spine's checked. While you're at it you can have your own spine checked too. You'll be happy that you did and your children will thank you some day.


Are You Wasting Money And Time?

In recent years, more people than ever are looking forand choosing to eat organic food. So much so that even regular grocery storesare expanding their organic section. More people are joining gyms andexercising than ever before. Vitamins and supplement sales are higher thanthey've ever been. More people are meditating and trying to get more sleep thanever before.


Unfortunately, I can't help but shake my head at all the money and time that is wasted by most of the people that are doing all those things.


Now don't misunderstand, I believe that all those things are wonderful and necessary, but I don't think that most people are getting the most benefit they can be getting from all those positive lifestyle choices.


Some of the time and money spent on those things may be wasted if there is interference to the function of your nerve system. Nerve interference occurs when the spinal bones misalign in such a way as to interfere with the proper function of the nerves they are supposed to protect. We call this a subluxation. Spinal bones misalign due to the numerous physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that we are all exposed to on a daily basis. Without a properly functioning nerve system, all the good lifestyle habits are limited in their ability to affect the change people are hoping for. This is absolutely vital to understand.


What good is eating impeccably if nerve interference prevents you from digesting, assimilating, and eliminating foods properly? The expression 'you are what you eat' is actually wrong. It should be 'you are what your body can utilize from what you eat'.


If someone has nerve interference that affects the nerves to his heart, lungs, or muscles is it advantageous for him to undertake a weightlifting or running program that jars his body and furthers the irritation?


Does someone who is suffering from exhaustion benefit from extra time trying to sleep if his body chemistry is so completely out of balance that deep sleep is not possible?


Many people fail to recognize just how important a properly functioning nerve system is to reaching their health and life goals. But it is even almost impossible to even have normal thought processes and emotions in the presence of nerve interference.


Many people realize that chiropractic can help them with certain health issues, but done correctly it goes much farther than that. The true goal of chiropractic, if done regularly, is to help you express more of the life within you and to help you come closer to reaching your fullest potential in life. By being checked regularly and having nerve interference removed your body can function better.


For example, removing nerve interference may improve you digestive system which would now function better by digesting and absorbing more nutrients from the good food that you eat. Removing nerve interference may allow your heart, lungs, and muscles to obtain more benefit from the exercise that you do. Removing nerve interference may allow for more balanced body chemistry which may improve your mental and emotional health, allow you to obtain more benefit from sleep and meditation, and to also better handle stress.


You might be thinking, well that all makes sense, and if I get interference in my nerve system I'll be quick to do something about it. But let me ask you, how will you know if you have interference in your nerve system? The most dangerous thing about nerve interference is that much like the early stages of cancer and heart disease, people develop interference to their nerve system all the time that give absolutely no indication that they are present whatsoever.


Some people may be saying that, "You really want me to come in to get checked for interference to my nerve system regularly for the rest of my life?" My answer is, "Yes if you want to continue to work toward fully expressing your purpose and potential in life." However, if that is not your goal, you can stop at any time. You may go a week or two without needing nerve interference corrected, and if you are that lucky fine - we'll celebrate! But you can't know if you are at your best unless you get checked regularly!


Our bodies are what we have been given to express our true selves and manifest our purpose and potential in life. It is our responsibility to keep our bodies as whole and healthy as possible by living a healthy lifestyle. But, if your brain and body can't communicate fully due to nerve interference, all of those healthy lifestyle habits may be futile.


So, how much money have you been wasting?


Please make sure you come in regularly to have your spine checked for nerve interference and corrected as needed. You'll be happy that you did and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the money and time spent on all your healthy lifestyle choices will have more of an impact on your health and life.

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