MARCH 2009

Not One of Us Alone...

Not one of us alone can cure breast cancer. That is the tag line of a commercial I heard playing on the radio. But the truth is, we ALL cure cancer...ALONE...every single day! Let me explain what I mean by first explaining what a cancer cell actually is. It is simply a cell that has mutated from normal and cannot perform its intended function. For example, a liver cell is supposed to be able to do liver cell stuff, but can't if it has mutated away from its natural form and function. Some of the reasons these mutations occur are known and many are still a mystery, but one thing is sure...


All of us have several mutated (cancer) cells in our bodies, every day of our lives!


Is that a scary thought? It doesn't need to be if you also understand that you have a built-in set of systems designed to identify and destroy these cells, and replace them with normal, healthy, functioning cells, and these systems are successfully operating in your body most of the time.


Your body is an amazing thing - it is constantly replacing itself! Some of your cells simply wear out, some are injured and some, like cancer cells, are simply produced incorrectly, but all of them are continually replaced if you are healthy.


It has been estimated that we make 8 million new red blood cells every second, we replace our stomach lining every 3 - 5 days, we make a new skin every 30 days, an entirely new liver ever 6 weeks, a new set of lungs every 6 months, and we completely replace every atom in our bodies every 13 months!


All it takes for this miraculous process of self creation and re-creation to continue is 3 things:

1) a Positive and Deliberate Focus that produces healthy emotions and healing biochemistry;

2) a Healthy Lifestyle that is free of poisons and that supplies you with everything you need, and

3) a Clear Neurological CONNECTION between your brain and your body so that your innate intelligence can correctly comprehend and respond to everything that is happening both inside and outside of your body.


That is where chiropractic care becomes so crucial.


Your spine and nerve system are so intimately connected that if you lose normal alignment or function in your spine, you also partially lose the CONNECTION between your brain and your body, and you gradually lose your natural state of health and EASE.


Chiropractic helps you restore normal alignment and function in your spine so that your brain-body CONNECTION is re-established, and you can resume functioning with EASE, heal and continue growing stronger!


So you see, everyone HAS cancer...but most of us also have something that those who are suffering from the disease called cancer have lost. They have simply lost their ability to successfully identify and destroy cancer cells and replace them with normal, healthy functioning cells, so that the cancer cells just keep on dividing and growing as if they were normal cells!


Do you get that?


The problem in someone who has cancer is not that they have something they shouldn't have and need to get rid of; the real problem is that they have LOST something they need - the ability to function normally!


And all that is needed (in many cases) is to do whatever it takes to RESTORE that ability! And what is that again? There are 3 things; 1) a Positive and Deliberate Focus; 2) a Healthy Lifestyle, and 3) a clear neurological CONNECTION between your brain and your body.


Am I saying that you should not be pursuing medical help? No, it is not my place to make that decision for you. But, I ask you matter what other avenues you explore for the treatment of cancer, do you see that if you ALSO employ the three things above, you will have the best possible chance of not only surviving, but also THRIVING?!


The last thing I want to say is this; if your goal is to get rid of cancer, you will never be successful in the long run for the simple reason that you can't escape something you are giving your attention to.


But, if your goal is to move progressively toward the return of normal function and your natural state of EASE, and then to continue growing stronger and healthier each and every day of your life so that you can serve others with your own unique gifts, talents and love, then the same will hold true... you can't escape something you are giving your attention to. And then, as we all get stronger, all of us together can heal the world!


Poor Manuelo

Manuelo was born and raised in an extremely remote, isolated and what most of the world would call primitive village in the Philippines. When Manuelo was grown, he had the opportunity to visit the United States for a few weeks. When he got here, he was totally amazed at literally everything! There wasn't much at all about our world that was the same in his. There were lights, running water, and things called stoves that made fires inside the house, not to mention the tall buildings, fire trucks, ice cream cones and stores where you could buy everything you could think of, as well as many things he had never even dreamed about!


Near the end of his time in this magical place, Manuelo decided that he needed to show the people of his village just how incredible their lives could be by bring something back they had never seen before. But what to bring? There were so many things he had seen, any one of which could change the lives of his people forever! It needed to be something small, something he could easily take with him and that wouldn't cost him a lot of money.


Then he knew what to bring. He excitedly set out one afternoon to gather everything he would need. He asked lots of questions of the sales people and was careful to get all of the materials necessary. He couldn't help smiling as he thought about his village's reaction while he went from shelf to shelf in the store collecting his amazing surprise.


Once he was home, he asked his family to leave their home for the day and he set about the task of readying everything. First, he put a light fixture in the middle of the ceiling of their small hut. Then he ran an insulated wire from the fixture to a spot near the door. He then attached the wire to a switch, and finally inserted a light bulb into the fixture. They were going to be so surprised and happy!


By now, some talk had started around the village about what Manuelo was doing. What was he up to? Why wouldn't he let them see yet? What was this wondrous thing he promised they could see as soon as it got dark outside?


Finally, one at a time, Manuelo let everyone in the village in to see what he had built. They looked at the strange things now on the wall and ceiling and asked him what they were all about. He just told each of them to be patient; that they would soon see something incredible! They just needed to wait for the sunset.


Then, as the sun slowly disappeared, Manuelo announced that it was time. He would now show everyone this marvelous thing he had brought back from so far away that he promised would change their lives forever! He walked over to the switch, took a dramatic pause for effect, and then flipped the switch.


Nothing happened.


He turned it off and then on again, still nothing. He took out the light bulb and replaced it with another and then a third, but still the hut remained dark. Finally, everyone returned to their own huts. They felt bad for poor Manuelo. He had been so excited; he had tried so hard - poor Manuelo!


In explaining how to set up the lights in his house, no one had ever told poor Manuelo about electricity. No one had ever told him about the SOURCE of the light. No one had ever told him that he needed to be PLUGGED IN to that Source of Power in order for his light to shine the way it was meant to shine. Poor Manuelo!


YOU must also be continually plugged into the SOURCE of YOUR POWER in order for your LIGHT to shine the way it was meant to shine! Chiropractic care helps you maintain the CONNECTION between your body and the POWER that runs, heals and grows you. It helps you stay connected to YOU!

How well is your family PLUGGED IN to your Source of Power?

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