APRIL 2008

Believing is Seeing

Many people reading the title of this article may think it's backwards. After all, for most of the people in our world, seeing is the ultimate proof that something is so. And yet, without a belief that something is possible, you will probably not consistently take the actions that are necessary to bring about the results you want because you are certain that your efforts will be fruitless. This is true regarding every area of your life including your health. Dr. Deepak Chopra has said that the first step in bringing about a higher level of health is the belief that it is possible for you.


While a belief that a higher level of health is possible is an important first step, faith in YOUR OWN ability to help move yourself toward health is even more crucial in bringing about the results you want. Most people have bought into the lie that medical science has been telling them since they were born; that they are basically weak, defective, prone to illness and injury and that they need lots of help from the outside in the form of pills and medicines just to make it through the day. And, because of this terrible lack of belief in themselves, many have even nearly given up trying to consistently do those things they know are good for them and have begun relying entirely upon someone else (their doctors) to make them healthier.


This habit people have developed of looking outside of themselves for what they want to see has resulted not only in a low level of health and happiness for them personally, it has also caused most of the world's population to allow the "people in charge" to take away our freedoms and do whatever they want in the name of whatever cause they believe in, no matter how much it ultimately harms others or our planet.


So what do we do about this?


Well, the first step is understanding that you have within you an inborn-innate intelligence that always knows what is needed for you to be healthy and keep growing stronger. This innate intelligence is expressed in every cell in your body and uses the nerve system to coordinate everything. As long as you have a positive focus, a healthy lifestyle, and a spine that is aligned and functioning normally so that you have a clear neurological connection between your brain and your body, your innate intelligence is able to do its job and move you consistently toward health and wellness.




YOU must change your focus.


YOU must progressively make lifestyle choices that actively bring about health.


YOU must make getting checked by your chiropractor a priority.


Now many will say that perfect health is not possible. But always remember that while something may not be perfect, it can always be perfected. Your goal should be to continually move toward health and wellness; toward perfect health, and believing in your innate intelligence's ability to do its part as long as you do yours is the crucial first step of your journey.


I am asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to clear your nerve system and help bring about real change in your body...I am asking you to believe in YOUR ability to heal yourself and then ACT as if you ARE healthy.


Believing is seeing!


You Never See Rabbits Wearing Glasses

Everyone knows that carrots are good for your eyes. There is something about the amount of carotenoids in carrots that are supposed to help your vision.


Recently, an advertisement for a nutritional supplement to help your eyesight came in the mail. In an effort to extol the benefits and the potency of their supplement, they said that to get the equivalent of four of their capsules, the daily requirement, you would have to eat either 384 baby carrots, 87 tomatoes, 7 cups of Brussels sprouts, 10 cups of romaine lettuce, or 41 cups of orange juice. (I think any kid would prefer corrective glasses over 7 cups of Brussels sprouts a day!)


What is the significance of this information? Well, it may be that God designed our bodies to need the equivalent of 384 carrots a day. That would be like designing an automobile with a gas tank of one-quart capacity. You would have to stop every five miles to fill the tank. Gratefully, God is much smarter than the automobile manufacturers in Detroit. We cannot possibly HAVE to eat 384 carrots to get our nutritional requirements.


So why do the nutritional supplement manufacturers make their capsule so potent? Apparently they think that we need that much potency. More than likely, they notice that people who eat an average amount of carrots in a day still have vision problems which means normally and naturally we cannot possibly eat enough to meet our nutritional needs.


All kidding aside, it is impossible to eat that many carrots or tomatoes. I might be able to down 2 ½ gallons of orange juice in a 24-hour period. In fact, I may have done something like that on a dare as a teenager. But there is no way anyone could drink 41 cups day after day.


Perhaps there is a more significant problem, one that not only affects the need for carrots but relates to every other nutritional problem we have. It may very well be that our problem is a failure or a diminished ability to absorb the nutrients that we eat. After all, we are not what we eat. We are what our body can do with what we eat.


If our ability to absorb the nutrients we put into our bodies is decreased, then even good nutritional food is not going to supply our needs. If the supplement industry is filling a need, it may be the need is not inadequate food but inadequate digestive function.


Their solution is to give us more and more nutrients, much more than we normally need. They figure that the more you get, the more you will absorb. It is like watering your lawn on a hot, dry sunny day. You need to use more water because much of it is going to be lost to evaporation. Ideally, you should water your lawn in the early morning when the greatest amount of absorption using the least amount of water can occur.


When it comes to nutrition, whether you are taking supplements or not, the best thing to do is to make sure the lining of your digestive tract is as healthy as it can be so that it can absorb as much good nutrition as possible from your carrots, your carotenoid supplement, your orange juice, or even your Big Mac with lettuce and tomato.


Chiropractic is intended to keep your entire body, including your digestive system, functioning at its maximum potential by removing interference in the nerve system that may reduce digestive function, as well as every other function. Keep your spine subluxation free and perhaps you can eat 382 less carrots every day or only take one supplement instead of four.

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