Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me This?"

I just re-watched a short video on Facebook by Dr. Jim Sigafoose in which he tells the moving story of a very sick young girl whose family had nearly given up hope when, like so many others, they finally sought chiropractic care for her as a last resort.

Asked whether anything could be done, Dr. Sigafoose replied, "I have no idea - but I can move the bone, and God can do the healing." The father's response was, "Why didn't anybody ever tell me this before?!"

Well, to make a long story short, the girl did get better, but the relevant question here is, "What in the world was Dr. Sigafoose talking about?" Sounds more like religion than science, doesn't it?

Innate Intelligence
You and I started out as two cells - one from our father, and one from our mother. Those two cells came together and formed the beginning of us, and over a period of about nine months, we went from one cell to (depending on whom you ask), somewhere between 70 and 100+ trillion cells. We might call that "The Miracle of Life."

The amazing part, though, is not the simple fact that we multiplied from one cell into trillions, but that they all went off in different directions to do different jobs. Some became part of our kneecaps, some formed a heart, some built an immune system, and so on. In other words, it's like 100 trillion separate little animals crawling off to participate in thousands of complex functions, all conceived, orchestrated and conducted into the most beautiful symphony ever written, and directed by some unseen hand.

Any objective observer, any scientist can tell you that there's more going on in this process than chemistry and physics. Whatever built us from one cell into a newborn baby did the whole thing on purpose. It certainly was no random accident, no chance collision of molecules. Those little cells are organized.

But here's the important part: once that innate intelligence forms a new baby, it doesn't leave - it stays inside of us, and runs every aspect of our lives, every second of every day. If we cut ourselves, if we break a bone, if we have a cold or the flu or any other symptom or disease, it's our own innate intelligence that does the healing. It just knows how to do it.

Medical doctors don't heal. Medications don't heal. Operations don't heal. Chiropractic adjustments don't heal. All any doctor or pill or procedure or adjustment can do is seek to restore the body's ability to do what it is meant to do by allowing the body's own innate potential to be expressed.

Moving the Bone
The chiropractic principle is almost too simple, which is partly why it's taking so long for it to be understood and accepted. "What do the spinal bones have to do with innate intelligence?" you might reasonably wonder.

As it turns out, our innate intelligence expresses itself largely through the nerve system, and that system is stretched over the body's frame (the bones) like a spider web, or like the strings of a musical instrument.

Science has now confirmed that any distortion or restriction of our human frame can interfere with the nerves by disturbing their "tone" or "vibration," in much the same way that the notes produced by plucking a guitar string are changed by altering its tension. Too much or too little, and we won't be happy with the result.

We know that the nerve system controls all of the organs and glands of the body, including the immune system, which determines how well we deal with colds, flu and other infections. We've even found out that nerve root compression alters gene expression, which affects how likely we are to actually develop the conditions or diseases of our parents. In other words, we aren't necessarily "doomed" to have the same problems they had - much of our future can be influenced by the choices we make in our own lives, including whether and how we choose to care for our spines.

The Story
For almost 11 years now, I've been sharing the above information with everyone who would listen. As Dr. Christopher Kent expresses it, "We're talking about sculpting the future of the destiny of mankind by educating people about their choices." In my chiropractic college days, we just called it, "telling the story."

Consider yourself told.

Now tell others.


What Kind of Body Are You Going to Have Next Year?

Contrary to popular belief, our physical body is never older than seven years! This is due to the fact that the body recreates itself constantly. Tissue cells die and are replaced by new ones.

Every second we lose about three-and-a-half million red blood cells. There is nothing to worry about though, for another three-and-a-half million are born to replace the old ones. Ninety-eight percent of the atoms present in our body today will be gone within one year and replaced by new ones. The body is more like a river of constantly renewed tissues rather than a frozen sculpture of decaying matter.

Skin cells live for seven days, heart cells for ninety days, while bone cells have a thirty-six month life span. There is a different life expectancy for every type of tissue cell depending on its function and location in the body. Innate intelligence (Life energy), the creative force, is constantly at work recreating our tissues and organs. Life energy or 'human electricity' travels via the nerve system to reach every single tissue cell in the body.

When nerves are compressed or irritated, there is a loss of life, abnormal function results and the reproduction cycle of cells is altered. We either have a slower rate of reproduction which is degeneration or decay, or we have a faster rate of turnover which is uncontrolled growth or tumors.

The question we must all ask ourselves is, what kind of body are we going to have next year? Is it going to be a healthier one or a sicker one? Is it going to replace itself normally or abnormally? Is it going to express more ease or dis-ease (dysfunction)? If already in a state of degeneration and decay, is it going to keep going downhill, or is it going to rebuild itself? If a state of dis-ease exists, are we going to give our body the potential to heal itself, or are we going to allow it to express more dis-ease?

Chiropractic is special in that it utilizes the adjusting of vertebral (spinal) subluxations or blockages that interfere with life force expression. The result is a body that has the potential to reproduce itself normally and recover by healing itself.

Healing is creation, and the creative spark of life. Consistent chiropractic adjustments release life force by keeping the life channels open and free of subluxations. In time the body can recover and express better health.

In seven years we will have a brand new body, but what kind is it going to be?


The Secret of the Zebra Rock:
Help Keeping a Positive Mindset

A colleague of mine told me that he always carries a penny, a little pewter acorn and a zebra rock in his right pants pocket to help him stay centered and focused. The penny reminds him to trust our Creator (in God we trust), the acorn reminds him that everyone including him has something amazing inside, and the zebra rock helps him remember where to direct his energies throughout the day.

What is a zebra rock and how does it keep him centered and focused?

A zebra rock is a rock that is both pure black and pure white in a random pattern. The black and white coloring reminds him that each and every thought, word and action moves him either in the direction of what he wants or toward something else. It reminds him that he and he alone, has the power to choose which direction he will go in each area of his life.

In order to fully understand why this is helpful, you need to remember a truth about everything in the Universe. That truth is that everything is always changing; it never just stays the same. Everything is always in the process of becoming. Many people say that this is not true because the same things keep showing up day after day in their lives. You may keep seeing the same things every day, but that doesn't mean that things aren't changing; they just keep changing into the same exact thing! This is because YOU keep repeating the same pattern of thoughts, words and actions.

Putting his hand in his pocket and feeling the zebra rock several times per day reminds him that he has the power to make "white" choices (thoughts words and actions that move him toward what he wants), or he can make "black" choices (thoughts, words and actions that move him toward something other than what he wants). One of his friends recently told him that his idea about the zebra rock is dumb because the world isn't black and white - it is different shades of gray.

There is a very simple explanation as to why this is so. What color do you get when you mix black and white together? You get GRAY! The reason YOUR world may be shades of gray (that is, the reason you have lots of what you want and lots of what you don't want) is because you mix both black and white thoughts all day long! In other words, you think about what you want, and then you think about what you don't want. You spend time believing what you want is possible, but then make lists in your mind about why it isn't or how hard it will be. Your thoughts are a mixed bag of black and white thoughts, so your world MUST also be a mix of what you want and what you don't want.

Of course you will likely never have ONLY what you want in your life. In fact, that would likely keep you from growing since the presence of what we don't want actually helps us clarify our preferences in each area of our lives. But, you can control whether or not you have more of what you want or more of what you don't want by focusing on deliberately putting your energy mainly on creating what you do want to see (i.e., by choosing mainly "white" thoughts, words and actions).

Why not start with your health? Ask yourself with each decision you make today, will this thought, this word, this action move me in the direction of greater health, success, prosperity, and happiness, or the other way. It's really that simple! The hard part is remembering to ASK yourself the question. That's why he carries the zebra rock. And as he more consistently remembers to ask himself which direction each thought word and action will move him, he continues to become more aware of just how powerful he is to create whatever he wants to see in his life.

You too can discover this powerful truth about yourself. Simply remember to ask yourself the question, WHICH WAY WILL THIS MOVE ME? And soon, instead of thinking about a zebra rock, you will find yourself thinking about how much YOU ROCK!

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