Your Health is Like Your Bank Account

          If someone were taking small amounts of money out of your bank account every day, would you want to stop it before it got so bad you finally noticed it and sadly exclaimed, "Look where I've ended up?!"  Or, would you want to stop it right away - even before you noticed a change in your balance?  
          What if you had the ability to make sure that instead of losing a little money every day, you were actually ADDING to your balance?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say those same words as in the scenario above - but with excitement and joy - "Look where I've ended up!!!!"
          This is actually very much like what can and does happen in your body every day.  You see, your body is constantly changing. You have hundreds of trillions of cells in your body, and there are thousands of processes going on in each and every one of those cells, every second you are alive.  It is quite literally impossible to stay the same even from moment to moment, let alone day to day.  Once you understand this, that you are CONSTANTLY changing, you can also understand that your body can only change in one of two directions each day overall; It can either get a little better, or a little worse - a little stronger, or a little weaker.
          If you want to make sure you are growing stronger each day instead of getting weaker, you will need a positive focus and a healthy lifestyle (both of which are in your control), AND you will need a clear neurological CONNECTION between your brain and your body (THIS, is also in your control...with a little help).
          A clear brain-body connection is necessary because the only way your individual parts can function is if they are connected with your brain.  PLUS, the only way all of your PARTS can work harmoniously TOGETHER for the benefit of your WHOLE body is if they are all connected to each other.  This is what your nerve system does - it CONNECTS all of your parts together so they can communicate and work together.
          Now, because your spine and nerve system are so intimately connected with each other, whenever you lose alignment or function in your spine, you also partially lose the connection in the nerves between your brain and your body (you become "subluxated").  When this happens, the parts of your body can no longer work individually or together as well as they should, and you get a little weaker each day you stay subluxated.  
          Most of the time, people are unaware that they have become subluxated, as it usually takes awhile for symptoms to show up.  And, just as in the scenario with the dwindling bank account at the beginning of this article, many of those same people eventually wake up to what is happening and find themselves in a place they wish they weren't.
          Having your chiropractor check your spine and keeping it functioning optimally on a very regular basis helps ensure that you have the best possible chance of growing stronger every day.  The chiropractor's one and only focus is to make sure your whole spine is functioning optimally, so that your whole nerve system can function optimally.  This then gives you the best possible chance of having your whole body and mind progressively function at the highest level, which affects your WHOLE LIFE in a positive way!
          Hopefully, after following this simple 3-step plan for a period of time (improving your Focus, Lifestyle & Connection), you will find yourself in the same situation with the ever-growing bank account described above - shouting with excitement and joy...LOOK WHERE I'VE ENDED UP!!!

Principle # 6:  There is no process which does not require time.    

          Chiropractic philosophy is based upon 33 simple principles that were first written in The Chiropractic Textbook written by R.W. Stephenson in 1927.  Principle 6 is a cornerstone as it tells us how we lose our health and when we can expect to regain it. 
          It’s common for many people to judge the state of their health by the state of their symptoms.  When symptoms appear, they may say that they are “sick” or in need of care.  However, this is not when the problem really occurred.  Say you had an electrical wire which was sparking and smoldering slightly.  Waiting until there’s an actual fire and the fire alarm goes off is like waiting for symptoms to occur to attend to our health. 
ALLdisease and ill-health develops over time.  Cancer grows asymptomatically for years before detection is even possible.  Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other serious disorders develop over time, not over night.  Even “infectious” diseases require a time frame before symptoms occur. 

          Subluxations occur because of a physical, chemical or mental/emotional stress we cannot adapt to.  They can develop suddenly, due to a trauma or they can develop over time due to ongoing stresses.  Once they occur, the process of subluxation degeneration begins.  Yet, it may take 20 years or more for the body to manifest noticeable symptoms. 


          Just as illness is a process which occurs over time, healing also takes time.  In these days of quick fixes with powerful medications which quickly change or alleviate symptoms, it’s easy to get lulled into the notion that problems can be eradicated quickly.  All healing takes time.  Think of a houseplant which has been neglected or over-watered and is not doing so well.  Will one day in a sunny spot with proper water fix it?  Of course not.  It will take regular care and time for the plant to come back. 
          Here’s another example.  What if there was an island with only one bridge going to it, and Hurricane Irene (a physical stress) wrecked the island and tore down the bridge? Irene blows out to sea, so the physical stress is gone, but help can't get to the island as the bridge is out (interference aka subluxation). Once the bridge is rebuilt or repaired (adjustment), is the island back to its old self again? Of course not, but now that the interference is removed, resources can be brought in to repair the island. It’s the same with our bodies.  ALL HEALING TAKES TIME.
          Remember, symptoms and illness may be a warning sign from our body that something is out of balance.  We can heed the warning and get at the root cause of the problem, or we can rely on quick fix methods to get us back on our feet and not address the real underlying problem (which is sure to surface again).

          Give your body time to heal the subluxations in your spine and their effects.  Also, give yourself and your family the gift of Chiropractic care before symptoms occur.  The best way to fix any problem is to prevent it—something regular Chiropractic care helps you do!! 

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