"People are Idiots and I Can Prove It!"

Excerpt from Larry Winget's book People are Idiots and I Can Prove It!

             "Human beings are the only species on Earth who knowingly choose to be less than they have the potential for being.  No other thing in nature chooses to be less than it could be.  Only people do that. 
             People choose to die earlier than they have to by living an unhealthy lifestyle.  People choose to earn less than they could.  People choose to destroy the environment they live in.  People choose to be sedentary and not develop physically as much as they could.  No other creature chooses to under develop and not reach its full potential. 
             Did you ever see a tree grow to about six feet tall and say, "Eh, I'm good right here," and then stop growing?  No, a tree grows to be as tall as it can be.  A tree grows as many leaves as it can.  A tree puts down as many roots as it can.  A tree bears as much fruit as it possibly can.  Trees continue to grow and produce as long as they are alive.  All plants grow to be as big as they can be. 
             The same applies to every other living thing on Earth.  Rats, horses, pigs and dogs all grow as much as they can.  Fish and worms and amoebas all do the same.  Every living species grows, develops and produces as much as it possibly can. 
             Everything except people. 
             People are the only species in the universe that chooses to be less than it can be.  They get to a point in their lives and just stop.  They choose to quit earning, quit being productive and quit contributing.  People stop because they choose to stop, not because they have to, need to or should.  It is a choice.  ...People choose to be less.  Period.  I do.  You do.  I choose every day to do less than I could.  You choose every day to do less, be less and have less than you could have.  Just knowing this should make you committed to changing your life."
            Despite the amusing title of the book, I personally do not think people are idiots.  At least not most of them.  They just haven't been introduced to a better way of health and life.  2010 is nearly over.  In the next few days people will be talking about their resolutions for 2011.    As you know, if you are subluxated - you are not expressing your full potential in life.  One thing people can do to help increase their potential is getting their spine checked to make sure they have and maintain the proper brain body connection.  The list of benefits that provides them is huge, as you also know.  Regular chiropractic care can help you function and be your best.  Let's all make sure we let as many people know that as possible so they can have the motivation and inspiration to take the necessary action steps to a better life.


Feeling vs. Function

             Your nerve system controls and coordinates every function of your body.  It is not possible to be well without proper nerve system function.  The “health-care” system we are accustomed to in this country is focused on how we feel and the symptoms we experience.  This article is intended to help explain that when it comes to health, how your body is functioning is much more important than how it is feeling
              Did you know that it is possible to feel fine, but still have a chronic disease developing? Cancer and heart disease can go undetected for 15 to 20 years before their symptoms appear.  In other words, a person might be feeling fine for many years without knowing that their body is developing cancer or heart disease all the while.  However, if you ensure that your body is functioning optimally, chronic disease will have a lesser likelihood to develop.
            When your body is functioning properly, you will always be moving toward wellness and away from sickness and disease.  The chiropractic adjustments you receive are designed to improve your body’s ability to function so that the innate intelligence inside your body can maintain your natural physiology, which is ease and health. 
            The overall health of the United States is currently very poor.  Unfortunately, we are one of the sickest populations in the history of mankind, yet we spend twice as much per person on health-care.  One big reason for this is that the current medical/therapeutic model is focused on a patient’s clinical presentation, or “feeling”.  No treatment is given unless you have a symptom; symptoms are then treated without much (or any) attention to their underlying cause.  As stated previously, a person may be undetectably sick for years before seeking their doctor.  A brief look at neurology makes it clear that health-care should instead be focused on function.  The correct approach to health-care is one that is conducive to improving our country’s health using more proactive methods. 
            The care at this office focuses on improving the way your body functions.  The following information, taken largely from Furmen and Gallo’s book “The Neurophysics of Human Behavior,” explains a bit of the science behind our practice. 
            The human brain processes 3 TRILLION bits of information per second to keep us well and maintain balance.  That is a big number.  For example, if I went back in time 3 trillion seconds, I would be traveling back a little over 95,000 years. 
             Those 3 trillion bits of information are mostly processed at a level below our cortex.  Most everything that is processed below our cortex is not conscious information.  Since feelings are a conscious phenomenon we do not feel most of what happens at a subconscious level.  A small fraction of the 3 trillion bits of information we process (about 50 bits per second) makes it to our conscious brain.  Of those 50 bits of information that makes it to our conscious mind, only about 10% of it has to do with how we feel.  This means that at best, 5 of the 3 trillion bits of information our brain processes each second has to do with feeling.  Since that is the case, a symptom based health-care approach such as we currently have in this country is basing its approach to health-care on 5/3,000,000,000,000 of the information. 
            In light of that information, does the current health-care approach seem logical to you?
            Don’t get me wrong; symptoms and feelings can provide valuable information, but we see them as an alarm that something is causing a change with one’s physiological functioning.  And that is not always a bad thing.  However, just focusing on and treating a symptom would be akin to removing the batteries from a fire alarm that is going off due to a fire in the house.  While the annoying noise is silenced, the fire is still left to burn.  Improving function actually helps to address the cause of the problem and moves you towards health and wellness. 
             My desire to help people experience the true authentic health they were born to have is why I have stepped out of the traditional therapeutic/medical paradigm and into one that focuses on improving function and life. 

Why Me? Why Chiropractic? Why Now?

Why Me?
-    Because you are more important than you could ever know and full expression of your health potential is an absolute necessity for you to carry out your life’s purpose at the highest level.
-    Because your family and community need you to show up as the best you possible every day.
-    Because someone who cares about you wants to see you follow in their healthy footsteps.
-    Because your health and how your life turns out is your responsibility.  If you want to be more, do more, and live more then you have to make it happen! Your health = Your choice.
-    Because if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.  The true solution to our health care crisis does not come in the form of “who’s paying for it”. The true solution ONLY comes from having less sick people.  We need more people living life at the top instead of squeaking by at the bottom.  
Why Chiropractic?
-    Because it works!  Health is our natural state, sickness and diminished health are not.  Chiropractic recognizes this fact and works to RESTORE and MAXIMIZE your health expression by focusing on the system that “runs the show” in your body – your nerve system - and by honoring your innate wisdom and inborn perfection.  
-    Because it is safe!  Chiropractors have by far the lowest malpractice rates of any other primary care doctor. Chiropractic care doesn’t put chemicals in or cut body parts out
-    Because it is here to stay! Despite being opposed since its inception, chiropractic is the fastest-growing drugless healing art on the planet and safely, naturally, and effectively helps everyone from newborns to the elderly, couch potatoes to elite athletes.
Why Now?
-    Because procrastination is the greatest thief of health.  If not now, when?
-    Because the further you passively travel along the downward spiral of health decline, the more time, energy, and money you will need to reverse the process down the road.  Being re-active and crisis-motivated makes you sick.  Being pro-active and quality-of-life-motivated makes you well.  
-    Because no matter how good you feel, you can feel better.  No matter strong you are, you can be stronger.  No matter how well you perform, you can perform greater.  No matter how healthy you are, you can be healthier.  People who are highly successful and truly fulfilled in any area of life got there by ALWAYS striving for constant and never-ending improvement!
-    Because you are better than average!  Who wants to “fine”, “mediocre”, “so-so”, “okay”, or “comfortable”?  Life is short.  Play full out!  Every day counts!

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