The Freight Train

Every once in awhile, a practice member will ask us when a certain symptom or complaint will begin to resolve. Even though they understand that they are here to facilitate the process of regaining function, re-establishing their brain-body connection and then growing consistently stronger each day, they still have some concerns about when they will begin to feel better.


I would like to answer this by first reminding you that everything in life is a process. This includes both the process of growing stronger (healing) and the process of getting weaker (dying). And, all processes require time. I would like to answer the question more specifically with a metaphor called "The Freight Train."


Let's pretend you are traveling in a freight train at 60 miles per hour, when suddenly you realize you have been going in the wrong direction. Coming to a conscious awareness of this fact is the first important step in changing it, but concrete action steps are still required to do something about changing your situation.


Because your movement is a process that has some momentum, it is impossible to change your direction immediately. The first thing to do is stop going the wrong way. The best way to do this is to apply a positive force in the form of the brake. This slows the train over time, and eventually stops your momentum in the wrong direction.


Next, you reverse your force so that you are actually producing what you want (to go in the opposite direction). Slowly at first, then with increasing speed, you begin to travel back in the direction you came from.


After a while, you reach the place where you first realized you were going the wrong way. Then you continue past that point until you reach the place where you started going the wrong way. Finally, you gain the momentum needed to keep moving steadily toward your ultimate goal.


When you began your care here, you were going in a specific direction. This direction was very likely opposite to what you desired. In the freight train example, you would have been moving toward sickness, aging, and death. We have begun applying a positive force to move you in the direction you want to go. This positive force is in the form of the chiropractic adjustment, which increases the expression of your innate intelligence (your innate healing life energy) by restoring alignment and function in your spine and re-establishing the connection and communication between your brain and all the cells of your body.


Just like our train, the first thing that must happen is a slowing down and stopping of the momentum in the wrong direction. We identify this as an increased ability to adapt to all of the physical, chemical, and mental stresses you encounter each day. Only then can a reversal (healing) occur and begin moving you in the right direction, toward growth and the full expression of health and Life!


The thing to get from this story is that everything is a process. You have begun the process of moving toward what you want, but it will take time to see some of the specific results you are hoping for.


One last thing, just like that freight train, as long as you keep applying a positive force in the direction you want to go, you will eventually go far past the point where your sickness process began and move toward bigger and brighter horizons than you may have been able to even imagine before.


You see, like everything else in life, your health development is a continual process. And as such, there is no "final destination!"

The State of the Union Address

This week the President will talk to the American people in his State of the Union Address. He will let us know all of the good things he believes have happened during his time in office, as well as the challenges he sees facing the American people now and in the future. It is all designed to bring us together to work and move successfully toward common purposes and outcomes. While this speech will address the state of the union of the United States, I would like to take this opportunity to address your individual "State of the Union."


Your body is made up of several hundred trillion cells, and they must all work harmoniously together for you to be healthy. How is this union of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems successfully achieved? It's through your nerve system. As long as there is a clear neurological connection between your brain and all of the trillions of cells in your body, you are able to function normally and adapt to most of the physical, chemical, mental, and emotional stresses you face each day. In other words, you are healthy and you have the opportunity to keep moving in the right direction!


What do I mean keep moving in the right direction? Well, the fact is, everything is ALWAYS changing, even your body. In every moment, there are literally thousands of things happening in every single one of your trillions of cells. Once you understand that you are always changing, it's also easy to understand that you can only change in one of two directions each day; you can either get a little stronger or a little weaker. Knowing this, our goal changes from being at a certain level of health and wellness, to continually moving in a certain direction. The goal becomes to spend as much time each day, week, month and year growing stronger rather than getting weaker.


What does it take to keep growing stronger? It takes three things to accomplish this steady movement toward wholeness:

1. a positive focus,
2. a healthy lifestyle, and
3. a clear neurological CONNECTION between your brain and your body, so that all of the parts can work together, as mentioned above.


Because of the numerous and very intimate connections between your spine and your nerve system, one of the biggest keys to keeping a clear brain-body connection is to keep your spinal column aligned and functioning properly. A healthy spine keeps your brain-body connection clear, maintains the normal flow of mental impulses throughout your body, allows your innate intelligence to effectively organize all of the parts of your body to work together, and gives you the best possible opportunity to spend more days of your life getting stronger rather than weaker, so that you move steadily toward health, wellness, happiness and wholeness.


You see, chiropractors really address the state of YOUR union! But, it's a teamwork effort. YOU have to keep a positive focus, YOU have to make the healthy lifestyle choices, and YOU have to get checked every week to make sure you are clearly connected. Can we come together on this?

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