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Try It, You'll Love It

One of the tragedies of life and living is that all of us, at one time or another, will dismiss, condemn or refuse to accept a thing because it is beyond our understanding.


ow many of us would be enjoying the various television shows on the air today if we had to understand television before we could watch it? Sort of a silly thing, isn't it? How many people would be enjoying the luxury of flight if first they had to understand the principle of aerodynamics and how airplanes work? Think of all the things you use that make your life just a little easier or more enjoyable and then see if you understand them!! Would there be an Internet if everyone who used it had to understand everything about it? Yet, we won't pitch these things, just because we don't understand them.


Sometimes, something new comes along and we just don't see how it will fit into our lives. It might seem foreign, exotic, or unnecessary. After all, we survived without it up until now. Once we begin to use something new however, we wonder how we could have done without it. Many of us remember life before cable, remote controls, microwaves, fax machines, and computers (to name just a few). Yet, how much do we rely on these things today? Many people who thought they'd never use a cell phone now can't imagine being without one.


Did you ever stop to think how many people today simply refuse chiropractic because it is beyond their understanding? So many not only refuse its marvelous service, but actually condemn it. The least all of us can do is to investigate before we condemn!


Some people don't see how Chiropractic could benefit them. They figure that since they don't have a back or neck pain they don't need it, but if they ever did, maybe they would try it. They don't yet realize the overall effects chiropractic can have on their health and life.


While some are refusing, dismissing and condemning, there are more than 50 million, in the US alone, who are enjoying life more because they are under chiropractic care. That doesn't mean they understand it (although I do my best to help people understand as much as possible in my practice) - but just like not understanding their television, they are still enjoying it, understanding it or not!


When you understand how this intricate body of ours works, chiropractic makes perfect sense. There are many organ systems in the body -- the nerve, circulatory, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, digestive, reproductive, urinary, lymphatic, integumentary, and endocrine. ALL are important. But the nerve system controls ALL the other systems of the body. When the nerve system is not functioning normally, it is impossible for the other systems to function normally. All organs, muscles, and tissues of the body are fed life-giving forces (mental impulses) that start in the brain and travel over the spinal cord and nerves to all parts of the body. If there is any disturbance anywhere along the line from the brain to the area where these forces should go, then trouble begins.


Due to everyday stress we are all exposed to, spinal bones (vertebrae) misalign and do just that. A misaligned spinal bone that disrupts the proper function of the nerve system is called a vertebral subluxation. It happens to everyone. The scary thing about subluxations is that they rarely produce obvious symptoms. So many people walk around for years with a malfunctioning nerve system and a malfunctioning body. The job of a chiropractor is to find subluxations and introduce a force into the spine so that the body can restore normal alignment and function of the vertebrae and the nerve system, resulting in a better functioning body that is much healthier as well. It is that simple!


Maybe because it sounds so simple, people think it is unimportant. Maybe because it sounds so simple, people just don't apply it. Maybe because it sounds so simple, some people even refuse it!


But because of your involvement and appreciation of chiropractic, you can help others understand the overall benefits. Make it a point to share the chiropractic message with friends and loved ones. Refer them to me if you cannot or do not feel comfortable answering all their questions. Just like you, they'll not only like it, they'll LOVE it. And, LOVE you for sharing it with them.


Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Brain Function
Approximately 100 volunteers were examined with an electroencephalogram (EEG) before and after chiropractic adjustments.

A study presented at the International Research And Philosophy Symposium held at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic finds that Chiropractic adjustments have a positive effect on the Central Nervous System (CNS), specifically on the four primary frequencies of brain function.


Brain function is measured on four primary frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Alpha waves reflect the meditative, relaxing healing mode. Beta waves represent the active, busy brain. Theta waves reflect light sleep, relaxation and conceptual development. Delta waves represent the brain activity during deep sleep, repair mode and energy storage.

The study was conducted over a three-year period. Approximately 100 volunteers were examined with an electroencephalogram (EEG) before and after chiropractic adjustments.


The EEG scans were examined to check the right/left balance, the amount of total activity, the primary regions of activity and the effect of the adjustment.


After receiving a chiropractic adjustment, post EEG scans revealed improvement in all areas of the volunteer's brain function. Particularly, the researchers noticed an increase in the meditative Alpha brainwave patterns that are associated with a greater degree of relaxation, health and healing.


The researchers noted that some of the volunteers already had balanced and active brain scans and the adjustments had little effect on their post scans. They felt this was a good indicator that the adjustments had no negative effects on brain activity.


Commentary: The implications of this study are profound indeed. Over and over research is proving that chiropractic care has the ability to positively affect body function on a far greater level than simple pain relief.


You Never Know How Far Reaching...
Chiropractic at 37,000 Feet

by Kevin Donka, D.C.

This past week I was flying from San Diego to Oakland, California and there was a very fussy baby (to put it mildly) sitting across the isle from me and one row back. He was somewhere between six and eight months old by my best guess. Everything started out fine, but about ten minutes into the flight he began whimpering, then crying a little harder. This kept up for about five minutes or so when he suddenly reared back and let out a yell that sounded like someone was torturing him. He cried at the top of his lungs no matter how his mother tried to comfort him. He wouldn't be distracted, he wouldn't nurse, all he would do is scream, scream, and scream!


I was thinking about saying something to the mother after roughly ten minutes or so of this to see if she would allow me to help her when she said to her baby, "Oh Honey, it won't be much longer before you will get to see Dr. Rich. We'll go right to his office from the airport!" I turned around and asked her, "Dr.? Does he have a problem he's being treated for?" She answered, "No, he's usually very happy. But we've been out of town for two weeks and he's been in a lot of strange places and hasn't seen his chiropractor for an adjustment since we left." I smiled and replied, "I'm a chiropractor, is there something..." Before I could finish she got up out of her seat, holding her baby out in front of her, arms fully extended and pleaded, "Would you mind?!"


I put him on my lap, assessed him, adjusted him once very gently in his upper neck and once in his mid-back, and he was quiet within twenty seconds. The people around us were amazed and a few even clapped. She took him back and he went to sleep for the rest of the flight. As we landed, the flight attendant thanked everyone for flying Southwest, and then added, "And how about a huge thank you and a round of applause for the wonderful chiropractor who not only helped that little guy asleep there, but who also saved the rest of us from whatever horrors we might commit as the result of listening to over an hour of screaming!" Everyone clapped and cheered.


You may think the point of this story is to tell you how wonderful chiropractic is at helping babies in distress - its not. You may think its about the fact that more and more people are not only accepting but actually praising chiropractic care - its not. No, the one and only point I want you to get goes back to what the flight attendant said, even if she meant it as a joke. She talked about how I, "not only helped that little guy asleep there, but who also saved the rest of us from whatever horrors we might commit as the result of listening to over an hour of screaming!"


B.J. Palmer, the Developer of Chiropractic, once said, "You never know how far reaching something you may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow." Who knows how everyone on that plane's lives were different because they had a better experience after he went to sleep? Who knows what may have been said out of frustration to an innocent person by any one of the 163 people on that plane? And what about the ripple effect of all those people everyone on that plane interacted with after the flight?


You may not realize just how important you and your health are to those around you, but I can tell you that there are 163 people who now know that truth a whole lot better now than they did a week ago.

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