10 Excuses For Not Taking Care Of Yourself

I've heard it all ... As a health care provider (as opposed to a sick care practitioner) for 10 years, I have heard most (if not all) of the reasons people put off taking care of their health. Here are the top ten dangerous thoughts about your health, and some considerations around those thoughts


1. Maybe it will go away.
But, maybe it won't! Seriously folks, have you ever walked into a home (maybe even yours!) and been greeted by the magnificent scent of fresh, homemade, apple pies baking in the oven? What a treat. You immediately recognize the aroma. After a while, however, your system acclimates to that sweet smell, and you are no longer aware of it. Has the aroma gone away, or have you just become used to it? Has your pain or health issue really gone away, or has it become so much a part of you that you just do not even recognize it any more? Granted the spine does sometimes self adjust. But usually when it is healthy (i.e. its been under regular care for a while). And, we still can't know for sure unless we're checked by a chiropractor.


2. It comes and goes.
However, it comes back! Is this like a recurring nightmare? What's important here is that it comes back, not that it goes away! Maybe the oil light on the dashboard of your car only comes on occasionally. Certainly, you know a problem is brewing. How long will you choose to ignore it?


3. It's not that bad.
Compared to what? If you have a toothache, how bad does it have to be before you get to a dentist? Do you know anyone who was told by their dentist that if they took care of their teeth, or came in earlier, it would have been preventable, or perhaps just a simple cavity? You let it go long enough, and you may need a root canal. What about something like cancer? Would you prefer to get rid of cancer when it is only just a few cells, or should you wait until it has affected multiple organs? When are things bad enough? Ignore your teeth long enough and you'll need new teeth. Ignore your spine & nerve system long enough and you are in serious trouble...remember the nerve system organizes EVERYTHING in the body!!! And unlike teeth, you can never replace it.


4. It only hurts when I ...
This is analogous to having an alignment problem on the front end of your car. If you drive at 55, the front end wobbles. If you drive at 35, it doesn't. Does this suggest there is no problem with the front end? Here, too, let it go long enough and soon you'll not be able to drive over 15 without your front end wobbling, never mind all the other problems that show up. Same principle applies with your health. When you start limiting things you can do, there will be an exponential increase in things you can't do.


5. I know what my problem is, it's ...
Most of the time, people describe their lack of health experience. "My problem is I have a backache, or a headache, a toothache." Great so in rare cases like a toothache, the symptom alerts you to the fact that there is an underlying problem. Let's wake up to the underlying cause of the problem, not the symptom. Depressing or numbing a symptom is like putting a piece of tape over the oil light or taking the battery out of the smoke detector. Let's also remember that we are only aware of about 4% of what our body does. What if the problem you have does not produce a symptom that you are aware of? What if there is a malfunction in the other 96% that we can't feel? Remember that the vast majority of subluxations have no symptoms.


6. I was told I have to live with it, so I do.
So, who told you that you have to live with it? In my 10 years of practice, I have helped countless people who have been told they "have to live with it". They felt that since they were told they would have to live with it, they indeed would. What they found, however, was after appropriate health based, life honoring, specific chiropractic care, they were free to live without the "it!" Living with utmost health potential is the way to go.


7. My doctor couldn't find anything wrong.
Has your doctor performed an in-depth, appropriate spinal analysis for the purpose of seeing if you were subluxated? I highly doubt it. There are many things other doctors do not look at or look for. Just like there are many things that I do not look at or look for. It doesn't mean that those problems do not exist. In my practice, I look at the alignment and function of your spine and nerve system.


8. I've been this way for years, why change now?
Your body consistently regenerates. It changes in one of two ways. It can get stronger and healthier or weaker and sicker. This is determined by the choices you make in lifestyle, focus, and most importantly by how well your well your spine is aligned allowing the proper brain body connection. If you do not improve the circumstances of your body, you will regenerate the same damaged/malfunctioning parts or you will get worse. There is no time like the present to begin to lead a healthier, freer, more flexible life. Your body is a self-regulating, self-healing, self-regenerating system. Make better lifestyle choices, improve your positive focus, restore normal alignment and function in the spine, to RE-ESTABLISH and maintain the nerve CONNECTIONS and control between your brain and all parts of your body and you have no choice but to heal!


9. I don't want to know!
Denial is as great a killer as anything else is. Back to the tooth analogy. How long would you choose to deny there is a problem with your tooth before you have to be strapped into the dentist chair? Honor yourself, take care of yourself.


10. It's because of my age!
I love this one! Over the years I've had many practice members told that the "problem" in a specific body part was due to age. For example, a practice member was recently told that the problem in his right knee was because of his age. He calmly asked the doctor, "So doc, how much older is my right knee than my left?" Please, give me a break. How many people older than you do not have what you have that you have been told, "It's because of your age?" This is a great excuse not to take care of yourself.


Take your power back. You are the only one who can take the responsibility of taking care of you -- do it!


Pass this along to those you know need to read this!! You know there are way too many of them.


How Chiropractic is a Key to Aging Like Fine Wine!

I recently overheard a lady state that it seems to be getting harder and harder for her to do some physical things as she gets older. She complained, "Why can't we all just be like bottles of wine and get better with age?!"


The truth is that we can! The trick to getting better with age is to do exactly the opposite of what it takes to make wine better with age. According to wine experts, successfully aging wine requires the following things...
1) Keep air out
2) Keep out of the light
3) Keep moisture levels from getting too high or too low
4) Keep the bottle very still
5) Best position is horizontal
6) Keep the bottle tightly corked


Who could have imagined that simply following the opposite steps for aging wine would be a perfect recipe for aging gracefully ourselves? Think about it though; what if we did exactly that? This would be our formula...

1) Get as much air as possible. Your body needs oxygen more than anything else (besides the fullest expression of innate intelligence) to function normally, heal and keep growing stronger.


2) Get plenty of sunlight. The sun is the bringer of life to our planet, and you need plenty of it every day!


3) Get plenty of water. While it is possible to dehydrate (and more common than most people think), getting too much is virtually impossible. Give yourself the gift of clean, pure water as often as
possible. The best source is in raw fruits, vegetables and their juices.


4) Get as much movement as possible. Motion = Life!


5) Stay vertical unless purposefully resting. This is similar to the last one. Just remember that the best way to stagnate is to stay horizontal. The best way to raise your spirits and raise your level of living is to raise yourself up and help raise others up!


6) UNCORK! This is the biggest one of all! You have been given special and unique gifts and talents to share with the world. Keeping these things bottled up inside will make your life sour.


One of the best ways to make sure you are uncorking your life is to see your chiropractor regularly. A program of regular care allows your Life Energy to flow freely through the vehicle we call your body and helps you express the magic inside of you!


This is where the end goal of our lives is actually very similar to a bottle of wine. You see, it's not until what is on the inside of the bottle is shared with the outside world, that the bottle has fulfilled its purpose and we can joyously celebrate. And it's not until you express your own gifts and share them with the world that your body has fulfilled its purpose!


One last thing, if you choose not to follow this advice...NO "WHINING!"

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