Lessons from The New Orleans Saints

Earlier this month the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl 44. They were the underdog. The smart money was on Payton Manning and the Colts. I was rooting for the Saints -- but not for football reasons. It was something much deeper and directly applies to chiropractic, health, and life.


A bunch of my friends went with the Colts. I was one of the few lone Saint guys. After the victory, I was bombarded with "Why ?" What motivated me to go against the tide and pick the Saints? I want to share my thinking with you, because the lesson is very applicable to you and your journey toward health, wellness, and wholeness.


First, my intellectual bias was to take the safe pick and go Colts. But, I did my "research" and was convinced that the Saints would win it. And, it began when the Colts pulled Manning from the last regular season game to "protect" their quarterback for the Playoffs. When they pulled Manning they were winning and on their way to a perfect season. But, after they pulled Manning they ended up losing the game and the chance of a perfect season.


Next, looking at the Saints, they were creative with plays and they possessed a passionate fervor to WIN. Here's why I picked the Saints, even though I believe the Manning is the better quarterback technician:

The Saints played to WIN.
The Colts played not to LOSE.


The Saints went for it on 4th and 1. They didn't make it. They opened the second half with a onside kick! Brilliant! And it was the play that changed the game. Their game plan was, PLAY TO WIN.


The Colts strategy seemed like it was to play not to lose the game. What they feared the most occurred with a Manning interception in the fourth quarter. That was pretty much the game losing play. What was feared the most... happened.


Now, how does this apply to your health and life? Simple. You make decisions based on "playing to win" or "playing not to lose."


Playing not to lose may seem like a "safe" game plan. Doing things to prevent symptoms/disease or avoid symptoms/disease may seem like the right thing to do.  However, the problem is that what you focus on increases. If you focus on "not losing" you will create more ways to "lose." It's that simple.


When you focus on "winning," there may be a rare chance you may lose at times, but your wins will more than make up for it. Focusing on things that promote health and vitality leads you to those things and create more ways to "win." It's that simple.


Remember, you are the quarterback of your health and life. You run "plays" daily. Are the plays you run designed to WIN or NOT TO LOSE?


Don't know? Well, look at your results -- your over all health performance. How many "games" have you won? How many "championships" have you won? Playing not to lose will keep you in the game, but, rarely will you be a champion.


Play to Win usually involves some more effort and risk-taking and definitely going the extra mile in doing all you can to be healthy. The Saints were willing to take risks on the biggest game in their history. They had never been in a Super Bowl. But, they wanted to play to win... not just show up.


You want more health and a better expression of life? Then begin Playing to WIN and your health and life will change.


Getting To The Cause


By Kevin Donka, D.C.

Last weekend, I was at my sister's house for a party. As is customary whenever my family gets together, I set up my portable adjusting table and checked everyone. I noticed one of the neighbors watching me very closely as I checked and adjusted my family. As I was finishing with my sister, she introduced herself to me as a physical therapist and asked, "Should we start fighting now or should I wait until you're finished?"


Of course she was only kidding, but my response confused her. "Why should we fight at all?" I asked. "After all, we have entirely different objectives when we work on people, don't we?" She seemed genuinely perplexed. "Isn't your objective to get your patient's spine to move more normally and get them out of pain?" she asked, "That's my goal too - to remove the cause of the pain, not just treat the symptom!"


"That's a very common misconception," I replied. "You see, chiropractic is not about eliminating the cause of disease as many people think. Rather, it is an approach that actually focuses on restoring the cause of health by balancing the nerve system and allowing the body's Innate Intelligence to be expressed as completely as possible. Of course, we do this by working on the spine."


She replied, "I've never heard it put that way before. You say that you actually focus on restoring the cause of health, rather than trying to get rid of the cause of disease - is that right?" "That's right!" I said. "Wow, I like the way that sounds; but what's the difference?"


"It's simple," I explained, "The Innate Wisdom of the body is perfect in every way. It always knows what to do in order to help you function at your absolute best. If that means it needs to heal your lungs, digest your food, relax your neck muscles or make new spleen tissue, then that's what it will do! It always heals whatever most needs healing first. All I do is make sure there is a normal flow of Life Force between your brain and all the parts of your body. After that, it's just a matter of time and trust that your Innate Intelligence is on the job adapting, healing and growing you into the maximal expression health and life. You see, I don't pretend to know more than the God-given Perfection you have inside of you when it comes to what needs to be done in your body. I simply know that the Power that made your body will heal and grow your body continuously, if given the chance."


My point in telling you this story is not to highlight the differences between a physical therapist and a chiropractor. It's to ask you why YOU are here. Are you here to "get to the cause of your problem?" Or, are you here because you have a greater understanding? Are you truly aware of the Divine Perfection you have within you, and do you know that when it has the chance to express itself as fully as possible, health and happiness are automatic? Do you have a great enough understanding of how this perfection works to be patient while trusting that whatever needs to heal first is in fact healing, even if it's not what you'd like to see heal first?


It's true, we chiropractors DO get to the cause, but what we help cause is the progressive realization of your body's own natural state of vibrant heath and happiness that comes from the full expression of your Life Force! We don't eliminate the cause of disease; we help restore the cause of health!

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