JUNE 2008

The Gift Nobody Wants

I was recently watching ultimate fighting match and one of the fighters was using Muay Tai kicks to hit his opponent. One of the announcers was a former fighter and was recalling being hit by several kicks in his own career when he said, "Believe me, you don't want that pain!" This got me wondering if there is a pain that anyone ever does want. While no one may ever actually wish for pain, it truly is an important gift we have been given. You may never have thought of pain as a gift before, but once you understand how valuable it is in helping you survive, heal and grow, you just might.


Many people talk about having a high pain tolerance. But think about it, pain wasn't meant to be TOLERATED, it was meant to be NOTICED! Pain is your body's way of forcing you to become more aware of yourself and your environment and warns you that something is wrong and to use caution in your actions during the healing process to avoid further damage. Do you see the value in this? Pain can also cause us to reflect upon how we may have contributed to our current situation ourselves, thereby allowing and enabling us to learn. Do you see the value here as well? Without the lessons we learn from our experiences, we can never grow.


Most people's first reaction to pain is to use or take something to try to eliminate the pain. But killing the pain without asking WHY your body is warning you is not only foolish, but dangerous. If the oil warning light comes on in your car, you have two choices. The first is to take a piece of masking take and put it over the light so that you are no longer aware of the warning your car's internal mechanisms are sending you. In fact, you can go right on driving for quite awhile; totally oblivious that the problem that caused the warning light to come on is still there. But, you also know that if you do that, down the road you will run into an even bigger problem that will take a lot more time, effort and money to fix, if in fact is still able to be fixed at all! When you take steps to make sure the reason for the warning is addressed, your car's master control system stops warning you and your ride becomes naturally easy and carefree again. However, it is important to learn and grow from your experience so that you can avoid the same warning again in the future.


There are things you can do on your own during the healing process that will help you feel a little better as ease returns to your body. First, REMEMBER how valuable pain is. Then, RELAX as much as you can. Sit quietly and take some deep breaths to help return your body to ease and picture yourself doing normal activities, being productive and having fun, all the while feeling great. Drink extra water as it carries toxins and cellular debris away from the area to speed healing. Last, make sure you are LISTENING to your body and asking yourself how your own thoughts, words and actions may have contributed, and learn for the future.


The number one thing you can do to help yourself is to get adjusted by your chiropractor to keep a clear neurological CONNECTION between your brain and your body, so that your innate intelligence can comprehend and respond properly to whatever is needed from moment to moment during the healing process. Then, as the body heals and returns to its natural state of ease, the pain (warning signal) will automatically resolve in the right amount, at the right time while continuing to provide you with the proper degree of protection and the opportunity to learn, grow and unfold into all you were meant to be.


Then all you have to do is allow TIME, and trust that your innate intelligence has done its job in helping you move consistently toward total integration of body, mind, and spirit, so that you can express your purpose and full potential in every area of your life - what we call WHOLENESS. Pain truly IS a gift.


The First Chiropractic Patient

Many chiropractors are perplexed as to why chiropractic has become associated with bad backs, stiff necks, and other musculoskeletal problems. The first chiropractic patient was deaf and he, in fact, did not even go to the chiropractor for his deafness. (Since chiropractic had not yet been discovered there were obviously no chiropractors at the time).


The patient's name was Harvey Lillard and he was the janitor in the office building where Dr. D.D. Palmer had his office. Dr. Palmer was a drugless healer, what some may call an "alternative health-care practitioner" today. Palmer theorized that the bump in Lillard's neck that had appeared when he became deaf was a "bone out of place" and if he could put it back in place, the janitor's hearing might be restored. The rest is history.


What happened on that September day in 1895? D.D. Palmer did not cure deafness. Although the janitor's hearing was restored, Palmer had simply corrected a vertebral subluxation (even though it was not yet called that). In correcting the subluxation, he allowed the innate intelligence of the body to normalize the function of the nerve system and the result was that Lillard's body healed itself of a hearing problem.


For over 100 years, thousands of chiropractors have been doing the same thing to millions of people, which is to help to restore normal alignment and function in the spine, to reestablish the normal brain-body connection, and allow the free flow of innate intelligence to resume the healing process.


Some of these patients have had medical problems, from a very minor ailment like the common cold to something very serious like terminal cancer. Some of them got well and some did not. It was not because chiropractic succeeds in some and fails in others. The objective of chiropractic is to allow a better expression of life energy. Only the living body heals itself. Sometimes it can, sometimes it cannot. However, the body is always more capable of healing without the nerve interference caused by a vertebral subluxation.


As a result of those millions of adjustments, some children did better in school, some were better athletes, and some grew into more productive adults. Some were probably able to get into better colleges and some probably got better jobs because the mind thinks and the body works better with a good nerve supply. As adults, some of those people probably lived longer, healthier lives. Some of them were able to work better, miss less work, and reduce injuries. Some of the women undoubtedly had healthier pregnancies and gave birth to healthier children. All of them were able to fulfill more of their potential in every aspect of their lives because of their adjustments.


You see, when the body is free to express its potential, every organ, gland, and cell works better. The body's chemistry is more perfectly balanced and the body has more life giving energy to do everything it was intended to do. Chiropractic impacts every aspect of the life of every person who receives care.


How is it that so many people think chiropractic is for bad backs and stiff necks? How is it that the average person does not know that it is not about your back, it is about your life? The real objective of chiropractic, to allow the body's innate intelligence to express itself more fully in every man, woman, and child, may be the most closely guarded secret in the health care community. That simply cannot continue. It is up to the chiropractic profession and those who regularly receive chiropractic care and know what it is all about to share that knowledge with the rest of the world.

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