Are You Missing Something?

What could go wrong with the human body if something is missing?
           Not enough oxygen = dizziness, lethargy, memory loss, suffocation
           Not enough water = headaches, muscle pain, dehydration, heat exhaustion
           Not enough food = hunger, weakness, starvation
           Not enough love = feelings of neglect, loneliness, despair
           Not enough life energy = diminished function, lack of harmony, dis-ease (incoordination) in any/all affected area(s)
Life energy?  What is that, you ask?
           Well, it is not “the Force” from Star Wars.  And it certainly is not interplanetary energy fields or some mysterious vortex in the red rocks you might hear about from a new age practitioner in Sedona, AZ.  And I’m not talking about the electromagnetic meridian points tapped into by acupuncture or acupressure.  Nor am I referring to the Eastern teachings of yin and yang or the chakra systems of healing or CSF flow.
           What I mean by life energy is much deeper. It is the “thing” that makes you alive.
           This metaphysical life source coordinates and purposefully organizes every function in your body.  You may like to think of this “something” as the spark of life, mental impulses, or as we call it in chiropractic - innate intelligence.
           But regardless the term you prefer, let’s be clear that there is an immaterial, vitalistic, organizing power which animates you and controls every cell in your body.
           Since I am a chiropractor, I like to call this “thing” your innate intelligence.
           This inborn intelligent “something” is first noticed at conception.  Two cells with half of your genetic material unite to create a whole cell with all your genetic material.  That cells divides and becomes 2 cells, then 4, 8, 16, etc.  During the earliest stages of embryonic development all this occurs without even a nerve system in place yet.  But as you should already know, the nerve system is the first system to develop.  The early nerve cells begin to function as if they have a brain controlling them and telling them how to make new specialized cells. The first nerve cells actually send out your first “brain waves” to all the other little bitty areas that need information about what to do and where to go.
           Your innate intelligence directs all these cells and keeps everything organized and functional from conception, all the way up to your birth, into the childhood developmental stages, teenage growth, and eventually through maturity and adulthood. In fact, this “thing” continues to direct and coordinate all matters of life, your bodily functions, reproduction, and growth until “it” ceases to exist in your body. When that source of life energy stops (no more mental impulses flowing from the brain), you are pronounced “dead” and your physical life is over.
           Innate intelligence comes from the Power that made your body. And then it leaves at some point in time.  We have no control over its existence, but we do have some say in how fully we express that innate intelligence in our bodies.
           Poor spinal function and a diminished brain-to-body connection result in LESS expression of your innate intelligence.
           LESS connection to your life source = LESS life flowing in your body = LESS function.
           LESS function = Weakness, sickness, symptoms, syndromes, dis-ease, dysfunction, disorders, pain, less happiness, poor performance, etc.
           Is it time for you to make a change? Are you ready to move from LESS to MORE?
           So, the answer to my first question “What could go wrong with the human body if something is missing?” is this: ANYTHING could go wrong, if the “thing” you are missing is a connection to your innate intelligence.
           My goal has and always will be to give you MORE life by restoring the vital connection to your innate intelligence.
           I want to help you have MORE brain-to-body connection = MORE life energy = MORE proper function.  MORE function = Stronger, healthier, happier, better life, more fun, happy-healthy-whole for your family, more functional at home & work & church.
           Getting your spine evaluated and adjusted by a chiropractor is the only way to insure you are maintaining a strong clear neurological connection between your brain and body.  Care in this office is focused on GIVING YOU MORE.

The Domino Effect

          The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small event initiates a reaction nearby, which then sets off another reaction, and so on in a linear sequence.  Chiropractors recognize that many health problems begin and get out of control this way. 
           A simple physical, chemical, or emotional stress nudges your spine out of alignment and produces a subtle stress in your nerve system called a Subluxation.
           It slowly creates a state of Dis-Ease, a disturbance in your body’s intricate internal balance...
           followed by Pathological changes in cells and tissues…
           which eventually cause serious organ Dysfunctions
           which you may ultimately feel as Symptoms.
           The last domino in the line to drop is Death.
           It takes time for this cascade of events to unfold. But unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of the problem until they reach Domino #6 (if they even get to feel that), well after the first one has toppled over and the damage is done!
           That’s why Chiropractors urge you and your family to get checked for Subluxations even if you’re feeling fine.  Routine check-ups prevent the dis-ease domino effect from starting in the first place. It’s a gamble to do anything less.

           Regaining health occurs in a similar way.
           Chiropractors know that people who are sick and unhealthy can get re-connected to their innate, healing ability with something called an Adjustment.
           The adjustment restores a state of Ease or balance in your nerve system, which triggers the gradual Healing turnover of damaged cells and tissues into stronger, healthier ones.
           This leads to a restoration of normal physiological Functions
           The Benefits of which you experience as more energy; improved health; clearer thinking, concentration, and memory; a better ability to handle stress; improved physical performance; better sleep; greater value from exercise & nutritional choices; more balanced body chemistry; increased income earning capacity; improved relationships; better digestion; enhanced immunity; happier moods; … basically a Greater Enjoyment of Life!
           The ultimate ‘reward’ of this domino effect is a better LIFE.
           The ultimate goal of Chiropractic care is for you to have more of Domino #7 so you can fulfill your purpose on earth and bring more joy to those around you. That’s why Chiropractors urge you to stay connected with regular spinal adjustments. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and those you love the most. 

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