Hope is NOT a Strategy!

The tragedy with most people is that they think they have goals, when what they really have are simply hazily defined dreams, hopes, and wishes. A wish has been defined as a "goal with no energy behind it."


In reality, many of our hopes and wishes DO have energy behind them, but that energy is either very weak or, if it is strong, it is strong in a negative way. One of the biggest reasons for this is that we are usually wishing for something NOT to happen. In other words, we are so focused on "escaping" or avoiding what we DON'T want, that it is hard to get excited, motivated, and inspired to take consistent action on those hopes and wishes because of the negative feelings we get when we think about them.


Of course, the very first step in actualizing your dreams is to get clear on exactly what you want. But the second step is even MORE important, and is the step most people completely skip! That step is to get crystal clear on WHY what you want is important - and not just to you!


The third step is to then come up with a strategy -- a PLAN OF ACTION to follow, and then consistently act. But again, you cannot be enthusiastic about consistently taking action if you have skipped that all-important second step of understanding WHY you are doing it in the first place. In fact, you will likely act strictly from fear.


Are YOU clear about your purpose as a chiropractic practice member? Are you SURE about your role in explaining to your loved ones and to members of our community, why you are under regular care, and why they should be as well? Can you answer immediately and with confidence when people ask you questions about how chiropractic works and what your health goals are? Do you understand the incredible VALUE of what you do by being under regular care -- or are you like some -- unsure about what you really ARE receiving here? Are you even SURE you and your loved ones are ready for what chiropractic has to offer? Are you receiving regular care, but leaving your kids at home subluxated? Or are you having your kids receive care, but are not getting adjusted yourself?


CERTAINTY is what is needed in order to move confidently and consistently in the direction of your dreams - CERTAINTY! Do you have a consistent and planned health program for you and your family, or do you just rely on whatever random thoughts and actions may pop into your head from time to time? Did you even know that you should have a plan? Do you understand that based on the choices you make in life you can either get healthier and stronger or weaker and sicker? You cannot "maintain" a certain level of health. Remember that the only way you can coast is downhill.


Do you have a specific set of logical and scientifically-based concepts and ideas that let you know WITHOUT A DOUBT how important regular care is for you? Are you coming here because you are afraid of what will happen if you don't, or are you coming because of the amazing possibilities that await you and your family when you do? Do you have a simple and clear way of telling people about the office and the type of care they can expect here? Are you CERTAIN about how to define the terms we use each day such as health, innate intelligence, subluxation, adjustment, etc.? Are you HOPING and PRAYING that your communication will be adequate to get your other family members, friends and coworkers inspired enough to begin care someday, or do you have a SYSTEM that practically GUARANTEES that they will - and not because you are scaring them into coming, but because you KNOW that everyone is better off with a fully aligned and functioning spine and nerve system that allows a fuller expression of their innate intelligence? Are you CLEAR on how to teach them that, or are you just HOPING they will get it?


I have spent the past few years learning and developing vitalistic and possibility-based ideas that can help you become CERTAIN about all of the things listed above and much more.  My goal this year is to help you and everyone you care about get clear on what you want and why you want it, formulate a plan, and consistently work that plan so that you can move BEYOND simply, wishing, dreaming, and HOPING things will get better.


HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY! If you need more CLARITY and more CERTAINTY in your life, I would love the opportunity to speak with you. If you'd like, I can start teaching chiropractic in a lecture/classroom setting in the office again or even set up times one on one with you. I can tailor discussions for those relatively new in care or make them a bit more detailed to re-inspire and reinforce the reasons why long term practice members continue with care.


My goal this year is to reach as many people as I can with the chiropractic message. If you belong to any group (support, civic, church group, etc.) that hosts speakers see if you can set up a time for me to come in and talk. If your work allows guest speakers to come in, see how we can set it up for me to come in. If you children's school, sports team, etc., needs a speaker, ... well you know what to do by now.

I know you know that this information is something that could help you and your loved ones move beyond simply HOPING things will get better to actually having a plan that gives you the CERTAINTY necessary to take all three steps necessary to achieve your goals. I hope I can count on you to help me with my goal of serving and helping to improve the health and lives of as many people in our community as possible.


Wait...There's Another Option!

A few weeks ago the Chicago area experienced quite a cold snap. The temperature was as low as -22F with a wind chill index of -48, and there was a 48 hour period where it never got above -10. The television, radio and Internet were filled with warnings to stay inside unless it was an emergency, and to bundle up completely if you did go out. Many of the roads and businesses were nearly deserted.


A colleague of mine was sitting in his front room reading a book and looking out the window when he saw some of the neighborhood kids having an absolute blast, roaring down the street on their ATV's and snowmobiles. They were completely oblivious to the cold temperatures, as they made their own heat and saw the deserted streets as a gift, an invitation to have fun!


How is it that some people look at the world and do their best to have fun, while the majority do everything they can to just survive?


I believe that it may have something to do with what we continually hear from our parents, our doctors and the media (especially commercials) as we are growing up. We are constantly warned about how this will harm us and that will make us sick, as well as the plethora of things that will give us cancer or kill us. We begin to believe at an early age that the world is a very scary and dangerous place, filled with things that will overcome our weaknesses, which, by the way, we are also told about from before we born.


Think about it, as soon as a woman becomes pregnant, she is told about just how precarious her situation is. She is told to read every book, watch every DVD and take every class she can find, then a whole host of prenatal tests is run so that she and her unborn baby can avoid the perils of pregnancy.


After the baby comes, Mom and Dad are immediately told the baby is too weak to defend itself, so antibiotic or silver nitrate drops are put into their new miracle's tiny little eyes before Mommy and Daddy are ever seen, a vitamin K shot is given, a few vaccines, and on, and on and on!


I want to tell you about my colleague's father. He never learned to swim because his own mother had nearly drowned as a child, and constantly warned her three boys about how they might be drowned if they were to ever find themselves in water over their heads. So, for most of his childhood years, his Dad avoided the water. Even when we went to the beach, he would only go into his knees for fear of drowning. Then one day, his Dad decided to go with some friends on a boat ride and ended up having the time of his life. He came home and took some swimming lessons and never looked back. In the years since, his Dad has learned to body surf, water ski, ride a wave runner and a jet ski and has even gone parasailing and white-water rafting!


He told my friend how he wished that someone had told him about how much fun he can have in the water instead of simply warning him about not drowning. This is something a lot of folks need to hear about all of life!


The medical mindset says that the world is a dangerous place and that our natural state is one of weakness, so we need to spend our lives trying not to drown! But chiropractic philosophy tells us that we are oh, so much more than we have been led to believe, and that the world is our playground!


How about YOU? Are you spending your days trying to make sure you don't drown, or have you found that there is another option; one that allows you to realize that life is supposed to be FUN!

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