APRIL 2011

This month I'm sharing a video and 2 articles from 2 of my colleagues that I am also lucky enough to call mentors and friends.  Hope you enjoy.

This is a great video by Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD. describing that genes play only about a 5% role in your health.  The other 95% is based on the lifestyle choices you make.

Are You Actually Growing, or Just NOT Dying?
By Kevin Donka, D.C.

          There is a plant in my bedroom way up high on a shelf. It gets plenty of light, but it is so high up and hard to reach that it rarely gets watered. This plant has been on that shelf for about 8 ½ years now, ever since we moved into our house.
          I noticed the other day that it was wilting badly, so I gave it some water. As I did so, I realized that this was the only plant in our whole house that had never had to be moved to a larger planter. I wondered why this was so, but then I realized that the only time this plant ever really received any water was when we noticed that it needed it so badly that it was wilting.
          It had only received enough water over the years to heal from its wilted state and then survive. But we never gave it enough water on a consistent basis to actually grow.
          Many people use chiropractic in this same way. They wait until they notice some part of them isn’t working at its optimal level, and then they use chiropractic as a “treatment” to restore whatever isn’t working to a functional state again. These people may occasionally come in for an adjustment to “prevent something from going wrong again,” but they don’t get checked regularly enough to keep functioning at a level high enough to allow the Innate Wisdom of the body to perform one of its most important functions after survival (adaptation) and repair – GROWTH!
          Many adults are confused when they hear about growth because “they are already grown.” But “growth” in an adult refers mainly to the mental and spiritual advancement that comes from higher levels of creative thinking. The term “spiritual advancement” means waking up to who we really are in relationship to God and to everyone and everything else. It also means continually becoming more aware of our own potential and our purpose in life.
          The body will expend its energy 1st to adapting to the current stresses in our lives, next to healing & repair, and last to growth. Since there is only a finite amount of energy produced in your body each day, it is important to make sure this energy is used as efficiently as possible. If it isn’t, there may not be much energy left after adaptation and healing for mental and spiritual growth to occur.
          Subluxation causes an inefficient energy use in the body and stifles growth, even in minimal amounts. This is why our standard of care is for everyone to get checked every week. That way, we can make sure you actually LIVE clear and function at the HIGHEST level. You see, it isn’t just about healing and surviving, it’s about continuing to unfold toward the full expression of your purpose and your potential in life!
          Your focus and lifestyle choices are also a vital part of growth, for it is the choices you make that determine both the stresses you must adapt to each day, and how high your internal resistance to those stresses will be.
          People who live a life of prevention are really living their lives to “not die!” But is that really the purpose of your life…to not die? By keeping a positive focus, living a healthy lifestyle and getting checked on a weekly basis to make sure you are fully CONNECTED, you and your family have the best chance of fully expressing your purpose and your potential in life. In other words, you won’t just not die, you will actually grow until you die!
          Oh, and by the way…I’ve moved the plant now, and the process of growth will now be free to help this plant be the best it can be. How about you and your family?

By Joe Strauss, D.C.
“When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased.”
~C.S. Lewis

          We try to remove as many obstacles as possible in our office to people receiving continuing regular chiropractic care.  However, the most common excuse that we hear as to why a person has not come regularly is that they do not have time, that their life is so busy. I usually respond to that with “I manage to get here regularly.”  That is a lighthearted way to respond, of course, but it overlooks a very important concept.  People just do not realize the importance of chiropractic care.  This past week, due to unusual circumstances, I realized that I only had my own spine checked once during the week.  I actually felt fine during the week even though I worked extra hours (my associate took a few days off, which was the reason for working more and getting checked less.) Those things happen on occasions and we understand that.
          The real problem occurs when we seem to always have other priorities; things that prevent us from seeing the chiropractor regularly.  There are always things to do—urgent, important things—that crowd out the vital things like getting enough rest, exercising regularly, eating good food rather than “fast food,” and, of course, getting to the chiropractor.
          Here’s the point:  when we put the important things first, the vital things take priority and there is always time to do the other things.  Not only is there time, there’s more energy, more clarity of thought and the ability to set aside the things that are not important.  Winston Churchill once said that most of what is accomplished in the world is done by people who do not feel good.  That may be true and I suspect it is, but imagine what could be done by those same people if they were expressing all of their potential or at least expressing more of it.  Great athletes could be greater, great thinkers would be smarter, and employees (and bosses) would be more effective and efficient.  We’re not even talking about the time that is lost from work and play because people are sick.  Imagine if you made staying healthy a priority and doing all the things necessary to stay healthy.  Going to the gym is not a once a month activity.  Getting a good night’s sleep is not beneficial if you only do it every few weeks.  They don’t tell you to get six servings of fruit and vegetables (if that’s really what you need) only on Sunday.
          To be your best, getting regular chiropractic care must be a priority, not just something you do when an ache or pain tells you to go and get your spine checked.  Not everyone needs the same schedule and only your chiropractor can know how often you need to be checked to make sure you are subluxation-free or to correct the subluxations that are there as soon as possible.  Make sure that spinal checkups are a priority in your life.  Your body will thank you.

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