Are You Blind?

     Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
     An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
     Meditation is the key to a balanced life - If you don't go within, you'll go without.
     Water is the true fountain of youth.
     Laughter is the best medicine.
     If you stay fit, your health will never quit.
     A deep breath is a breath of life.
     Except the Lord build the house, he who labors, labors in vain.

Each of these is a familiar phrase and each of them is true. We definitely need a balance of movement and rest, including enough sleep. But is that enough? Good nutrition is essential, but can an apple a day keep us healthy all by itself? Do you know relatively happy and healthy people who have never meditated? How long would we last on just air and water? Those body builders are totally fit, but most of them don't look too healthy to me! Some of the most spiritual people ever to walk the planet have died of terrible diseases.


What's the point here? It is simply that each one of the phrases above claims that there is ONE THING above everything else that is the true key to a long, healthy and happy life. While I will not deny that each of these things is a piece of the health and life puzzle, it takes more than a single piece to complete the whole picture. It reminds me of the story of the six blind men who were out walking together one day and came across an elephant in their path.


These six sightless men had of course heard of elephants, but none of them had ever had the opportunity to see one. Each man stepped up to feel the elephant attempting to ascertain what it must look like. The first man fell against the elephant's side and said that it was like a wall. The second felt the tip of the tusk and was convinced the elephant was like a spear. The third, upon feeling the squirming trunk, proclaimed that an elephant was like a snake. The fourth put his arm around a leg and came to the conclusion it was like a tree. The fifth grabbed an ear and announced that an elephant was like a big fan, while the sixth, upon seizing the tail, declared it was like a rope.


They all then fell to arguing about who had the truth. While each of them had discovered a part of the picture, all of them had missed the whole picture.


This is the same thing that has happened in the world as far as our health is concerned. Yes, it is vital that we do all of the things in the beginning of this article, for each of them is a vital part of the puzzle. But, none of them is enough by itself to completely carry us consistently toward wholeness.


There is one more crucial piece of the puzzle that hasn't yet been mentioned specifically. That is the need for a clear and balanced nerve system so that your innate intelligence can FLOW normally throughout your body. This is where chiropractic comes in. Actually, it has been mentioned in a way. This is one way to actually use the Biblical quote above...Except the Lord build the house, he who labors, labors in a practical way. You see, all of your efforts to build a healthy body will be in vain if the Power that made the body is not allowed to flow effortlessly and continue to help us adapt, heal and grow.


One more thing is important to understand here as well. The reason the blind men got only little bits of information is that they were all blind to the wholeness of an elephant. When you keep your nerve system clear, your INNATE INTELLIGENCE will be able to SEE each piece of your healthy lifestyle and integrate them into keeping your body and mind in the whole and perfect state that is your birth rite.




What Heals First?

What structures attach to the T12 vertebra?


Well, let's see, there are 2 discs, lots of ligaments, the trapezius muscle, the erector spinae muscles, the diaphragm, the thoracolumbar fascia, the iliopsoae, latissimus dorsi, mesentery...I know there are more, but that will do for now.


Now, what structures do the T12 nerve roots innervate? OK, well, there's the small intestine, large intestine, Iliocecal valve, uterus, bladder, kidneys, adrenal glands, various muscles...again, I know there are more, but that is enough for now.


Now that we have identified what structures could be affected by a subluxation occurring at the T12 level, I would like you to please tell me which of these structures heals first when we give an adjustment.

What? Oh, of don't know which structures actually need healing, do you. Well, for our purposes, let's pretend that the kidneys, adrenals, diaphragm and the quadratus lumborum muscle on the left were all affected in some way.


So now, when you adjust the T12 level, which of these structures heals first? What?! You still don't know?! Why not? I see, you say it's impossible to know which one(s) will heal first. Why is that? Oh, I see, because you don't know the extent to which they were each damaged. It is also impossible to know which of these structures the body needs to be functioning most critically right now, isn't it?


The point in my asking you these questions is simple. If you can't know the extent to which any of the body's structures were damaged, nor in which order the body needs to heal those structures, please do not focus on one or more of these areas to see if you are making "progress?"


I have a practice member who we'll call Glenn. When Glenn started his care, he came in exactly as I recommended. His original complaint was moderately severe lower back pain that was constant and dull. He finished his initial phases of care he graduated to weekly care.


He continued to come in weekly for the next 2 months and then asked to talk with me. He said that while he had gotten some relief from his lower back pain (about 50% in his estimation), he still had it nearly every day and was discontinuing his care to go see an orthopedic doctor. I asked him if I could ask him some questions to "close out my file" before he left and he agreed.


I asked him how his prostate was doing, since he had actually been catheterized when we began and was on 2 different medications for this. He explained that his prostate was doing great! In fact, his urologist had never seen a recovery like his. Next, I asked him about his chronic hemorrhoids. He told me that those too had completely gone away for the first time in over 8 years. Last, I asked him about his "Crohn's Disease." Again, he let me know that his bowels were not only functioning better than they ever had, he wasn't taking anything at all for that problem and as far as he was concerned, he was "cured!"


Then I asked him, "If you were the Innate Wisdom of your body, and you had the power to heal your prostate, your bowels, your hemorrhoids or the structures of your lower back first, which would you pick?" He looked at me and I could tell he was having a "light bulb moment." "Well...I guess I would take care of the most important things first."


"That's right!" I exclaimed, "And I predict that's what your body has been doing in the last few months since we started your care. It may not have healed the thing you most noticed - like your lower back, but it has healed what was most critical first. I also want to suggest to you that if you continue your care here as we've recommended. Your Innate Intelligence will address everything that needs attention, and then continue to help you move toward expressing your health, as well as your purpose and your potential in life, to the fullest extent."


Glenn continued his care, and a little more than 3 weeks from the day of our talk, he woke up without any lower back pain, and it's been gone ever since. Glenn had been taught from day one that we were not "treating his lower back pain." Yet, it wasn't until I reminded him of the truth about his body's ability to know what needs to happen when and where that he really understood the perfection of this Inner Wisdom.


Please have faith that your innate intelligence knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it. And, that it always does these things, perfectly when the brain and body can communicate freely and Life Energy can flow normally. I do not treat bodily conditions; I don't restore function in bodily structures. MY job is to help restore function and alignment in the spine, and help re-establish the neurological CONNECTIONS within your body. Your innate intelligence does the rest.


Make sure that you remember the truth of chiropractic. That truth is simple:

We all encounter destructive forces on a daily basis. We also have within us an innate intelligence whose forces are constructive. If these destructive physical, chemical and emotional stresses are beyond your ability to adapt, they predominate over the innate constructive forces and you move toward sickness and death. Losing alignment and function in your spine also causes a partial loss of connection between your brain and body, and alters the flow of Life Energy in your body. As a result, your internal resistance to these stresses decreases and you begin the downward spiral in your health and vitality - what we call the subluxation process. The adjustment restores function and alignment in your spine, re-establishes your brain-body connection and the normal flow of Life Energy in your body, and increases your ability to adapt to these stresses by allowing your Innate constructive forces to prevail. This permits the processes of adaptation, healing, and growth to resume.


Simply put, we are all continually growing and dying at the same time. The subluxation process causes us to die more than we grow, while the adjustment and a clear neurological connection allows us to grow more than we die.

So, what heals first?

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