APRIL 2010

Food For Thought: Why Getting Adjusted For Life Is Such A Good Strategy

If someone is very hungry and he eats some food, will his hunger go away? The answer is, yes - if he eats enough of it. But, is the purpose of food to get rid of hunger?


If someone eats food regularly, will it keep her from becoming excessively hungry again? The answer is, yes - if she eats enough of it consistently. But, is the purpose of food to prevent hunger?


Even though eating food is a very effective strategy for decreasing or even eliminating hunger temporarily, hunger will always return over time. This is the nature of life. As we use up the nutrients contained in our food, our bodies require more food to continue operating at peak efficiency, and so we become hungry again. And, even though eating food consistently can be a good way to keep from getting too hungry, it would be ridiculous to say that the purpose of food is to eliminate or prevent hunger.


Certainly we are all aware that food serves many more important functions than simply addressing hunger. It is our fuel for keeping us alive, helping our bodies coordinate all functions, adapt to the environment, heal and continue growing throughout our lives. We all know this is true about food, but many people do not apply this line of thinking to their chiropractic care.


Why is this?


Do these people perhaps not fully understand that the purpose of chiropractic care is to keep their innate intelligence (Life Force) flowing freely over their nerve systems between their brain and all of their trillions of cells, so that the innate intelligence of the body can actually perform all of the functions listed above - animating, coordinating, adapting, healing and growing our bodies from conception until death?


Do they not understand that without this free flow of innate intelligence, nothing would function as it was intended?


Maybe it's because chiropractic care in the right amount is so good at decreasing or even eliminating pain and dis-ease? Or perhaps it is because with consistent enough care many people can even prevent the recurrence of their health problems? Even though chiropractic care is a very effective strategy for helping you regain your natural state of health and feel better, your level of health and vitality will always vary over time, sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing. This is the nature of life.


You see, everyone encounters physical, chemical and mental stresses every day. If these stresses are beyond your "internal resistance," they break you down and you progressively lose your health and well-being. Health (normal function and the ability to adapt to stresses) is the natural result of the free flow and adequate expression of the innate intelligence of your body.


When your brain and body are fully connected (because of a well-aligned and functioning spine and nerve system), they communicate effectively and your innate intelligence can correctly comprehend and respond to any changes (stresses) in your daily environment. The result is that you are able to adapt to these changes. In addition, you are able to heal and continually grow in every way - physically, mentally and emotionally - including thinking at a high enough level to make good choices in every area of your life.


The truth is we are all growing and dying at the same time, but one of these two processes always predominates over the other, so that overall we are either getting weaker and moving toward dis-ease and death, or we are growing stronger and moving toward health, wellness and wholeness. The chiropractic adjustment (along with a positive focus and a healthy lifestyle) allows us the opportunity to continually and progressively grow more than we die.


So you see, saying that the purpose of chiropractic care is to eliminate or prevent pain and illness is as short-sighted as saying the purpose of food is to eliminate or prevent hunger! The real purpose of lifelong, family chiropractic care is to continually maximize the flow and expression of the innate intelligence of your body, and to help everyone consistently and progressively demonstrate the highest levels of health, happiness, and the full expression of LIFE!


Top 10 Reasons I Don't Go to My Chiropractor

10) I don't have the time. I'm the last person I should be taking care of.

9) I can't afford it. I'd rather wait until I get worse because drugs, surgery, and hospitals are much more affordable.

8) My insurance company doesn't pay for it. And of course we all know that insurance companies always have my health as their first concern.

7) I'm not hurting right now. I'd much rather wait until I have lots of pain and possible irreversible damage to my body before I do something about my health.

6) I have to see my MD so I'll hold off on chiropractic for now. After all it's more fun to take drugs or have surgery than to have the power turned on with a chiropractic adjustment.

5) I have other health problems, but my back does not hurt. And even though I have those other health problems I don't see how improving the function of my nerve system could have an effect on my overall health.

4) I'm already so active (see excuse 10). Just imagine how much more energy I might have if my nerve system was free of subluxations. I might burn out or something.

3) I like my level of productivity. If my nerve system is free of subluxations, and I can get more done, people will expect more of me.

2) I've grown fond of my subluxations. I've gotten used to the feeling of less energy, less intelligence, less health, etc.

And the number one reason I Don't Go to My Chiropractor...

1) I like existing at less than 100% of my innate potential.

This little spoof is to demonstrate that there is really no good reason to miss your chiropractic adjustments. When you consider that an adjustment removes interference from the innate healing and health abilities of the body, why would anyone want to be expressing themselves at less that 100% of their God given potential?


Human Potential

The magnitude of human potential will never be fully understood. It defies imagination, for imagination itself is but one small expression of the very potential it would seek to envision. Certainly, human potential is multifaceted. To even begin to appreciate it, one would have to consider such manifestations as:


-The ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, agreed by most biologists to be the essence of life itself.


-The ability to convert food into walking, talking, flesh and blood.


-The ability to manufacture and balance, in perfect quantity and quality: insulin, cortisone, adrenaline, and every other hormone, enzyme and chemical needed for normal life.


-The ability to reproduce.


-The ability to resist and prevent disease.


-The ability to recover from disease and to repair injury.


-The ability to engage in creative thought and analysis.


-The ability to compose music, prose, and poetry.


-The ability to draw, paint, and sculpt.


-The ability to adapt to emotional stress and to develop appropriate emotional responses.


-The ability to remember some things while relegating others to the "inactive" file.


-The ability to maintain balance and to simultaneously coordinate a multitude of different muscular skills for work and/or play.


-The ability to study and learn.


-The ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.


-The ability to solve problems and to organize.


-The ability to make decisions.


-The ability to love and trust.


-The ability to accept and respond to the spoken and unspoken needs of others and to share the responsibility for the shaping of our world.


-The ability to shut off conscious thought, to relax, and meditate or sleep.


These are but the few tangible and intangible expressions of human potential. What at tragedy it is for any part of this potential to be unfulfilled.


In a society committed to specialization, we tend to lose sight of the fact that all of these potentials must interact together in harmony if any are to reach their full expression. The human being is not a collection of disrelated parts, but an integrated whole with each facet dependent on every other.


The communication and control system (brain, spinal cord, nerves, and chemical messengers) coordinate and run the entire human being. Damage to this control system must inevitably result in failure of the parts to interact properly. This, in turn, causes a lessening of the ability to express full potential in both tangible and intangible manifestations.


Chiropractic is committed to unleashing full potential by maintaining the integrity of the body's control and communication system through the removal of vertebral subluxations.

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