Why Are You Here Anyhow?

         People come to think the way they do about things for lots of reasons. I was talking to a practice member recently about pets and was intrigued when she told me she didn’t care for cats. As we talked a little about it, she admitted she didn’t know why she didn’t like cats except that her father didn’t and so she spent the better part of her life thinking she didn’t either.

         There’s nothing necessarily wrong with developing opinions in this way. The fact is, we can’t experience every single thing in life. So to have an opinion about those things we have no experience with, we sometimes rely on the opinion of people we love or respect and make their opinion our own. We may do this with things like pets, or touching a hot stove, so we can spare ourselves the experience or with things like politics and religion that we may not have the time or inclination to study and learn about for ourselves.

         Unfortunately, when we do this we may end up with opinions that do not truly reflect who we are and what we believe. Sometimes we may even end up with opinions that simply are not true. So whenever possible, we should investigate things for ourselves and develop our own opinions.

         I see this a lot with chiropractic. People who have never experienced chiropractic or who have never taken the time to learn about chiropractic speak as if they know what it is about. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say “You can get addicted to Chiropractic” or “Children shouldn’t have their spines adjusted.” What absolute nonsense! (Of course, you probably know that or you wouldn’t be reading this article.) Where do these people come up with their opinion!?!

         The truth is chiropractors address a condition known as Vertebral Subluxation. Vertebral subluxation, simply put, is a misalignment of one of the bones in the spine that interferes with the nerve system. This is critical because the nerve system controls and coordinates every body function, that includes the beating of your heart and cleaning of your blood as well as your ability to be coordinated and to concentrate. Therefore, the body always works better when there is no interference in the nerve system. That means there isn’t a single person, young or old, sick or well, who wouldn’t benefit from a chiropractic adjustment if they are subluxated. Unfortunately, the only way to know whether or not you are subluxated is to have your spine checked by a chiropractor.

         The sole objective of the chiropractor is to find and remove vertebral subluxation in all people. Your job is to help educate others to this truth. Do you know people who could benefit from chiropractic? (You must since everyone can benefit!) How can I help you help them? Could I offer them a complementary spinal analysis? Could I talk with them for you (by phone or face to face?) Are there speaking opportunities you could set up for me (at school, at civic groups, at church, at places of business, at your home?) I would appreciate your helping to spread the truth about chiropractic. The truth is that everyone is better off without interference in their nerve system. Think of the difference it would make if everyone in our community had a nerve system free of interference. Yeah, we might have less back pain and better health overall, but more importantly we would have better drivers on the roads, better teachers in our schools and better students, as well as better police officers protecting us. Everyone would be a better expression of life within them. Better husbands, wives, and children. Better moms and dads. In short, a better world.

         Won’t you help change the world? Tell everyone about chiropractic, not just people with bad backs and headaches, and talk with me about how I can help you help change the world.


Pool Talk

         Most of you that have been coming to get your spines checked and adjusted regularly know that I have a love-hate relationship with my swimming pool. With my busy schedule taking the time to clean and maintain it can at times be a chore, but I love to see the water clear and my family enjoying it.  

         And you may be asking yourself, “What does chiropractic care have to do with a swimming pool?” Well in all actuality a swimming pool has more to do with chiropractic care than you may think. Here is an analogy that a colleague came up with that brings to light how a swimming pool and chiropractic care are similar.

         Let’s say you have a swimming pool that hasn’t had any kind of maintenance done to it in the over twenty some years of having it installed. Despite the fact that you’re basically swimming around in a cesspool, you still play in it, swim laps in it, and do all the other things you do in a swimming pool, although it looks and smells like a swamp.

          Then one day a man comes along and says to you, “Hey, I can have your swimming pool cleaned and maintained for you so you can get the most out of it for the years to come.” You’re skeptical, but decide that if he can make your pool time experience more enjoyable, “Why not?" So the man goes about his business of cleaning your swimming pool.

         Afterwards when the man is finished, you’re amazed by what you see. You can now see to the bottom of the swimming pool, it no longer smells like a sewer and neither do you when you get out of the swimming pool. It’s just all around a much more pleasant experience compared to how the swimming pool was before… “It’s a miracle!”

         Well in all reality there’s nothing miraculous about it. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have maintained the swimming pool since it was installed, over twenty plus years ago, instead of waiting until it became a crisis situation? Of course it would.

         Chiropractic care is no different. While dramatic "miralces" are pretty cool to see, if those people under chiropractic care seeing the miracles, preaching the testimonials, and benefits of chiropractic care had been maintaining their spines from the moment of their birth, their bodies would have been working better from the beginning and they wouldn't have had to go through the "suffering" to get to the "miracle".

         People need to understand that they get the most out of chiropractic care by maintaining their spines on a lifetime basis from the moment that they take their first breath until they take their last breath. This is how chiropractic care should be presented and made available to the people seeking care. Let’s start telling people why we and our families get our spines checked on a lifetime basis. How this office provides an affordable fee system that allows people the ability to receive lifetime chiropractic care for themselves and their family.

         If we, as a community, truly want to see the change in the world that needs to happen to catapult the human race into the next level of human evolution, I believe that we need to start educating people on the importance and logic of receiving chiropractic care on a lifetime time basis. I believe that the logic behind what we do, as chiropractors, is the key. The logic will bring people to the understanding and common sense of maintaining their spines on a lifetime basis.

         Chiropractic care is a lifestyle, not a treatment for any sort of condition or problem. Until people understand this very important difference, chiropractic care will continue to be viewed as some sort of a treatment for conditions or problems instead of being utilized from the womb to the tomb to maintain the vital communication of life between the brain and the body through the nerve system to allow the body to be able to function at its maximum potential.

         I welcome those that share in this vision to challenge themselves to communicate this idea to more people and to introduce them to chiropractic care as it is practiced in my office. Chiropractic will never reach the masses if people don't know that chiropractic care is affordable, convenient, and logical.

         ~Thank you B. Reed Howie, D.C. for the inspiration.


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