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Who Benefits From Chiropractic?

It’s a very simple question with a very simple answer…EVERYONE!


On the surface this may seem like a bold claim so let’s take a closer look. In order to fully understand and appreciate who benefits from chiropractic we have to first understand exactly what chiropractors do. This too is a very simple concept to grasp.


Chiropractors understand that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing entity run and governed by an inborn intelligence. Think about it for a minute. Who you are today started with just two cells. How did those two cells know to multiply and grow and differentiate to become what you are today? There is an intelligence that runs and oversees these processes. How does your heart know to beat and your stomach know to digest food? Is that something you consciously control? Of course not! Our bodies know to do these things and so much more because there is an intelligence present.


Let’s look at the difference between a living, breathing being and a recently deceased corpse. Both have hearts, brains, nerves, organs, etc. but there is no question there is a major difference. If the living being gets a paper cut it will heal, the corpse will not. There is undoubtedly an intelligence, energy or whatever you choose to call it present in a living being.


Chiropractors also realize that this intelligence is expressed over the body’s nerve system. The nerve system is composed of the brain, spinal cord and a vast network of nerves which go to every single cell of your body. The inborn intelligence runs the show over the nerve system. The nerve system controls and coordinates every single action in the body. We literally live our lives through our nerve system. It not only controls proper, healthy function but everything from creativity and imagination to perception and thought. This is done as messages are sent from the brain, down the spinal cord and over the nerves and vice versa.


The nerve system is so vitally important that it is encased in bone for protection. The skull surrounds the brain and the spinal bones surround and protect the spinal cord. Another intelligent design! Chiropractors recognize that this amazing system that runs our bodies is also a very delicate system and can be interfered with.  Let’s see how.


Over the course of our lives we are exposed to a variety of stress. When most people think of stress they think of the emotional aspect, which is correct, but is only a piece of the pie. Our bodies are constantly adapting to stress. Some of the stress is very beneficial such as exercise or fueling the body with healthy foods. Other types of stress are negative.


There are three types of negative stress: physical, chemical, and emotional. For the sake of brevity I will only list a few examples as I’m sure you all can think of other types that fit into these categories. For physical we have falls, injuries, car accidents, etc. For chemical we have pollution, smoking, processed foods, etc. For emotional we have job worries, financial issues, or relationship problems. It is this negative stress that impacts and interferes with the delicate nerve system. How does this happen?


Well we already discussed that the spinal cord is encased and protected by bone. These negative stresses we encounter on a daily basis cause the bones of the spine to shift and move out of their proper position. When this happens it causes a disconnect between the brain and the body, or an interference to the nerve system. This is always a bad thing and always causes us to operate at less than 100% of our potential as humans.


Chiropractors call this interference to the nervous system a subluxation. What a chiropractor does is so simple. We find and remove these subluxations to re-establish the brain-body connection. Regardless of what anyone may be experiencing or feeling they are always better off with a nerve system free of interference. This should make sense. Interference to the nerve system=bad; removing this interference=good. This is true for everyone.


How common is this interference? Well, think about it. How much negative stress have you encountered over the course of your life? How many slips and falls did you have as a kid? How many sports injuries? How many car accidents? How many unhealthy meals? How many tests causing stress? I could go on for a long time but I think you get the point. And does the stress ever stop? Of course not! We do not live our lives in a bubble. This stress is causing subluxations which interfere with your ability to function at 100%. What are you doing to counter this stress? This is why it makes so much sense to make chiropractic a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.


It has to be made clear that chiropractic is not a treatment for any health condition. That is not the goal of chiropractic. The goal is to restore proper function to the nerve system. When the nerve system is running free of interference, of course many people realize symptom relief, but that is not the goal; merely a side effect. When your nerve system is operating at 100% you are better off whether you have symptoms or not.


Symptoms are such a poor indicator of health. They are usually the last thing to show up in any sickness. It is no different with subluxations. Most people walking around your town are subluxated and don’t even know it. Using chiropractic only for symptom relief seriously shortchanges it. Health is only one aspect the nerve system controls. Of course when there is interference to the nerve system it can lead to health problems but it always causes less than 100% normal function in all areas.


So who benefits from chiropractic?...EVERYONE!


This should be a lot easier to grasp now. Who should get adjusted regularly? Anyone who wants to function better in every area of life. Chiropractic is for people, not just sick people. The newborn, the pregnant mom, the athlete, the CEO, the working father, the grandparents are all better off with a clear brain-body connection and a clear nerve system.

Why is Chiropractic Different?

All health approaches can be divided into two major categories. The first is directed toward the treatment of disease, its effects and on occasion, its causes. This approach believes that if disease can be removed, covered up or driven out of the body, health will somehow be the end result. It focuses its attention on diseases and their symptoms and attempts to find just the right treatment for each disease, one that will be effective yet not cause adverse side-effects to the person who, as a result of the disease, is usually in a weakened condition already. This approach to health, of course, is the most expensive, the most time-consuming and the most dangerous. It also often presents the most heroic or dramatic results. Medicine and surgery are the two most well-known examples of the disease-treatment approach. However, there are dozens more, many of them drugless and more holistic in nature that treat the whole person to alleviate a disease.


The second approach to healing is directed toward restoring well-being to the entire body. It views disease as not something that needs to be fought, driven out or removed but merely the absence of health or well-being within the body. Much like darkness is nothing more than an absence of light, disease is what remains when health is lost or removed. That is not to imply that the symptoms of disease are not real. The inability to navigate in a dark room is a real problem. By putting in a small 7 1/2-watt night-light in the room we solve the problem. There are some legitimate fears in walking down a dark street and that is why we have streetlights. Crime is more prevalent in darkness. The important fact is that we do not try to treat the darkness or its symptoms but merely restore light to the void and the problem is resolved.


Chiropractic looks at disease as a manifestation of a lack of health within the body. Various factors will determine what symptoms are manifested and hence, by what name medicine describes it. But whatever name or whatever symptom, the fact remains that before the disease appears, health has been lost. The individual's body has begun to work at less than its fullest potential. When the body is working without enough light (health) for sufficient time, the symptoms of darkness (sickness) appear.


The difference in chiropractic is that it does not address its attention toward disease, nor toward its symptoms, its removal or its treatment. That is the practice of medicine. Sometimes it is necessary. Some individuals have had health absent for so long that medical intervention is required. The uniqueness of chiropractic is that it is for everyone. The individual who needs medical treatment needs to have health restored as well. The individual who has not yet manifested the symptoms of disease needs to have his or health restored. The person who appears to be in perfect health needs to continually supply that health. (Even a night-light bulb needs to be replaced periodically).


Chiropractic restores the integrity of the nerve system. When a vertebra subluxates (misaligns, interfering with nerve impulses), it inhibits the body from functioning perfectly and results in a loss of health. The chiropractor regularly checks the spine to correct subluxations as soon as they occur in those people desiring health. This is the uniqueness of chiropractic. It is a service that no one else performs. It is different from a disease-treating approach and it is a necessary component of a health-restoring approach.


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