JULY 2008

Afraid of Chiropractic?

In the years that I've been in practice, I've found that there are a few people that are afraid of chiropractic. Maybe its those action movies from the '80's that featured Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone killing enemy soldiers and villains by twisting their heads. Maybe it is still residual propaganda from the AMA (American Medical Association) and the ignorant doctors in the medical community. Maybe people know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone that had a bad experience with a chiropractor. Its funny how you really never can find out who that "someone" is. Who knows?


I think that the biggest problem with those that fear chiropractic is that they do not understand it and naturally fear what is unknown. Sometimes fear is a good thing, but many times it is completely unwarranted. Fear often disappears when understanding moves in. Teachers have told us for years "knowledge is power." This is so true, the more we know about anything, the less fear and anxiety we have about it. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is that "knowledge is the antidote to fear."


I am sure everyone who reads this has faced a tense, anxious situation at sometime in their life. We all know what it means to be AFRAID. Then, something changed. We learned or experienced something we didn't know before! Now, we are not afraid anymore. It's O.K. Tension and anxiety disappears and we are no longer "afraid."


So it is with chiropractic. The truth is that chiropractic is nothing to be afraid of. It is natural. It does not involve adding something to the body or taking something out of the body. It feels good and it really is something that can do our families and us a lot of good. The more people learn about it, the more they like it.


I wish those people were as afraid of vertebral subluxations as they are of going to a chiropractor for the first time! If people knew what I know about vertebral subluxations, they would demand that they get adjusted and everyone they know get adjusted as well.


Chiropractic benefits everyone. The benefits are sometimes subtle, sometimes remarkable. Everyone is different, everyone is unique, and so it is impossible to say exactly how anyone will benefit. However, the most common benefits to regular care include: more balanced body chemistry; more energy; improved health; clearer thinking, concentration, and memory; a better ability to handle stress; improved physical performance; better sleep; greater value from exercise and nutritional choices; increased income earning capacity; improved relationships; better digestion; etc., basically a Greater Enjoyment of Life. It is logical and common sense to say that everyone is better off without vertebral subluxation.


Chiropractors keep people free from vertebral subluxations. After all, restoring the normal alignment and function to the spine, which reestablishes the normal brain body connections so that your innate intelligence can be maximally expressed, is a really good thing. It is one of the best things one human being can do for another.


How Strong is Your Signal?

As a chiropractor, I constantly look for new and interesting ways to explain objective straight, non-therapeutic chiropractic. I take the time to sit down with every new person that walks through the door and explain what a vertebral subluxation is and how it negatively affects every aspect of our body and ultimately negatively affects our life.


I explain how vertebral subluxations not only affect our physical body but also our performance in all our activities, whether they are of sport, work, or leisure. It is a challenge to keep my explanations brief yet effective. It is a challenge to keep the explanation interesting and relevant to that person sitting in front of me.


I was sitting with a young girl and her mother. The mother had started chiropractic adjustments the prior week and wanted me to check her daughter. During the conversation, it was evident that the daughter was very bright and by her questions and comments she understood the "big" picture. Within a few moments we were discussing cellular telephones. Don't ask me how this happened, but I couldn't resist the challenge of making this conversation a chiropractic example.


I asked her how she knew her phone had maximum reception capability. She replied it would have four bars across the top of the display. I then asked her if she thought the phone operated best when it had the maximum reception capabilities, and of course she replied, "yes!"


Okay, you see where this is going.


The conversation shifted to how people who get checked and are adjusted on a regular basis are much like the cell phone with maximum reception. They are at their best potential and have the greatest capability of performing their functions as they are intended. We further discussed how many cell phones are still operational with less than four bars but their functions may be compromised - the call may have echoes, poor reception, or calls may be dropped.


Many people we know and love walk around all day with less than their full potential. Certainly, they are functioning - but are they functioning to the greatest potential? How would their life change if they had their maximum signal strength? At what point should you decide to have your spine checked? At what age do you decide to have your children checked for vertebral subluxations? When should you tell others about this?


What does maximum signal strength mean to you?


Using your cell phone as an example to explain straight chiropractic is a great tool and opportunity to positively change a person's life.


The Common Denominator

Our world is made up of all different types of individuals. They are as varied as their faces. Every person has different needs. They work different jobs. They are young and they are old. Some are healthy, some not. But, the one binding thread that every person in our world has is STRESS.


Stress impacts people in a variety of ways, including emotionally, physically, chemically and spiritually.


As a doctor of chiropractic I see the impact of stress. I see individuals that have over stimulated nerve systems and those with under performing nerve systems. I understand the negative affects from heavy metals, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, car accidents, family problems ? the list goes on and on ? and people in our community are suffering from all of these. I also know conventional medicine prescribes synthetic drugs to calm an over?stimulated nerve system and still others to pump up an under active one.




Our bodies deal with and adapt to stress every day of our lives, from the day we are born to the day we leave this world. Stress beyond our body's ability to adapt is a detriment to our expression of Life. We deal with stress through body-function, which is controlled and coordinated by the nerve system.

The nerve system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and the extending network of nerves that branch out and touch just about every single cell in the human body. The brain and the body are in constant communication with each other. This communication and resulting body-function is our expression of Life.


Therefore, there is only one way our body can function properly and express Life to the fullest ... by maintaining a nerve system that is free of interference.

One way stress can manifest itself in our bodies is by forming vertebral subluxations. A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of a vertebrae, putting pressure on the spinal cord and interfering with the communication between the brain and the body. When the communication between the brain and the body is interfered with it is impossible for the body to function properly, diminishing our expression of Life.

When these vertebral subluxations first occur, which could be the day we are born or any day after, we don't usually feel them. As a result, the only way to be sure we are subluxation free is by getting our spines checked on a regular and consistent basis, ensuring a greater Quality and Quantity of Life.


As a doctor of chiropractic I address the problems associated with stress on the nerve system by correcting subluxations. Since subluxations can be caused by so many things and occur so frequently, weekly care is recommended for you and your family.

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