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            Almost everything that you've been taught about health is not related to health at all, but to disease.  The fact is that when most people discuss the topic of health they are often talking about some form of disease.  Even when a discussion revolves around "staying healthy" the conversation quickly turns toward prevention.  Of course the implication is preventing this or that disease, but prevention is not health! 
            If I were to list the diseases that Chiropractic has helped people cure or prevent, everyone would take notice and run to a Chiropractor, but when we say that chiropractic is so much better than not having a disease, most people tune out.  In the same way saving your life is a lot more than "not dying", though sadly, that is what most people settle for. 
            Do you really think that the best that you can expect from your body is to avoid disease? 
            Let me say it again, that is not health.  
            Many people have never even questioned what they mean when they say "health" simply because they assume that they know what it means.  Do you know what it means to be healthy?  Could you describe it or discuss it without any reference to disease? 

            Let me know if this definition of health resonates with you.  Health - the harmonious function of all the organs of the body under the masterful direction of the brain, resulting in normal body function and the ability to adapt to most of the stresses you face each day.  You see, no reference to disease in that definition.
            Health is NOT the absence of disease and yet your doctor takes blood tests for one reason, to attempt to find out if you have any diseases.  The medical profession is not a health profession, it is a disease profession.  When you take “disease care” and apply it to society as “health care”, you end up with a sick society.
            Health is one of our most important earthly possessions and yet you may have never even stopped to think about it! 
            If you are still reading this then perhaps on some level you understand that there must be something more to health and wellness than treating the symptoms of disease so I'll get right to explaining what you've always known instinctively. You were designed to be healthy and the simplest way to explain health is connection
            Connection to your Creator.  Connection to design.  Connection to yourself.  Connection to others.  Connection to nature.  Connection to good nutrition.  Connection to your body.  Connection to your primitive/whole brain. 

            Health is connection and being connected means living your life by design! 
            Unless your entire system is functioning exactly the way that it was designed to function, in connection to your central nerve system and to your natural environment, you will never experience true health.
            So if health is more than just not getting a particular disease.  What does "more" look like? 

            It is living up to your God-given full potential which begins in your brain!  It is your birthright, but attaining health is not possible if you don't restore your lost neural connections.   
            The truth is that most people have settled for a life by default rather than life by design.  Getting the body back in touch with the brain is really the 2nd step to living life more fully. 

            What is the 1st step? 
            Knowing that it's possible! 
            It is the way thatlife begins and it is the way life is designed to be lived.   
            "A baby's brain is a mystery whose secrets scientists are just beginning to unravel. The mystery begins in the womb -- only four weeks into gestation the first brain cells, the neurons, are already forming at an astonishing rate: 250,000 every minute. Billions of neurons will forge links with billions of other neurons and eventually there will be trillions and trillions of connections between cells. Every cell is precisely in its place, every link between neurons carefully organized. Nothing is random, nothing arbitrary."    -- The Secret Life of the Brain (PBS)
            Your medical doctor may not even "believe" in design.  Ask him/her.  Chiropractic works with respect for your natural design in order to restore the spinal pathways from and to your brain.
            This knowledge may save your life.  Not save you from death and disease, but save your life!  Don't settle for anything less than true health, but you can't expect to even begin to live a full life without taking care of your brain and central nerve system using Chiropractic care.  Beyond that I can suggest you look into better nutrition, exercise, and other aspects of rising up to better health. 
            Apparently this is difficult to understand for those who believe that the goal of living is merely comfort and have somehow convinced themselves to believe that their highest priority is avoiding any challenge.  But ask anyone who is into regular exercise, or eating for wellness, or the outdoors, or living in gratitude, or finding grace, or a dozen other basic things that the body and soul require, and they will tell you that the very quest for health and an improved life is its own reward. 

            Get back in touch with the life that you were designed to live.
Get connected with Chiropractic care! 

-The above article was adapted from an article written by Dr. Nick Spano.

My Life as a Chiropractor

            Sometimes I feel like I’m in a hotel that is on fire and I’m the one running from floor to floor, knocking on every door, telling folks to “get out – there’s a fire”.
            Some people say, “Go away, it’s too early for all this racket and noise”. 
            Others politely ask for scientific research and a valid double-blind-placebo-clinically-controlled-peer-reviewed paper to prove that the hotel is burning. 
            Still others say, “Yeah, it might be a good idea to get out.  Let me think about it for a while”. 
            Some, the few, understand immediately the danger and get them and their family out ASAP.
            It’s really no different when talking about chiropractic:
            Chiropractic restores the proper expression of the innate intelligence of the body as it flows over the nerve system.  Without this, you have LESS LIFE in every cell, organ, and tissue.  With this innate intelligence expressing at its fullest potential your LIFE potential is optimized.  That means, your heart works at 100%, so do your lungs, your sleep cycles, breathing rhythms, healing, etc., all work at or near 100%. 

            Who doesn’t want their body, and that of their children and spouse, co-workers and neighbors, to function with a full expression of innate intelligence as often as possible?
            You don’t need a study to get your spine checked.  You don’t need insurance.  You don’t need a complaint or a reason.  Really, you don’t!  I promise!
            All you need is a spine and a desire to have 100% flow of LIFE energy in your body. 
            That’s it!
            Honestly, there’s nothing to think about, no need for a clinical trial, and NO, I’m not just making a lot of noise.  At this point I can tell you a story for just about every condition there is and how regular chiropractic spinal checkups helped improve their LIFE without the use of drugs or surgery.  But it’s not because chiropractic fixes anything, but instead restores LIFE back into every cell, organ, and tissue. 

            It’s that simple: where LIFE flows, health grows!!

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